Game Of Thrones: Season 1 > Credits and Details
Winter Is Coming April 17, 2011
The Kingsroad April 24, 2011
Lord Snow May 01, 2011
Cripples, Bastards, and Broken Things May 08, 2011
The Wolf and the Lion May 15, 2011
A Golden Crown May 22, 2011
You Win or You Die May 29, 2011
The Pointy End June 05, 2011
Baelor June 12, 2011
Fire and Blood June 19, 2011
Directed by
Timothy Van Patten Timothy Van Patten
Brian Kirk Brian Kirk
Daniel Minahan Daniel Minahan
Alan Taylor Alan Taylor
Written by
David Benioff David Benioff
D.B. Weiss D.B. Weiss
George R.R. Martin George R.R. Martin
Bryan Cogman Bryan Cogman
Jane Espenson Jane Espenson
Sean Bean Sean Bean ... Eddard 'Ned' Stark (10 episodes)
Lena Headey Lena Headey ... Cersei Lannister (10 episodes)
Jack Gleeson Jack Gleeson ... Joffrey Baratheon (10 episodes)
Michelle Fairley Michelle Fairley ... Catelyn Stark (9 episodes)
Emilia Clarke Emilia Clarke ... Daenerys Targaryen (9 episodes)
Iain Glen Iain Glen ... Jorah Mormont (9 episodes)
Sophie Turner Sophie Turner ... Sansa Stark (9 episodes)
Maisie Williams Maisie Williams ... Arya Stark (9 episodes)
Alfie Allen Alfie Allen ... Theon Greyjoy (9 episodes)
Peter Dinklage Peter Dinklage ... Tyrion Lannister (9 episodes)
Ron Donachie Ron Donachie ... Rodrik Cassel (9 episodes)
Jason Momoa Jason Momoa ... Khal Drogo (9 episodes)
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau Nikolaj Coster-Waldau ... Jaime Lannister (8 episodes)
Kit Harington Kit Harington ... Jon Snow (8 episodes)
Richard Madden Richard Madden ... Robb Stark (8 episodes)
Isaac Hempstead Wright Isaac Hempstead Wright ... Bran Stark (8 episodes)
Rory McCann Rory McCann ... Sandor 'The Hound' Clegane (8 episodes)
Amrita Acharia Amrita Acharia ... Irri (8 episodes)
Aidan Gillen Aidan Gillen ... Petyr 'Littlefinger' Baelish (8 episodes)
Julian Glover Julian Glover ... Grand Maester Pycelle (8 episodes)
Mark Addy Mark Addy ... Robert Baratheon (7 episodes)
Donald Sumpter Donald Sumpter ... Maester Luwin (7 episodes)
Conleth Hill Conleth Hill ... Lord Varys (7 episodes)
Dar Salim Dar Salim ... Qotho (6 episodes)
Susan Brown Susan Brown ... Septa Mordane (6 episodes)
Roxanne McKee Roxanne McKee ... Doreah (6 episodes)
Luke Barnes Luke Barnes ... Rast (6 episodes) (as Luke McEwan)
Ian McElhinney Ian McElhinney ... Barristan Selmy (6 episodes)
Mark Stanley Mark Stanley ... Grenn (6 episodes)
Josef Altin Josef Altin ... Pypar (6 episodes)
Elyes Gabel Elyes Gabel ... Rakharo (6 episodes)
Jerome Flynn Jerome Flynn ... Bronn (6 episodes)
Harry Lloyd Harry Lloyd ... Viserys Targaryen (5 episodes)
Jamie Sives Jamie Sives ... Jory Cassel (5 episodes)
Esmé Bianco Esmé Bianco ... Ros (5 episodes)
Kristian Nairn Kristian Nairn ... Hodor (5 episodes)
James Cosmo James Cosmo ... Jeor Mormont (5 episodes)
Francis Magee Francis Magee ... Yoren (5 episodes)
Gethin Anthony Gethin Anthony ... Renly Baratheon (5 episodes)
John Bradley John Bradley ... Samwell Tarly (5 episodes)
Callum Wharry Callum Wharry ... Tommen Baratheon (4 episodes)
Aimee Richardson Aimee Richardson ... Myrcella Baratheon (4 episodes)
Owen Teale Owen Teale ... Alliser Thorne (4 episodes)
Robert Sterne Robert Sterne ... Royal Steward (4 episodes)
Eugene Simon Eugene Simon ... Lancel Lannister (4 episodes)
Emun Elliott Emun Elliott ... Marillion (4 episodes)
Natalia Tena Natalia Tena ... Osha (4 episodes)
Charles Dance Charles Dance ... Tywin Lannister (4 episodes)
Joseph Mawle Joseph Mawle ... Benjen Stark (3 episodes)
Art Parkinson Art Parkinson ... Rickon Stark (3 episodes)
Wilko Johnson Wilko Johnson ... Ilyn Payne (3 episodes)
Peter Vaughan Peter Vaughan ... Maester Aemon (3 episodes)
Miltos Yerolemou Miltos Yerolemou ... Syrio Forel (3 episodes)
Dominic Carter Dominic Carter ... Janos Slynt (3 episodes)
Kate Dickie Kate Dickie ... Lysa Arryn (3 episodes)
Lino Facioli Lino Facioli ... Robin Arryn (3 episodes)
Clive Mantle Clive Mantle ... Greatjon Umber (3 episodes)
Mia Soteriou Mia Soteriou ... Mirri Maz Duur (3 episodes)
Ian Gelder Ian Gelder ... Kevan Lannister (3 episodes)
Roger Allam Roger Allam ... Illyrio Mopatis (2 episodes)
Margaret John Margaret John ... Old Nan (2 episodes)
Emily Diamond Emily Diamond ... King's Landing Whore (2 episodes)
Conan Stevens Conan Stevens ... Gregor 'The Mountain' Clegane (2 episodes)
Jefferson Hall Jefferson Hall ... Hugh of the Vale (2 episodes)
Joe Dempsie Joe Dempsie ... Gendry (2 episodes)
Kevin Keenan Kevin Keenan ... Kurleket (2 episodes)
Ryan McKenna Ryan McKenna ... Willis Wode (2 episodes)
Finn Jones Finn Jones ... Loras Tyrell (2 episodes)
Ciaran Bermingham Ciaran Bermingham ... Mord (2 episodes)
Brendan McCormack Brendan McCormack ... Vardis Egen (2 episodes)
Brian Fortune Brian Fortune ... Othell Yarwyck (2 episodes)
Mark Lewis Jones Mark Lewis Jones ... Shagga (2 episodes)
Ian Beattie Ian Beattie ... Meryn Trant (2 episodes)
Sibel Kekilli Sibel Kekilli ... Shae (2 episodes)
Bronson Webb Bronson Webb ... Will
John Standing John Standing ... Jon Arryn
Rob Ostlere Rob Ostlere ... Waymar Royce
Dermot Keaney Dermot Keaney ... Gared
Rania Zouari Rania Zouari ... Pentoshi Servant
Ian Whyte Ian Whyte ... White Walker #1
Spencer Wilding Spencer Wilding ... White Walker #2
Claire Wright Claire Wright ... Wight Wildling Girl
Sarita Piotrowski Sarita Piotrowski ... Jhiqui
Rhodri Hosking Rhodri Hosking ... Mycah
Lalor Roddy Lalor Roddy ... Catspaw Assassin
Conor Delaney Conor Delaney ... Lannister Guard
Paul Portelli Paul Portelli ... Drunk Patron
Nikovich Sammut Nikovich Sammut ... Goldcloak #1 (as Nickovich Sammut)
Seamus Kelly Seamus Kelly ... Goldcloak #2
Andrew Wilde Andrew Wilde ... Tobho Mott
Patrick Ryan Patrick Ryan ... Knight of House Frey
Susie Kelly Susie Kelly ... Masha Heddle
Alan Paris Alan Paris ... Goldcloak
Antonia Christophers Antonia Christophers ... Mhaegen (as Antonia Christopher)
Amira Ghazalla Amira Ghazalla ... Dothraki Crone (as Amira Ghazella)
Niall Cusack Niall Cusack ... Joss
Stephen Don Stephen Don ... Stiv
Paddy Rocks Paddy Rocks ... Knight of House Lynderly (as Patrick Rocks)
Barrington Cullen Barrington Cullen ... Eon Hunter
Barry O'Connor Barry O'Connor ... Night's Watch Deserter (as Barry O'Connor)
David Michael Scott David Michael Scott ... Beric Dondarrion (as David Scott)
Simon Lowe Simon Lowe ... Wine Merchant
Sahara Knite Sahara Knite ... Armeca
Graham Charles Graham Charles ... Varly
Jeffrey O'Brien Jeffrey O'Brien ... Jaremy Rykker
Dennis McKeever Dennis McKeever ... Night's Watch Officer
Phil Dixon Phil Dixon ... Tomard
Tristan Mercieca Tristan Mercieca ... Little Bird
Simon Stewart Simon Stewart ... Lannister Messenger
Matthew Scurfield Matthew Scurfield ... Vayon Poole
Frank O'Sullivan Frank O'Sullivan ... Night's Watch Messenger
Chris Gallagher Chris Gallagher ... Lannister Scout
Rick Burn Rick Burn ... Stark Guard
Hugo Culverhouse Hugo Culverhouse ... Red Keep Stableboy
David Bradley David Bradley ... Walder Frey
Edward Mercieca Edward Mercieca ... King's Landing Baker
Marcus Lamb Marcus Lamb ... Night's Watchman
Colin Carnegie Colin Carnegie ... Stevron Frey
Bryan McCaugherty Bryan McCaugherty ... Ryger Rivers
Stephen Grech Stephen Grech ... King's Landing Urchin
Vinnie McCabe Vinnie McCabe ... Leo Lefford (as Vincent McCabe)
Ben Hawkey Ben Hawkey ... Hot Pie
Eros Vlahos Eros Vlahos ... Lommy Greenhands
Steve Blount Steve Blount ... Rickard Karstark (as Steven Blount)
Gerry O'Brien Gerry O'Brien ... Jonos Bracken
B.J. Hogg B.J. Hogg ... Addam Marbrand (as BJ Hogg)
Faolan Morgan Faolan Morgan ... Stark Guard
Uncredited Cast
Boyd Rankin Boyd Rankin ... Mikken (2 episodes)
Mark Coney Mark Coney ... Lord Galbart Glover (2 episodes)
Tobias Winter Tobias Winter ... Timett (2 episodes)
Caroline Davis Caroline Davis ... Prostitute
Owen Dickey Owen Dickey ... Winterfell Beekeeper
Tommy Dunne Tommy Dunne ... Tommy
Robert Yates Robert Yates ... King's Guard
Frédéric André Frédéric André ... Knight
Phil Barnhill Phil Barnhill ... Baratheon Guard
Robert Render Robert Render ... Northern Bannerman
Eugene Simon Eugene Simon ... Lancel Lannister
Dominic Carter Dominic Carter ... Janos Slynt
Melissa Reid Melissa Reid ... Peasant
Dennis McKeever Dennis McKeever ... Night's Watch Officer
Ivailo Dimitrov Ivailo Dimitrov ... Mago
Kelly Long Kelly Long ... Joyeuse Frey
Vinnie McCabe Vinnie McCabe ... Leo Lefford
James Tolcher James Tolcher ... Lannister Guard
Produced by
David Benioff David Benioff
Jonathan Brytus Jonathan Brytus
Jo Burn Jo Burn
Guymon Casady Guymon Casady
Frank Doelger Frank Doelger
Jim Duggan Jim Duggan
Vince Gerardis Vince Gerardis
Mark Huffam Mark Huffam
George R.R. Martin George R.R. Martin
Tom McCarthy Tom McCarthy
Christopher Newman Christopher Newman
Greg Spence Greg Spence
Carolyn Strauss Carolyn Strauss
Guy Tannahill Guy Tannahill
Ralph Vicinanza Ralph Vicinanza
D.B. Weiss D.B. Weiss
Original Music by
Ramin Djawadi Ramin Djawadi
Additional Info
Premiere: April 17, 2011
DVD Release: March 06, 2012
Blu-ray Release: March 06, 2012
Countries: USA United Kingdom
Distributor: HBO Studios
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Production Companies
Home Box Office (HBO)
Television 360
Grok! Studio (as Grok! Television)
Generator Entertainment
Bighead Littlehead
Home Box Office (HBO)
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HBO Home Entertainment
  (2012) (USA) (Blu-ray) (DVD) (Season 1)
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  (2013) (USA) (Blu-ray) (DVD) (Season 2)
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  (2013) (USA) (DVD) (Season 2)
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  (2014) (USA) (Blu-ray) (DVD) (Season 3)
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  (2014) (USA) (DVD) (season 3)
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  (2015) (USA) (Blu-ray) (DVD) (Season 4)
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  (2015) (USA) (DVD) (Season 4)
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  (2016) (USA) (DVD) (Season 5)
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