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Gray Matter/The House of the Head September 26, 2019
Bad Wolf Down/The Finger October 03, 2019
All Hallow's Eve/The Man in the Suitcase October 10, 2019
The Companion/Lydia Layne's Better Half October 17, 2019
Night of the Paw/Times Is Tough in Musky Holler October 24, 2019
Skincrawlers/By the Silver Water of Lake Champlain October 31, 2019
Directed by
John Harrison
Greg Nicotero
Rob Schrab
David Bruckner
Roxanne Benjamin
Tom Savini
Written by
Byron Willinger
Philip de Blasi
Stephen King
Josh Malerman
Rob Schrab
David J. Schow
Bruce Jones
Christopher Buehlman
Joe R. Lansdale
Kasey Lansdale
Keith Lansdale
Matt Venne
Greg Nicotero
John Harrison
John Esposito
John Skipp
Dori Miller
Paul Dini
Stephen Langford
Joe Hill
Jason Ciaramella
Carey Jones ... The Scarecrow (segment 'The Companion') (2 episodes)
Adrienne Barbeau ... Dixie (segment 'Gray Matter')
Giancarlo Esposito ... Doc (segment 'Gray Matter')
Christopher Nathan ... Timmy (segment 'Gray Matter')
Tobin Bell ... Chief (segment 'Gray Matter')
Jesse C. Boyd ... Richie (segment 'Gray Matter')
Andy Rusk ... Gray Matter Creature (segment 'Gray Matter')
Cailey Fleming ... Evie (segment 'The House of the Head')
Rachel Hendrix ... Marsha (segment 'The House of the Head')
David Shae ... Randy (segment 'The House of the Head')
Guy Messenger ... Mr. Ogman (segment 'The House of the Head')
Diane D Carter ... Cashier (segment 'The House of the Head')
David A MacDonald ... Captain Talby (segment 'Bad Wolf Down') (as Dave MacDonald)
Callan Wilson ... Pvt. Rivers (segment 'Bad Wolf Down')
Kid Cudi ... Doc Kessler (segment 'Bad Wolf Down') (as Scott Mescudi)
Nelson Bonilla ... Sgt. Quist (segment 'Bad Wolf Down')
Jeffrey Combs ... Reinhard (segment 'Bad Wolf Down')
Kate Freund ... Woman in White (segment 'Bad Wolf Down')
DJ Qualls ... Clark Wilson (segment 'The Finger')
Antwan Mills ... Detective Moseley (segment 'The Finger')
Jake Garber ... Truck Driver (segment 'The Finger')
Gino Crognale ... Detective Walsh (segment 'The Finger')
Connor Christie ... Pete (segment 'All Hallow's Eve')
Madison Thompson ... Jill (segment 'All Hallow's Eve')
Jasun Jabbar Wardlaw Jr. ... Binky (segment 'All Hallow's Eve') (as Jasun Jabbar)
Andrew Eakle ... Bobby (segment 'All Hallow's Eve')
Michael May ... Eddie (segment 'All Hallow's Eve')
Julia Denton ... Mrs. Collins (segment 'All Hallow's Eve')
Scott Daniel Johnson ... Mr. Collins (segment 'All Hallow's Eve') (as Scott Daniel Johnson)
Tom Olson ... Mr. Boatner (segment 'All Hallow's Eve')
Erica Frene ... Mrs. Hathaway (segment 'All Hallow's Eve')
Will Kindrachuk ... Justin (segment 'The Man in the Suitcase')
Madison Bailey ... Carla (segment 'The Man in the Suitcase')
Ravi Naidu ... Man (segment 'The Man in the Suitcase')
Big Boi ... Pawnbroker (segment 'The Man in the Suitcase') (as Antwan 'Big Boi' Patton)
Ian Gregg ... Alex (segment 'The Man in the Suitcase')
Nasim ... Greeter (segment 'The Man in the Suitcase') (as Nasim Bowlus)
Logan Allen ... Harold (segment 'The Companion')
Dylan Gage ... Smitty (segment 'The Companion')
Voltaire Colin Council ... Billy (segment 'The Companion') (as Voltaire Council)
Afemo Omilami ... Brenner (segment 'The Companion')
Addison Hershey ... Susie (segment 'The Companion')
Tricia Helfer ... Lydia Layne (segment 'Lydia Layne's Better Half')
Michael Scialabba ... Tom Harding (segment 'Lydia Layne's Better Half')
Danielle Lyn ... Celia (segment 'Lydia Layne's Better Half')
Jordan Patrick ... Kevin (segment 'Lydia Layne's Better Half')
Dennis Bouldin ... First Responder #1 (segment 'Lydia Layne's Better Half')
David Wise ... First Responder #2 (segment 'Lydia Layne's Better Half')
Bruce Davison ... Avery Whitlock (segment 'Night of the Paw')
Hannah Barefoot ... Angela (segment 'Night of the Paw')
Susannah Devereux ... Marjorie (segment 'Night of the Paw')
Grace Toso ... Zombie Marjorie (segment 'Night of the Paw')
Clay Gwaltney ... Angela's Husband (segment 'Night of the Paw') (as Ryan Clay Gwaltney)
Dane Rhodes ... Lester M. Barclay (segment 'Times is Tough in Musky Holler')
Karen Strassman ... Leslianne Dowd (segment 'Times is Tough in Musky Holler')
David Arquette ... Sheriff Deke (segment 'Times is Tough in Musky Holler')
Tommy Kane ... Don Pomade (segment 'Times is Tough in Musky Holler')
Tracey Bonner ... Lottie (segment 'Times is Tough in Musky Holler')
Kermit Rolison ... Pastor Ryan (segment 'Times is Tough in Musky Holler')
Connor Hammond ... Ezra (segment 'Times is Tough in Musky Holler')
Melissa Saint-Amand ... Debbie (segment 'Skincrawlers')
Chad Michael Collins ... Dr. Sloan (segment 'Skincrawlers')
Dana Gould ... Henry Quayle (segment 'Skincrawlers')
Hina X. Khan ... Kelly (segment 'Skincrawlers') (as Hina Khan)
Beth Keener ... Suzie (segment 'Skincrawlers')
Jason Graham ... Randy (segment 'Skincrawlers')
Darin Toonder ... Professor Jim Scott (segment 'Skincrawlers')
Sydney Wease ... Rose (segment 'By the Silver Water of Lake Champlain')
Connor Jones ... Thomas (segment 'By the Silver Water of Lake Champlain')
David Alexander Kaplan ... Joseph (segment 'By the Silver Water of Lake Champlain')
James Devoti ... Chet (segment 'By the Silver Water of Lake Champlain')
Gena Shaw ... Leigh (segment 'By the Silver Water of Lake Champlain')
Uncredited Cast
Mary Jane Hays ... Girl at Sale (segment 'The House of the Head')
Mistie Gibby ... Samantha (segment 'The Finger')
Dwight Tolar ... German Soldier (segment 'Bad Wolf Down')
Aodhan Lane ... Skeeter (segment 'All Hallow's Eve')
Produced by
Russell Binder
James Glenn Dudelson
Robert Franklin Dudelson
Craig Engler
Anthony Fankhauser
Julia Hobgood
Jeff Holland
Robin Jones
Jordan Kizwani
Marc Mostman
Greg Nicotero
Alex Orr
Drew Sawyer
Stan Spry
Brian Witten
Eric Scott Woods
Samuel Zimmerman
Original Music by
Tyler Bates
Christopher Drake
Tim Williams
Additional Info
Premiere: September 26, 2019
DVD Release: June 02, 2020
Blu-ray Release: June 02, 2020
Country: USA
Distributor: Shudder
Websites: IMDb Wikipedia Facebook Twitter
Production Companies
The Cartel
Monster Agency Productions (in association with)
Taurus Entertainment Company (in association with)
AMC Studios
Cartel Pictures
Striker Entertainment
  (2019) (USA) (TV)
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