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Chapter One: And Let My Cry Come Unto Thee September 23, 2016
Chapter Two: Lupus in Fabula September 30, 2016
Chapter Three: Let 'Em In October 07, 2016
Chapter Four: The Moveable Feast October 14, 2016
Chapter Five: Through My Most Grievous Fault October 21, 2016
Chapter Six: Star of the Morning November 04, 2016
Chapter Seven: Father of Lies November 11, 2016
Chapter Eight: The Griefbearers November 18, 2016
Chapter Nine: 162 December 09, 2016
Chapter Ten: Three Rooms December 16, 2016
Directed by
Rupert Wyatt Rupert Wyatt
Michael Nankin Michael Nankin
Craig Zisk Craig Zisk
Jason Ensler Jason Ensler
Jennifer Phang Jennifer Phang
Tinge Krishnan Tinge Krishnan
Louis Shaw Milito Louis Shaw Milito
Bill Johnson Bill Johnson
Written by
Jeremy Slater Jeremy Slater
William Peter Blatty William Peter Blatty
Heather Bellson Heather Bellson
Dre Ryan Dre Ryan
Adam Stein Adam Stein
David Grimm David Grimm
Laura Marks Laura Marks
Charise Castro Smith Charise Castro Smith
Marcus Gardley Marcus Gardley
Franklin jin Rho Franklin jin Rho
Alfonso Herrera Alfonso Herrera ... Father Tomas Ortega (10 episodes)
Ben Daniels Ben Daniels ... Father Marcus Keane (10 episodes)
Hannah Kasulka Hannah Kasulka ... Casey Rance (10 episodes)
Brianne Howey Brianne Howey ... Kat Rance (10 episodes)
Kurt Egyiawan Kurt Egyiawan ... Father Bennett (10 episodes)
Alan Ruck Alan Ruck ... Henry Rance (10 episodes)
Geena Davis Geena Davis ... Angela Rance (10 episodes)
Mouzam Makkar Mouzam Makkar ... Jessica (8 episodes)
Robert Emmet Lunney Robert Emmet Lunney ... Salesman (7 episodes)
Kirsten Fitzgerald Kirsten Fitzgerald ... Maria Walters (7 episodes)
Francis Guinan Francis Guinan ... Brother Simon (5 episodes)
Alan Metoskie Alan Metoskie ... Homeless Man (5 episodes)
Tim Hopper Tim Hopper ... Superintendent Jaffey (5 episodes)
Melissa Russell Melissa Russell ... Tara (4 episodes)
Brad Armacost Brad Armacost ... Bishop Egan (4 episodes)
Torrey Hanson Torrey Hanson ... Cardinal Guillot (4 episodes)
Deanna Dunagan Deanna Dunagan ... Mother Bernadette (4 episodes)
Keira Naughton Keira Naughton ... Cherry Rego (4 episodes)
Ken Marks Ken Marks ... Lester Rego (4 episodes)
Sharon Gless Sharon Gless ... Chris MacNeil (4 episodes)
James Vincent Meredith James Vincent Meredith ... Detective (3 episodes)
Matthew Velasquez Matthew Velasquez ... Luis (2 episodes)
Charlotte Thomas Charlotte Thomas ... Julia (2 episodes)
Emily Ember Emily Ember ... Chanter #2 (2 episodes)
Madeline Pell Madeline Pell ... Chanter #3 (2 episodes)
Ilse Zacharias Ilse Zacharias ... Chanter #4 (2 episodes)
Chaon Cross Chaon Cross ... Young Chris MacNeil (2 episodes)
Sophie Thatcher Sophie Thatcher ... Young Regan (2 episodes)
Minita Gandhi Minita Gandhi ... Reporter (2 episodes)
Camille Guaty Camille Guaty ... Olivia
Isaac Linares Isaac Linares ... Gabriel
Ana María Alvarez Ana María Alvarez ... Helena (as Ana Maria Alvarez)
Ann Whitney Ann Whitney ... Mrs. Finley
Christopher Meister Christopher Meister ... Construction Worker
Javoun Baker Javoun Baker ... College Student
Griffin Kane Griffin Kane ... Young Marcus
Autumn Pippenberg Autumn Pippenberg ... Amazon
Bries Vannon Bries Vannon ... Emaciated Man
Krystal Ortiz Krystal Ortiz ... Teammate
Charlie Babbo Charlie Babbo ... Orphan Boy
Dwayne Taylor Dwayne Taylor ... Therapist (as D'Wayne Taylor)
Adam Bitterman Adam Bitterman ... Father Sean
April Sutton April Sutton ... Mom
Sandra Delgado Sandra Delgado ... Isabel
Oksana Fedunyszyn Oksana Fedunyszyn ... The Crone
Christopher Kahler Christopher Kahler ... Homeless Man
Bryce Gangel Bryce Gangel ... Fallon
Nate Santana Nate Santana ... Golden Boy
Eric Lumbard Eric Lumbard ... Zealot
Robert Upton Robert Upton ... Devon
Jalen Gilbert Jalen Gilbert ... Q (as Jalen Jamar Gilbert)
Ceci Fernandez Ceci Fernandez ... Postulant Claire
Johnathan McClain Johnathan McClain ... Doctor
Kelly Owens Kelly Owens ... Nurse Faye
Emjoy Gavino Emjoy Gavino ... Dr. Rho
Rosie Moan Rosie Moan ... Scandinavian Lady
Zoe Nadal Zoe Nadal ... Chanter #1
Chris Clowers Chris Clowers ... Possessed Man
Aedin Moloney Aedin Moloney ... Mum
Michael Patrick Thornton Michael Patrick Thornton ... Dr. John Rexroth
Greg Stuhr Greg Stuhr ... Talk Show Host
Kenn E. Head Kenn E. Head ... Chicago Sun Reporter
Lane Anthony Flores Lane Anthony Flores ... Chattering Man
Shadana Patterson Shadana Patterson ... Ceci Stamps
Ilyssa Fradin Ilyssa Fradin ... Interviewer
LaShawn Banks LaShawn Banks ... Producer (as La Shawn Banks)
Aneisa Hicks Aneisa Hicks ... Tai Harris
Joby Earle Joby Earle ... Clerk
Michael Tatar Michael Tatar ... Trucker Hat
Chris Nolte Chris Nolte ... Pipe
Carlos Rogelio Diaz Carlos Rogelio Diaz ... Reporter #1
Gina Taliaferro Gina Taliaferro ... Reporter #2
Karissa Murrell Myers Karissa Murrell Myers ... Reporter #3
Andrew Rothenberg Andrew Rothenberg ... Jim
Randy Lee Randy Lee ... Handsome Young Man
Tony Manna Tony Manna ... Reporter #2
Sari Sanchez Sari Sanchez ... Reporter #3
Mattie Hawkinson Mattie Hawkinson ... Gala Guest #1
Wendy Mateo Wendy Mateo ... Parishioner #1
Bruce Davison Bruce Davison ... Pope Sebastian
Uncredited Cast
Claire 'Fluff' Llewellyn Claire 'Fluff' Llewellyn ... Nun (4 episodes)
Silvia Schueler Silvia Schueler ... Parishioner (3 episodes)
Hans Dieter Wolff Hans Dieter Wolff ... Fallen Priest (3 episodes)
Alex Zelenka Alex Zelenka ... Fallen Priest (3 episodes)
Chris D. Thomas Chris D. Thomas ... Fallen Priest (2 episodes)
Phil Senjanin Phil Senjanin ... Catholic Cardinal (2 episodes)
Rafaela Ochoa Rafaela Ochoa ... Rance Neighbor (2 episodes)
Ashland Thomas Ashland Thomas ... Reporter (2 episodes)
Erin Luboff Erin Luboff ... Protester (2 episodes)
Alan Metoskie Alan Metoskie ... Homeless Man
Andrew Morgado Andrew Morgado ... Gabriel
Christopher L Perkins Christopher L Perkins ... Priest
Christopher Kahler Christopher Kahler ... Possessed Homeless Man
Jeff Dlugolecki Jeff Dlugolecki ... Homeless Man
Sarah Timms Chittaro Sarah Timms Chittaro ... Mrs. Clark ( Julia's Mother )
Mike Fierro Mike Fierro ... Golden Boy's Friend
Larry Fulford Larry Fulford ... El Train Passenger
Nicky Kalck Nicky Kalck ... Girl on Train
Megan Kneiblher Megan Kneiblher ... Girl on Train
Charles E Tiedje Charles E Tiedje ... Mr. Clark ( Julia's Father )
Chris Brown Chris Brown ... Orderly
Luis Centeno Luis Centeno ... Pre-Alter Police Officer
Delphine Pontvieux Delphine Pontvieux ... Maria's Salon M.
Kristin Marie Wilson Kristin Marie Wilson ... Party Attendant
Darren Sheehan Darren Sheehan ... Cameraman
Daniel Craig Baker Daniel Craig Baker ... Papal Emissary
Alex Brown Alex Brown ... Vatican Security
Tony Comrie Tony Comrie ... Vatican Security
Megan Marlow Megan Marlow ... Guest
Produced by
Heather Bellson Heather Bellson
Alejandra Cárdenas Alejandra Cárdenas
Rolin Jones Rolin Jones
Roy Lee Roy Lee
David Robinson David Robinson
James G. Robinson James G. Robinson
Jeremy Slater Jeremy Slater
Barbara Wall Barbara Wall
Garfield Whitman Garfield Whitman
Robert M. Williams Jr. Robert M. Williams Jr.
Rupert Wyatt Rupert Wyatt
Nicole Carrasco Nicole Carrasco
Charise Castro Smith Charise Castro Smith
Michael Nankin Michael Nankin
Judd Rea Judd Rea
Dre Ryan Dre Ryan
Adam Stein Adam Stein
Original Music by
Daniel Hart Daniel Hart
Additional Info
Premiere: September 23, 2016
DVD Release: July 10, 2018
Country: USA
Distributor: Twentieth Century Fox
Websites: IMDb Wikipedia
Production Companies
Morgan Creek Entertainment
New Neighborhood
20th Century Fox Television
20th Century Fox Television
  (2016-2017) (USA) (TV)
Fox Network
  (2016-2017) (USA) (TV)
Walt Disney Television
  (2019) (USA) (all media)
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