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Directed by
George Miller George Miller
Written by
George Miller George Miller
Brendan McCarthy Brendan McCarthy
Nick Lathouris Nick Lathouris
Tom Hardy Tom Hardy ... Max Rockatansky
Charlize Theron Charlize Theron ... Imperator Furiosa
Nicholas Hoult Nicholas Hoult ... Nux
Hugh Keays-Byrne Hugh Keays-Byrne ... Immortan Joe
Josh Helman Josh Helman ... Slit
Nathan Jones Nathan Jones ... Rictus Erectus
Zoë Kravitz Zoë Kravitz ... Toast the Knowing
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Rosie Huntington-Whiteley ... The Splendid Angharad
Riley Keough Riley Keough ... Capable
Abbey Lee Abbey Lee ... The Dag
Courtney Eaton Courtney Eaton ... Cheedo the Fragile
John Howard John Howard ... The People Eater
Richard Carter Richard Carter ... The Bullet Farmer
Iota Iota ... The Doof Warrior (as iOTA)
Angus Sampson Angus Sampson ... The Organic Mechanic
Jennifer Hagan Jennifer Hagan ... Miss Giddy
Megan Gale Megan Gale ... The Valkyrie
Melissa Jaffer Melissa Jaffer ... Keeper of the Seeds
Melita Jurisic Melita Jurisic ... The Vuvalini
Gillian Jones Gillian Jones ... The Vuvalini
Joy Smithers Joy Smithers ... The Vuvalini
Antoinette Kellermann Antoinette Kellermann ... The Vuvalini (as Antoinette Kellerman)
Christina Koch Christina Koch ... The Vuvalini
Jon Iles Jon Iles ... The Ace
Quentin Kenihan Quentin Kenihan ... Corpus Colossus
Coco Jack Gillies Coco Jack Gillies ... Glory the Child
Chris Patton Chris Patton ... Morsov
Stephen Dunlevy Stephen Dunlevy ... The Rock Rider Chief / The Winchman (as Steve Dunlevy)
Richard Norton Richard Norton ... The Prime Imperator
Vincent Roxburgh Vincent Roxburgh ... Imperator (as Vince Roxburgh)
John Walton John Walton ... Imperator
Ben Smith-Petersen Ben Smith-Petersen ... Chanting War Boy / Red Flare Warrior
Russ McCarroll Russ McCarroll ... Blood 'Shed' War Boy
Judd Wild Judd Wild ... War Rig War Boy
Elizabeth Cunico Elizabeth Cunico ... Milking Mother
Greg van Borssum Greg van Borssum ... Ripsaw Imperator / The Breakman
Robert Jones Robert Jones ... Ripsaw Driver (as Rob Jones)
Sebastian Dickins Sebastian Dickins ... Polecat Lookout
Darren Andrew Mitchell Darren Andrew Mitchell ... Black Mask (as Darren Mitchell)
Crusoe Kurddal Crusoe Kurddal ... The Accusing Dead
Shyan Tonga Shyan Tonga ... The Accusing Dead
Cass Cumerford Cass Cumerford ... The Wretched (as Cass Comerford)
Albert Lee Albert Lee ... The Wretched
Riley Paton Riley Paton ... War Pup
Ripley Voeten Ripley Voeten ... War Pup
Macyn Van Borssum Macyn Van Borssum ... War Pup (as Maycn Van Borssum)
Hunter Stratton Boland Hunter Stratton Boland ... War Pup
Nathan Jenkins Nathan Jenkins ... War Pup
Fletcher Gill Fletcher Gill ... War Pup
Whiley Toll Whiley Toll ... War Pup
Ferdinand Hengombe Ferdinand Hengombe ... Drummer
Gadaffi Davsab Gadaffi Davsab ... Drummer
Noddy Alfred Noddy Alfred ... Drummer
Jackson Hengombe Jackson Hengombe ... Drummer
Christian Fane Christian Fane ... Drummer
Callum Gallagher Callum Gallagher ... Drummer
Abel Hofflin Abel Hofflin ... Drummer
Lee Perry Lee Perry ... The Many Voices (voice)
Uncredited Cast
Debra Ades Debra Ades ... Desperate Woman
Toby Ayers Toby Ayers ... Wayward Child
Rhavin Banda Rhavin Banda ... War Boy
Karl Heinz Barr Karl Heinz Barr ... The Wretched
Alison Benstead Alison Benstead ... The Wretched
Craig Bourke Craig Bourke ... Wreched
Nerida Bronwen Nerida Bronwen ... The Wretched
Will C. Will C. ... The Wretched
Hélène Cardona Hélène Cardona ... The Wretched (voice)
Jeremy Costello Jeremy Costello ... War Boy
Sandi Finlay Sandi Finlay ... The Wretched / Treadmill Rat
Gareth Hamilton-Foster Gareth Hamilton-Foster ... The Wretched
Dawn Hogan Dawn Hogan ... Woman Screaming Water
Georgia Jarrett Georgia Jarrett ... Wretched One
Hiroshi Kasuga Hiroshi Kasuga ... The Wretched
Jack Kelly Jack Kelly ... The Wretched / Treadmill Rat
Ryan Madden Ryan Madden ... Wretched
Shuhei Ogawa Shuhei Ogawa ... The Wretched
Benjamin W Sullivan Benjamin W Sullivan ... War Boy / Imperiator Winchman / Desert scourge
Vanessa Summerfield Vanessa Summerfield ... The Wretched
Yassica Switakowski Yassica Switakowski ... Furiosa Double
Leanne Michelle Watson Leanne Michelle Watson ... Wretched Person
Produced by
Bruce Berman Bruce Berman
Graham Burke Graham Burke
Christopher DeFaria Christopher DeFaria
Genevieve Hofmeyr Genevieve Hofmeyr
George Miller George Miller
Doug Mitchell Doug Mitchell
Steven Mnuchin Steven Mnuchin
Holly Radcliffe Holly Radcliffe
Iain Smith Iain Smith
Courtenay Valenti Courtenay Valenti
P.J. Voeten P.J. Voeten
Original Music by
Junkie XL Junkie XL
Additional Info
Premiere: May 07, 2015
Theatrical Release: May 15, 2015
DVD Release: September 01, 2015
Blu-ray Release: September 01, 2015
Countries: Australia South Africa
Distributor: Warner Brother Studios
Websites: Official Site IMDb Wikipedia
Production Companies
Warner Bros. (presentation)
Village Roadshow Pictures (in association with)
Kennedy Miller Productions (as A Kennedy Miller Mitchell Production)
RatPac-Dune Entertainment (in association with)
Warner Bros.
  (2015) (USA) (theatrical)
Amazon Prime Video
  (2015) (World-wide) (video)
  (2020) (USA) (video) (VOD)
Warner Home Video
  (2015) (USA) (DVD)
Warner Home Video
  (2015) (USA) (Blu-ray) (DVD)
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