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Directed by
Sam Dunn Sam Dunn
Scot McFadyen Scot McFadyen
Jessica Joy Wise Jessica Joy Wise
Written by
Sam Dunn Sam Dunn
Scot McFadyen Scot McFadyen
Jessica Joy Wise Jessica Joy Wise
Tom Araya Tom Araya ... Himself
Gavin Baddeley Gavin Baddeley ... Himself
Blasphemer Blasphemer ... Himself
Randy Blythe Randy Blythe ... Himself
Joe Bottiglieri Joe Bottiglieri ... Himself
Eric Bryan Eric Bryan ... Himself
Jackie Chambers Jackie Chambers ... Herself
Monte Conner Monte Conner ... Himself
Alice Cooper Alice Cooper ... Himself
Denis D'Amour Denis D'Amour ... Himself
Pamela Des Barres Pamela Des Barres ... Herself
Bruce Dickinson Bruce Dickinson ... Himself
Ronnie James Dio Ronnie James Dio ... Himself
Malcolm Dome Malcolm Dome ... Himself
Rose Dyson Rose Dyson ... Herself
Robert Ezrin Robert Ezrin ... Himself (as Bob Ezrin)
George Fisher George Fisher ... Himself (as George 'Corpsegrinder' Fisher)
Gaahl Gaahl ... Himself
Donna Gaines Donna Gaines ... Herself
Angela Gossow Angela Gossow ... Herself
Sam Guitor Sam Guitor ... Himself
Ihsahn Ihsahn ... Himself
Tony Iommi Tony Iommi ... Himself
Thomas Jensen Thomas Jensen ... Himself
Rob Jones Rob Jones ... Himself
Joey Jordison Joey Jordison ... Himself
Keith Kahn-Harris Keith Kahn-Harris ... Himself
Robert Kampf Robert Kampf ... Himself
John Kay John Kay ... Himself
Lemmy Lemmy ... Himself (as Lemmy Kilmister)
Kerry King Kerry King ... Himself
Grutle Kjellson Grutle Kjellson ... Himself
Chuck Klosterman Chuck Klosterman ... Himself
Mercedes Lander Mercedes Lander ... Herself
Morgan Lander Morgan Lander ... Herself
Michel Langevin Michel Langevin ... Himself
Geddy Lee Geddy Lee ... Himself
Kim McAuliffe Kim McAuliffe  
Tom Morello Tom Morello ... Himself
Mark Morton Mark Morton ... Himself
Necrobutcher Necrobutcher ... Himself
Vince Neil Vince Neil ... Himself
Ivar Peersen Ivar Peersen ... Himself
Doro Pesch Doro Pesch ... Herself
Martin Popoff Martin Popoff ... Himself
Rolf Rasmussen Rolf Rasmussen ... Himself
Samoth Samoth ... Himself
Joey Severance Joey Severance ... Himself
James 'Munky' Shaffer James 'Munky' Shaffer ... Himself
Brian Slagel Brian Slagel ... Himself
Dee Snider Dee Snider ... Himself
Corey Taylor Corey Taylor ... Himself
Eddie Trunk Eddie Trunk ... Himself
Jørn Tunsberg Jørn Tunsberg ... Himself
Robert Walser Robert Walser ... Himself
Alex Webster Alex Webster ... Himself
Deena Weinstein Deena Weinstein ... Herself
Rob Zombie Rob Zombie ... Himself
Al Gore Al Gore ... Himself (archive footage)
Tipper Gore Tipper Gore ... Herself (archive footage)
Ernest F. Hollings Ernest F. Hollings ... Himself (archive footage)
Barry Pinto Barry Pinto ... Himself
Uncredited Cast
Chris Adler Chris Adler ... Himself
Einar Darri Einar Darri ... Himself
Sam Dunn Sam Dunn ... Himself
Gaahl Gaahl ... Himself
Hellhammer Hellhammer ... Himself (archive footage)
Ingo Ingo ... Himself
Produced by
Erin Berry Erin Berry
Sam Dunn Sam Dunn
Sam Feldman Sam Feldman
John Hamilton John Hamilton
Scot McFadyen Scot McFadyen
David Reckziegel David Reckziegel
Noah Segal Noah Segal
Robert Wilson Robert Wilson
Additional Info
Premiere: September 14, 2005
Theatrical Release: April 14, 2006
DVD Release: May 23, 2006
Country: Canada
Distributor: Warner Brother Studios
Websites: IMDb Wikipedia
Production Companies
Seville Pictures (presents)
Banger Productions
235 Films (in association with)
Chum Television (produced in association with) (as CHUM Television)
Canadian Television Fund (filmed with the participation of) (as Canadian Television Fund, created by the Government of Canada and the Canadian Cable Industry)
Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit (CPTC) (filmed with the assistance of) (as The Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit)
Government of Ontario (filmed with the assistance of) (as The Government of Ontario)
Ontario Film and Television Tax Credit (OFTTC) (filmed with the assistance of)
Banger Films
L.C.J. Editions & Productions
  (2013) (World-wide) (DVD)
Warner Home Video
  (2006) (USA) (DVD)
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