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Election Night September 05, 2017
Don't Be Afraid of the Dark September 12, 2017
Neighbors from Hell September 19, 2017
11/9 September 26, 2017
Holes October 03, 2017
Mid-Western Assassin October 10, 2017
Valerie Solanas Died for Your Sins: Scumbag October 17, 2017
Winter of Our Discontent October 24, 2017
Drink the Kool-Aid October 31, 2017
Charles (Manson) in Charge November 07, 2017
Great Again November 14, 2017
Directed by
Bradley Buecker Bradley Buecker
Liza Johnson Liza Johnson
Gwyneth Horder-Payton Gwyneth Horder-Payton
Maggie Kiley Maggie Kiley
Rachel Goldberg Rachel Goldberg
Barbara Brown Barbara Brown
Angela Bassett Angela Bassett
Jennifer Lynch Jennifer Lynch
Written by
Ryan Murphy Ryan Murphy
Brad Falchuk Brad Falchuk
Todd Kubrak Todd Kubrak
Joshua Green Joshua Green
Tim Minear Tim Minear
James Wong James Wong
John J. Gray John J. Gray
Crystal Liu Crystal Liu
Adam Penn Adam Penn
Sarah Paulson Sarah Paulson ... Ally Mayfair-Richards (11 episodes)
Evan Peters Evan Peters ... Kai Anderson (11 episodes)
Cheyenne Jackson Cheyenne Jackson ... Dr. Rudy Vincent (11 episodes)
Billie Lourd Billie Lourd ... Winter Anderson (11 episodes)
Alison Pill Alison Pill ... Ivy Mayfair-Richards (11 episodes)
Adina Porter Adina Porter ... Beverly Hope (10 episodes)
Chaz Bono Chaz Bono ... Gary K. Longstreet (8 episodes)
Billy Eichner Billy Eichner ... Harrison Wilton (7 episodes)
Colton Haynes Colton Haynes ... Detective Jack Samuels (6 episodes)
Cooper Dodson Cooper Dodson ... Oz Mayfair-Richards (6 episodes)
Leslie Grossman Leslie Grossman ... Meadow Wilton (6 episodes)
Johnny Gorman Johnny Gorman ... Heart Attack (5 episodes)
Jess Allen Jess Allen ... Sandstorm (4 episodes)
Cameron Cowperthwaite Cameron Cowperthwaite ... Speed Wagon (4 episodes)
Dustin Christenson Dustin Christenson ... Tripod (4 episodes) (as Dustin King)
Kaiwi Lyman Kaiwi Lyman ... Gutterball (4 episodes) (as Kaiwi Lyman-Mersereau)
Jorge-Luis Pallo Jorge-Luis Pallo ... Pedro Morales (3 episodes)
Dermot Mulroney Dermot Mulroney ... Bob Thompson (3 episodes)
Caleb Foote Caleb Foote ... Pus Bucket (3 episodes)
John Carroll Lynch John Carroll Lynch ... Twisty the Clown (2 episodes)
Zack Ward Zack Ward ... Roger (2 episodes)
Laura Allen Laura Allen ... Rosie (2 episodes)
Ron Melendez Ron Melendez ... Mark (2 episodes)
James Morosini James Morosini ... R.J. (2 episodes)
Frances Conroy Frances Conroy ... Bebe Babbitt (2 episodes)
Mary Beth McDade Mary Beth McDade ... Female Anchor (2 episodes)
Joseph Will Joseph Will ... Councilman Perry (2 episodes)
Dennis Cockrum Dennis Cockrum ... Senator Herbert Jackson (2 episodes)
Tim Kang Tim Kang ... Tom Chang
Aimee Carrero Aimee Carrero ... Picnic Girl
Rafael de la Fuente Rafael de la Fuente ... Picnic Guy
Blanca Araceli Blanca Araceli ... Pilar
Kholee Campbell Kholee Campbell ... Pentagram
Kimberly Dawn Guerrero Kimberly Dawn Guerrero ... Ballgag
Zay Harding Zay Harding ... Holes
Nanrisa Lee Nanrisa Lee ... Marylin Chang
Bo Roberts Bo Roberts ... Kooks
Stephen Simon Stephen Simon ... Officer
Seth Coltan Seth Coltan ... Nude Man
Derek Johnson Derek Johnson ... Officer
Kaia Cowart Kaia Cowart ... 5 Year Old Rosie (as Kaia Tope-Cowart)
Michelle Jubilee Gonzalez Michelle Jubilee Gonzalez ... Mara
Emma Roberts Emma Roberts ... Serena Belinda
T.J. Hoban T.J. Hoban ... Vincenzo 'Vinny' Ravoli
Bill Parks Bill Parks ... Cole
T.J. Alvarado T.J. Alvarado ... Stoner Dude (as TJ Alvarado)
Annette Azcuy Annette Azcuy ... Soccer Mom
Yeniffer Behrens Yeniffer Behrens ... Volunteer
Matthew Bridges Matthew Bridges ... Young Hipster
Jasper Cole Jasper Cole ... Shaggy Thug
Michael Delgado Michael Delgado ... Skeevy Thug
Chris Gorbos Chris Gorbos ... Male Poll Worker
Daniel Leavitt Daniel Leavitt ... Teenage Boy
Heather Olt Heather Olt ... Shirley
Chad Reinhart Chad Reinhart ... Witness
J. Grant Albrecht J. Grant Albrecht ... Scott Anderson (as Grant Albrecht)
Wylie Small Wylie Small ... Julie Anderson
Mare Winningham Mare Winningham ... Sally Keffler
Chip Chinery Chip Chinery ... Leland Candoli
Amber Plaster Amber Plaster ... Blue Haired Girl
Lena Dunham Lena Dunham ... Valerie Solanas
Jamie Brewer Jamie Brewer ... Hedda
Dot-Marie Jones Dot-Marie Jones ... May
Steve Bannos Steve Bannos ... Policeman
Lyla Porter-Follows Lyla Porter-Follows ... Young Bebe Babbitt
Ryan Alvarez Ryan Alvarez ... Maurice
Marqus Bobesich Marqus Bobesich ... Clerk
Tim Braun Tim Braun ... Bryan Hartnell
Anna Carini Anna Carini ... Loxi
Adam Chambers Adam Chambers ... Paul Morrisey
Audrey Ellis Fox Audrey Ellis Fox ... Betty Lou Jensen
Stephen Holland Stephen Holland ... Medical Examiner
Nathan Inzerillo Nathan Inzerillo ... Man
Geoffrey Katz Geoffrey Katz ... David Faraday (as Geoff Katz)
Michael Lanahan Michael Lanahan ... Taylor Mead
Jordan McFadden Jordan McFadden ... Viva
Erin Mulvey Erin Mulvey ... Cecelia Shepherd
Jeff Rector Jeff Rector ... Male Anchor
Ben Rosenbaum Ben Rosenbaum ... Cop
Miguel Sagaz Miguel Sagaz ... Bruce
Shondalia White Shondalia White ... Martha
Rick Springfield Rick Springfield ... Pastor Charles
Summera Howell Summera Howell ... Girl
Sasha Boggs Sasha Boggs ... Woman
Derek Chariton Derek Chariton ... Man
Mario Diaz Mario Diaz ... Gay Man
Tisha French Tisha French ... Female Attendant
Martin Mathieu Martin Mathieu ... Councilman Moyer
Noelle Messier Noelle Messier ... Female Heaven's Gate Member
Denver Smith Denver Smith ... Male Heaven's Gate Member
Rachel Roberts Rachel Roberts ... Sharon Tate
Sarah Yarkin Sarah Yarkin ... Riley
Zachary Conneen Zachary Conneen ... Steven Parent
Riley Rose Critchlow Riley Rose Critchlow ... Woman
Charlie Farrell Charlie Farrell ... Jay Sebring
Monique Gall Monique Gall ... Bailey
Frank Gallegos Frank Gallegos ... Cameraman
Annie Gonzalez Annie Gonzalez ... Demostrator
Miraj Grbic Miraj Grbic ... Wojciech Frykowski
Alexandra Marian Hensley Alexandra Marian Hensley ... Abigail Folger (as Alexandra Hensley)
Cathy Marks Cathy Marks ... Dorothy
Adam Mendoza Adam Mendoza ... Scooter
Annie Ilonzeh Annie Ilonzeh ... Erika
Liz Jenkins Liz Jenkins ... Gloria
Charlene Amoia Charlene Amoia ... Woman
Ian Bamberg Ian Bamberg ... Trevor
Monique Blanchard Monique Blanchard ... Hostess
Adam Dunnells Adam Dunnells ... Freddy
Courtney Friel Courtney Friel ... Female Anchor
Matt Lasky Matt Lasky ... Jimbo
Uncredited Cast
Anthony Caldwell Anthony Caldwell ... Proud Boy (3 episodes)
Danny Belford Danny Belford ... Cult Member (3 episodes)
Tyler Voss Tyler Voss ... Cult Member (3 episodes)
Adam Burnette Adam Burnette ... Cult Member (2 episodes)
Arlene Barshinger Arlene Barshinger ... Election Party House Guest
Mara Junot Mara Junot ... Female News Anchor
Dalia Kaissi Dalia Kaissi ... Waitress
Michael St. Germain Michael St. Germain ... Clown
Leslie Grossman Leslie Grossman ... Meadow Wilton (archive footage)
Chris Guzzi Chris Guzzi ... The Gimp
Rusnico Canonigo Jr. Rusnico Canonigo Jr. ... Noah
Jorga Caye Jorga Caye ... Rally Goer
Jess Allen Jess Allen ... Cracker #1
Doby Daenger Doby Daenger ... Inmate
Chandra Gerson Chandra Gerson ... Brigid Berlin
Brandon Molale Brandon Molale ... 1969 Institution Guard
Kevyn Bashore Kevyn Bashore ... Citizen / Lawyer
Kate Boyer Kate Boyer ... Angel
Suzanne LaChasse Suzanne LaChasse ... Angel
Damion Le Vias Damion Le Vias ... Jonestown Guard
Frank Lui Geo Frank Lui Geo ... Ritualist
Leandro Dottavio Leandro Dottavio ... Kai Supporter
Tom Frank Tom Frank ... Manson
Adam Mendoza Adam Mendoza ... Scooter
Derek Burton Morris Derek Burton Morris ... New Proudboy
Tyler Garrison Tyler Garrison ... Malitia Man
Produced by
Bradley Buecker Bradley Buecker
Lou Eyrich Lou Eyrich
Brad Falchuk Brad Falchuk
John J. Gray John J. Gray
Eryn Krueger Mekash Eryn Krueger Mekash
Crystal Liu Crystal Liu
Alexis Martin Woodall Alexis Martin Woodall
Tim Minear Tim Minear
Ryan Murphy Ryan Murphy
Todd Nenninger Todd Nenninger
Adam Penn Adam Penn
Tanase Popa Tanase Popa
Robert M. Williams Jr. Robert M. Williams Jr.
James Wong James Wong
Karen Romero Karen Romero
Sara Stelwagen Sara Stelwagen
Original Music by
Mac Quayle Mac Quayle
Additional Info
Premiere: September 05, 2017
DVD Release: September 18, 2018
Country: USA
Distributor: Twentieth Century Fox
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Ryan Murphy Productions
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