Dawn Of The Dead > Credits and Details
Directed by
George A. Romero George A. Romero
Written by
George A. Romero George A. Romero
David Emge David Emge ... Stephen
Ken Foree Ken Foree ... Peter
Scott H. Reiniger Scott H. Reiniger ... Roger
Gaylen Ross Gaylen Ross ... Francine
David Crawford David Crawford ... Dr. Foster
David Early David Early ... Mr. Berman
Richard France Richard France ... Scientist
Howard Smith Howard Smith ... TV Commentator
Daniel Dietrich Daniel Dietrich ... Givens
Fred Baker Fred Baker ... Commander
James A. Baffico James A. Baffico ... Wooley (as Jim Baffico)
Rod Stouffer Rod Stouffer ... Young Officer on Roof
Jese Del Gre Jese Del Gre ... Old Priest
Clayton McKinnon Clayton McKinnon ... Officer in Project Apt.
John Rice John Rice ... Officer in Project Apt.
Ted Bank Ted Bank ... Officer at Police Dock
Randy Kovitz Randy Kovitz ... Officer at Police Dock
Patrick McCloskey Patrick McCloskey ... Officer at Police Dock
Joseph Pilato Joseph Pilato ... Officer at Police Dock (as Joe Pilato)
Pasquale Buba Pasquale Buba ... Motorcycle Raider
Tony Buba Tony Buba ... Motorcycle Raider
Butchie Butchie ... Motorcycle Raider (as 'Butchie')
Dave Hawkins Dave Hawkins ... Motorcycle Raider
Tom Kapusta Tom Kapusta ... Motorcycle Raider
Rudy Ricci Rudy Ricci ... Motorcycle Raider
Tom Savini Tom Savini ... Motorcycle Raider
Marty Schiff Marty Schiff ... Motorcycle Raider
Joe Shelby Joe Shelby ... Motorcycle Raider
Taso N. Stavrakis Taso N. Stavrakis ... Motorcycle Raider (as Taso Stavrakos)
Nick Tallo Nick Tallo ... Motorcycle Raider
Larry Vaira Larry Vaira ... Motorcycle Raider
Sharon Hill Sharon Hill ... Lead Zombie
Pam Chatfield Pam Chatfield ... Lead Zombie
Mike Christopher Mike Christopher ... Lead Zombie
Clayton Hill Clayton Hill ... Lead Zombie
Jay Stover Jay Stover ... Lead Zombie
Joe Abeln Joe Abeln ... Redneck Rifleman That Misses (uncredited)
John Amplas John Amplas ... 2nd Guy on Roof (uncredited)
Liz Augenstein Liz Augenstein ... On Air Girl at WGON-TV (uncredited)
Joey Baffico Joey Baffico ... Zombie Who Sticks Fingernails Into Roger's Wounded Leg (uncredited)
Ben Barenholtz Ben Barenholtz ... Cowboy Hat Zombie Hit by Sledge (uncredited)
Dave Bartholomew Dave Bartholomew ... Zombie (uncredited)
Greg Besnak Greg Besnak ... Long Brown Haired Fu Manchu Mustachioed Zombie hit by Sledge (uncredited)
Dick Brem Dick Brem ... Short Mustachioed Yellow Collar-Shirted Zombie (uncredited)
Adolph Caesar Adolph Caesar ... Narrator of Theatrical Trailer (voice) (uncredited)
Zilla Clinton Zilla Clinton ... Blonde Biker Chick Riding Motorcycle (uncredited)
The Pagans Motorcycle Club The Pagans Motorcycle Club ... Various Bikers (uncredited)
Mark Cooper Mark Cooper ... Featured 19 Year Old Blonde Long-Haired Zombie shot in Bikers' Battle (uncredited)
John Cosgrove John Cosgrove ... Tall Bearded Zombie Clawing at Mall Door (uncredited)
Susan Cosgrove Susan Cosgrove ... Crosshairs Zombie #3 (uncredited)
Lee Cummings Lee Cummings ... Bathing Suit Zombie (uncredited)
Jim Edmondson Jim Edmondson ... WGON-TV Cameraman (uncredited)
Chet Flippo Chet Flippo ... Cowboy Zombie (uncredited)
J. Clifford Forrest Jr. J. Clifford Forrest Jr. ... Featured Elderly Zombie (uncredited)
Christine Forrest Christine Forrest ... TV Producer / Elf Zombie / Voice of Monroeville Mall Announcer (uncredited)
Cliff Forrest Cliff Forrest ... Tony, Man at WGON - TV ('You all right?') (uncredited)
Ingeborg Forrest Ingeborg Forrest ... Mall Zombie Wearing Blue Nightgown (uncredited)
Nancy Friedman Nancy Friedman ... Bandana Girl Zombie (uncredited)
Roy Frumkes Roy Frumkes ... 1st Pie-In-Face Zombie (uncredited)
Ron Gibson Ron Gibson ... Landlord Zombie in Tenement Cellar (uncredited)
Michael Gornick Michael Gornick ... Voice of News Reporter on Radio (uncredited)
Barry Gress Barry Gress ... Parking Lot Zombie Knocking Sign Over (uncredited)
John Harrison John Harrison ... Screwdriver Zombie (uncredited)
Gary Hartman Gary Hartman ... Blonde Biker (wearing olive green jacket & black helmet) (uncredited)
George Heake George Heake ... Biker with Long Hair (uncredited)
Chuck Hoffman Chuck Hoffman ... Bearded Zombie Outside Gun Store (uncredited)
Michael James Michael James ... Bald Zombie in Bikers' Battle (uncredited)
Jeannie Jefferies Jeannie Jefferies ... Blonde Zombie Who Attacks Roger in Truck (uncredited)
Susan Kilmartin Susan Kilmartin ... Yellow-Green Striped Shirt Zombie (uncredited)
Vic Kleinman Vic Kleinman ... Charlie Parker - WGON-TV Typist who hands out notes to Francine (Francine's Ex-Husband) (uncredited)
Katherine Kolbert Katherine Kolbert ... Brunette Biker Chick Throwing Pies and Cakes (uncredited)
Walt Kravo Walt Kravo ... Bearded Zombie Who Bites Moonbaby's Neck (uncredited)
Jim Krut Jim Krut ... Helicopter Zombie (uncredited)
Tommy Lafitte Tommy Lafitte ... Miguel, The Zombie (uncredited)
Ralph Langer Ralph Langer ... Green Collared-Shirted Zombie in Ice Skating Rink (uncredited)
Robert Langer Robert Langer ... Mustachioed Plaid-Shirted Zombie eating Bikers' flesh (uncredited)
Maxine Lapiduss Maxine Lapiduss ... Redhead Zombie Outside J.C. Penny (uncredited)
Ellen Lauren Ellen Lauren ... Mall Rooftop Zombie (uncredited)
Ed Letteri Ed Letteri ... Long-Haired Man by Door at WGON-TV (uncredited)
Lenny Lies Lenny Lies ... Machete Zombie (uncredited)
Michael Lies Michael Lies ... WGON-TV Sideburns Man Wearing Vest (uncredited)
Barbara Lifsher Barbara Lifsher ... Mary 'Chickie' / Blonde Biker Chick Driving Van (uncredited)
Frank Mamone Frank Mamone ... Biker (uncredited)
Nicholas Mastandrea Nicholas Mastandrea ... Mall Zombie Outside Gun Store (uncredited)
Molly McCloskey Molly McCloskey ... Lovely Woman at WGON - TV ('My turn for the coat.') (uncredited)
Doug Mertz Doug Mertz ... Preppie Zombie - 2nd Pie-In Face (uncredited)
Robert V. Michelucci Robert V. Michelucci ... Bearded Scope Zombie / Zombie Who Attacks Mousey (uncredited)
Bob Miller Bob Miller ... Funeral Zombie Wearing Three-Piece Suit (uncredited)
Ken Nagin Ken Nagin ... Pendant Headband Biker - with Axe (uncredited)
Jack Pappalardo Jack Pappalardo ... Lead Zombie - Bach's Arco Pitcairn Pitcher (uncredited)
Jeff Paul Jeff Paul ... Biker Who Shoots Flyboy (uncredited)
John Paul John Paul ... Bald Zombie - Airport Chart House (uncredited)
Donald Pollock Donald Pollock ... Zombie in Parking Lot (uncredited)
Sukey Raphael Sukey Raphael ... Red Poncho Zombie - 3rd Pie-In Face (uncredited)
E. Butler Richards E. Butler Richards ... Zombie (uncredited)
Russell L. Richards Russell L. Richards ... Zombie (uncredited)
Lenny Roman Lenny Roman ... White Headband Biker riding Harley Motorcycle (uncredited)
George A. Romero George A. Romero ... TV Director / Nick - Biker in Santa Claus Suit (uncredited)
Donald Rubinstein Donald Rubinstein ... Roger's Zombie Attacker in Parking Lot (uncredited)
Donna Savini Donna Savini ... Zombie Girl in Airport Chart House (uncredited)
Mike Savini Mike Savini ... Zombie Boy in Airport Chart House (uncredited)
Frank A. Serrao Frank A. Serrao ... Fat Grey-Suited Zombie (uncredited)
Gina Sestak Gina Sestak ... Longhaired Glasses Zombie Entering Our Heroes' Mall Hideout (uncredited)
Warner Shook Warner Shook ... Security Guard Zombie Who Attacks Stephen in Mall Basement (uncredited)
Donna Siegel Donna Siegel ... Beautiful Dark Haired Light Brown Bloused Woman heading out door at WGON-TV (uncredited)
Stephen M. Silverman Stephen M. Silverman ... Zombie (uncredited)
Ralph Tallo Ralph Tallo ... Stephen's Grey Suited Airport Zombie Attacker (hit by sledgehammer) (uncredited)
Milt Thompson Milt Thompson ... Checkered Shirted Zombie who attacks Stephen in Elevator (3rd Elevator Zombie Attacker) (uncredited)
Jeanette Lansel Vaira Jeanette Lansel Vaira ... Biker Chick (uncredited)
Bobbi Van Eman Bobbi Van Eman ... Beautiful Curly Haired Female WGON-TV Technician Behind TV Station Employee (uncredited)
Sara Venable Sara Venable ... Leotard Zombie Hit by Sledge (uncredited)
Vincent Vok Vincent Vok ... WGON - TV Station Employee (uncredited)
Billie Walters Billie Walters ... Biker Chick (wearing brown headband) (uncredited)
Vickie Walters Vickie Walters ... Biker Chick (uncredited)
Robert Williams Robert Williams ... Soldier in Apartment Project (uncredited)
Laura Ziemba Laura Ziemba ... Ice Skating Rink Zombie (uncredited)
Produced by
Claudio Argento Claudio Argento
Alfredo Cuomo Alfredo Cuomo
Richard P. Rubinstein Richard P. Rubinstein
Donna Siegel Donna Siegel
Original Music by
Dario Argento Dario Argento
Goblin Goblin
Agostino Marangolo Agostino Marangolo
Massimo Morante Massimo Morante
Fabio Pignatelli Fabio Pignatelli
Claudio Simonetti Claudio Simonetti
Additional Info
Premiere: September 02, 1978
Theatrical Release: May 24, 1979
DVD Release: October 31, 1997
Blu-ray Release: October 02, 2007
Countries: USA Italy
Distributor: Anchor Bay
Websites: IMDb Wikipedia
Alternate Titles
> Dawn Of The Living Dead
> George A. Romero's Dawn Of The Dead
> Zombi
> Zombie: Dawn Of The Dead
> Zombies
Production Companies
Dawn Associates
Laurel Group
United Film Distribution Company (UFDC)
  (1979) (USA) (theatrical)
Thorn EMI Video
  (1983) (USA) (VHS)
Republic Pictures Home Video
  (1993) (USA) (video) (laserdisc)
Elite Entertainment
  (1996) (USA) (video) (laserdisc)
Anchor Bay Entertainment
  (1997) (USA) (DVD)
Anchor Bay Entertainment
  (1997) (USA) (VHS)
Anchor Bay Entertainment
  (1999) (USA) (DVD)
Anchor Bay Entertainment
  (1999) (USA) (VHS)
Anchor Bay Entertainment
  (2004) (USA) (DVD)
MKR Group
  (1982) (USA) (theatrical) (re-release)
Anchor Bay Entertainment
  (2010) (USA) (Blu-ray) (DVD)
Films sans Frontières
  (2006) (World-wide) (all media)
Home Box Office Home Video (HBO)
  (1989) (USA) (VHS)
Image Entertainment
  (1989) (USA) (video) (laserdisc)
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