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Directed by
George A. Romero George A. Romero
Written by
George A. Romero George A. Romero
Lori Cardille Lori Cardille ... Sarah
Terry Alexander Terry Alexander ... John
Joseph Pilato Joseph Pilato ... Rhodes (as Joe Pilato)
Jarlath Conroy Jarlath Conroy ... McDermott
Anthony Dileo Jr. Anthony Dileo Jr. ... Miguel (as Antonč DiLeo)
Richard Liberty Richard Liberty ... Logan
Sherman Howard Sherman Howard ... Bub (as Howard Sherman)
Gary Howard Klar Gary Howard Klar ... Steel (as G. Howard Klar)
Ralph Marrero Ralph Marrero ... Rickles
John Amplas John Amplas ... Fisher
Phillip G. Kellams Phillip G. Kellams ... Miller
Taso N. Stavrakis Taso N. Stavrakis ... Torrez
Greg Nicotero Greg Nicotero ... Johnson (as Gregory Nicotero)
Don Brockett Don Brockett ... Featured Zombie
William Cameron William Cameron ... Featured Zombie
Deborah Carter Deborah Carter ... Featured Zombie
Winnie Flynn Winnie Flynn ... Featured Zombie
Debra Gordon Debra Gordon ... Featured Zombie
Jeff Hogan Jeff Hogan ... Featured Zombie
Barbara Holmes Barbara Holmes ... Featured Zombie
David Kindlon David Kindlon ... Featured Zombie
Bruce Kirkpatrick Bruce Kirkpatrick ... Featured Zombie
'Wild Bill' Laczko 'Wild Bill' Laczko ... Featured Zombie (as William Andrew Laczko)
Susan Martinelli Susan Martinelli ... Featured Zombie
Kim Maxwell Kim Maxwell ... Featured Zombie
Barbara Russell Barbara Russell ... Featured Zombie
Gene A. Saraceni Gene A. Saraceni ... Featured Zombie
John D. Schwartz John D. Schwartz ... Featured Zombie (as John Schwartz)
Mark Tierno Mark Tierno ... Featured Zombie
Mike Trcic Mike Trcic ... Featured Zombie (as Michael Trcic)
John Vulich John Vulich ... Featured Zombie
Terry Adams Terry Adams ... Mine Zombie Chasing Steel (uncredited)
Al Anderson Al Anderson ... Mine Zombie Chasing Steel (uncredited)
Tom Ardolino Tom Ardolino ... Mine Zombie Chasing Steel (uncredited)
Vini Bancalari Vini Bancalari ... Zombie Feasting on Fisher's Dead Body (uncredited)
David Barckhoff David Barckhoff ... Zombie (uncredited)
Gabriel Bartalos Gabriel Bartalos ... Camouflage Hat Zombie (uncredited)
Matt Bartlett Matt Bartlett ... Zombie in Steel's Death Scene (uncredited)
Wayne Bartley Wayne Bartley ... 2nd Soldier Zombie (uncredited)
Howard Berger Howard Berger ... Spinaround Cave Zombie Shot by John (uncredited)
Jim Blazer Jim Blazer ... Chorus (voice) (uncredited)
J.R. Bookwalter J.R. Bookwalter ... Zombie (uncredited)
Tom Brown Tom Brown ... Chef Zombie (uncredited)
Geoff Burkman Geoff Burkman ... Dirty Pink Collared Shirted Zombie / Umpire Masked Zombie Eating Flesh (uncredited)
Everett Burrell Everett Burrell ... Surgeon Zombie in Cave (uncredited)
Mary Caputo Mary Caputo ... Flower Hat Zombie (uncredited)
Bill Cardille Bill Cardille ... Elevator Zombie (uncredited)
Glenn Charbonneau Glenn Charbonneau ... Elevator Zombie (uncredited)
Delilah Delilah ... The 2nd Balladeer (voice) (uncredited)
George Demick George Demick ... Zombie who rips Rhodes' legs apart (uncredited)
Mark Dodson Mark Dodson ... Zombies (voice) (uncredited)
Enid Earle Enid Earle ... Church Hat Lady Zombie who attacks Miguel (uncredited)
Billy Elmer Billy Elmer ... Zombie (uncredited)
Donald Farmer Donald Farmer ... Underground Zombie (uncredited)
Paul Gagne Paul Gagne ... Rickles' Bearded Zombie Attacker (uncredited)
David Granati David Granati ... Rhodes' Zombie Attacker (uncredited)
Hermie Granati Hermie Granati ... Rhodes' Zombie Attacker (uncredited)
Joey Granati Joey Granati ... Rhodes' Zombie Attacker (uncredited)
Rick Granati Rick Granati ... Rhodes' Zombie Attacker (uncredited)
Bryan Gregory Bryan Gregory ... Cameo (uncredited)
Barry Gress Barry Gress ... Major Cooper's Corpse (uncredited)
Peter Iasillo Jr. Peter Iasillo Jr. ... Elevator zombie (Tip O'Neil zombie) (uncredited)
Gary Jones Gary Jones ... Zombie with Yellow Apron (uncredited)
Daniel Krell Daniel Krell ... Zombie (uncredited)
Ed Lammi Ed Lammi ... Zombie with Cast Arm (uncredited)
Ralph Langer Ralph Langer ... Zombie (uncredited)
Annie Loeffler Annie Loeffler ... Female Cave Zombie Shot by John (uncredited)
Pat Logan Pat Logan ... Bald Mustachioed Zombie Shot by Steel in Mines (uncredited)
Bill Love Bill Love ... Portly Bearded Denim Shirted Zombie Walking Out of First National Bank with Alligator (uncredited)
Kathy Love Kathy Love ... White Shirted Female Zombie in deserted city (uncredited)
Al Magliochetti Al Magliochetti ... Bathrobe Zombie / Sunglasses Zombie (uncredited)
Modern Man Modern Man ... Chorus (voice) (uncredited)
Robert Martin Robert Martin ... Zombie (uncredited)
Akram Midani Akram Midani ... Fisherman Zombie in Mines (uncredited)
Watfa Midani Watfa Midani ... Mine Zombie Next to Fisherman Zombie (uncredited)
Jeff Monahan Jeff Monahan ... Featured Zombie (who pulls Steel's hat off) (uncredited)
NRBQ NRBQ ... Mine Zombies Chasing Steel (uncredited)
Jim O'Rear Jim O'Rear ... Attacking Zombie (uncredited)
Talmadge Pearsall Talmadge Pearsall ... Chorus (voice) (uncredited)
Michael 'D.O.C.' Porter Michael 'D.O.C.' Porter ... Pompadour Hairstyled Zombie in Steel's Death Scene (uncredited)
James Rogal James Rogal ... Sarah's Zombie Attacker in Dream: Hand Only (uncredited)
George A. Romero George A. Romero ... Zombie with Scarf (uncredited)
Joey Spampinato Joey Spampinato ... Mine Zombie Chasing Steel (uncredited)
Sputzy Sparacino Sputzy Sparacino ... The Balladeer (voice) (uncredited)
Mark Steensland Mark Steensland ... Rickles' Zombie Attacker (uncredited)
Eileen Sieff Stroup Eileen Sieff Stroup ... Short Haired Female Plaid Shirted Zombie eating flesh in lab (uncredited)
Vincent D. Survinski Vincent D. Survinski ... Elevator Zombie (uncredited)
Michael J. Tomaso Michael J. Tomaso ... Zombie-Football Player - Florida (uncredited)
Roy Wetzel Roy Wetzel ... Rhodes' Zombie Attacker (uncredited)
Produced by
David Ball David Ball
Salah M. Hassanein Salah M. Hassanein
Ed Lammi Ed Lammi
Richard P. Rubinstein Richard P. Rubinstein
Original Music by
John Harrison John Harrison
Additional Info
Premiere: July 03, 1985
Theatrical Release: July 19, 1985
DVD Release: November 24, 1998
Blu-ray Release: October 02, 2007
Country: USA
Distributor: Scream Factory
Websites: IMDb Wikipedia
Production Companies
United Film Distribution Company (UFDC) (presents)
Laurel Entertainment Inc. (as A Laurel. Production)
Dead Films Inc.
Laurel-Day Inc.
United Film Distribution Company (UFDC)
  (1985) (USA) (theatrical)
Anchor Bay Entertainment
  (2003) (USA) (DVD) (special edition)
Anchor Bay Entertainment
  (2007) (USA) (Blu-ray) (DVD)
Anchor Bay Entertainment
  (USA) (VHS)
Image Entertainment
  (1986) (USA) (video) (laserdisc)
Media Home Entertainment
  (1986) (USA) (VHS)
Shout! Factory
  (2013) (USA) (Blu-ray) (DVD) (collector's edition)
Video Treasures
  (1988) (USA) (VHS)
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