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Directed by
Jeff Fowler Jeff Fowler
Written by
Pat Casey Pat Casey
Josh Miller Josh Miller
John Whittington John Whittington
James Marsden James Marsden ... Tom Wachowski
Jim Carrey Jim Carrey ... Dr. Robotnik
Ben Schwartz Ben Schwartz ... Sonic (voice)
Tika Sumpter Tika Sumpter ... Maddie Wachowski
Idris Elba Idris Elba ... Knuckles (voice)
Natasha Rothwell Natasha Rothwell ... Rachel
Adam Pally Adam Pally ... Wade
Shemar Moore Shemar Moore ... Randall
Lee Majdoub Lee Majdoub ... Agent Stone
Colleen O'Shaughnessey Colleen O'Shaughnessey ... Tails (voice)
Melody Nosipho Niemann Melody Nosipho Niemann ... Jojo (as Melody Niemann)
Tom Butler Tom Butler ... Commander Walters
Brad Kalilimoku Brad Kalilimoku ... Drench
Krista Alvarez Krista Alvarez ... Faucet
Donna Jay Fulks Donna Jay Fulks ... Longclaw (voice)
Scott Patey Scott Patey ... Armored Truck Security Guard
Leif Havdale Leif Havdale ... Bank Robber
Johnson Phan Johnson Phan ... Bank Robber
Colby Chartrand Colby Chartrand ... Bank Robber
Kevin Fortin Kevin Fortin ... Bank Robber
Jeff Sanca Jeff Sanca ... Armored Truck Driver
Sook Hexamer Sook Hexamer ... Elderly Woman
Maria Ameerali Maria Ameerali ... Shopper
Kyle Riefsnyder Kyle Riefsnyder ... Camper
Parker Rowell-Laferriere Parker Rowell-Laferriere ... Ice Cream Child
Tammy Nera Tammy Nera ... Pedestrian
Gerald Paetz Gerald Paetz ... Police Driver
Corry Glass Corry Glass ... Police Driver
David Jacox David Jacox ... Police Driver (as David Jacox Jr.)
Mike Mitchell Mike Mitchell ... Police Driver
Heath Stevenson Heath Stevenson ... Police Driver
Doug Chapman Doug Chapman ... Police Driver
Rhys Williams Rhys Williams ... Scavenger
Nilo Ghajar Nilo Ghajar ... Scavenger
Don Lew Don Lew ... Scavenger
Elizabeth Bowen Elizabeth Bowen ... Tatiana
Vladimir Ruzich Vladimir Ruzich ... Russian Giant Bully
Shay Kuebler Shay Kuebler ... Russian Dancer
Keiran Bohay Keiran Bohay ... Russian Dancer
Kevin Mylrea Kevin Mylrea ... Russian Dancer
Jared Khalifa Jared Khalifa ... Russian Dancer
Aiden Cass Aiden Cass ... Russian Dancer
Andrew Kyrzyk Andrew Kyrzyk ... Russian Dancer
Stanislav Galimkhanov Stanislav Galimkhanov ... Russian Dancer
Alex Bogomolov Alex Bogomolov ... Tavern Menacing Card Player
Shaun Magee Shaun Magee ... Tavern Menacing Card Player
Shawn Stewart Shawn Stewart ... Tavern Menacing Card Player
Barry Nerling Barry Nerling ... Tavern Tattooed Knuckle Cracker
Simon Chin Simon Chin ... Tavern Fish Butcher
Vladimir Raiman Vladimir Raiman ... Tavern Bartender
Yvetta Fisher Yvetta Fisher ... Tavern Knitting Woman
Adrian Hein Adrian Hein ... Tack
Jess Lundgren Jess Lundgren ... Wisco
Steve Chang Steve Chang ... Grommet
Ted Barba Ted Barba ... Priest
Brennan Dyson Brennan Dyson ... Randall's Brother
Saida Dyson Saida Dyson ... Bridesmaid
Katie Wright Pere Katie Wright Pere ... Bridesmaid (as Katie Pere)
Ha'a Keaulana Ha'a Keaulana ... Bridesmaid
Quinn Early Quinn Early ... Rachel's Father
Cheryl Lewis Cheryl Lewis ... Rachel's Mother
Angela Meryl Angela Meryl ... Rachel's Aunt
Ashlei Tave Ashlei Tave ... Rachel's Cousin
Mariah Dyson Mariah Dyson ... Randall's Family
Tavita Woodard Tavita Woodard ... Randall's Family
Ernie Jackson Ernie Jackson ... G.U.N. Soldier (as Ernest Jackson)
Rob 'Sluggo' Boyce Rob 'Sluggo' Boyce ... G.U.N. Soldier (as Rob Boyce)
Robert Zen Humpage Robert Zen Humpage ... G.U.N. Soldier (as Zen Humpage)
Fraser Corbett Fraser Corbett ... G.U.N. Soldier
Marcus Aurelio Marcus Aurelio ... G.U.N. Soldier
Jason Triplett Jason Triplett ... G.U.N. Agent
Eli Olson Eli Olson ... G.U.N. Agent
Mike Rufino Mike Rufino ... G.U.N. Agent (as Michael Rufino)
Nito Larioza Nito Larioza ... G.U.N. Agent
Chad Keaulana Chad Keaulana ... G.U.N. Agent
Sarah Surh Sarah Surh ... G.U.N. Mean Bean Agent
Paul Lazenby Paul Lazenby ... Mean Bean Trucker
Uncredited Cast
Peter Brown Peter Brown ... Grocery Shopper
Nicholas Dohy Nicholas Dohy ... Seattle Passerby
Leighton Hara Leighton Hara ... Hotel Guest
Joel Hyrland Joel Hyrland ... Guard
Russell Lee Russell Lee ... Tails Proxy Dancer
Zac Vran Zac Vran ... Sonic Proxy Dancer
Produced by
Toby Ascher Toby Ascher
Allegra Clegg Allegra Clegg
Dmitri M. Johnson Dmitri M. Johnson
Tim Miller Tim Miller
Nan Morales Nan Morales
Neal H. Moritz Neal H. Moritz
Toru Nakahara Toru Nakahara
Hitoshi Okuno Hitoshi Okuno
Haruki Satomi Haruki Satomi
Yukio Sugino Yukio Sugino
Shuji Utsumi Shuji Utsumi
Sammy Warshaw Sammy Warshaw
Aaron Webber Aaron Webber
Original Music by
Junkie XL Junkie XL
Additional Info
Premiere: March 30, 2022
Theatrical Release: April 08, 2022
DVD Release: August 09, 2022
Blu-ray Release: August 09, 2022
Countries: USA Japan
Distributor: Paramount Studios
Websites: Official Site IMDb Wikipedia Facebook Twitter
Production Companies
Paramount Pictures
Sega Sammy Group
Original Film
Blur Studio
Marza Animation Planet
Paramount Pictures
  (2022) (USA) (theatrical)
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