The Secret World Of Alex Mack: Season 3 > Credits and Details
The Other Side: Part 1 October 05, 1996
The Other Side: Part 2 October 08, 1996
Working October 10, 1996
Operation: Breakout October 15, 1996
The Neighbor October 17, 1996
Images October 22, 1996
Big Ray October 24, 1996
New World Order October 29, 1996
Bubbling Over October 29, 1996
Muckracker November 07, 1996
Bad Girl November 12, 1996
The Understudy November 14, 1996
Mystery Man November 19, 1996
Chemistry November 21, 1996
A Room of Her Own November 26, 1996
Spivey November 28, 1996
Woman of the Year December 05, 1996
Twelve and a Half December 10, 1996
The Test December 26, 1996
The Creeper January 02, 1997
Triangle February 18, 1997
Friends Like That February 20, 1997
BMX February 25, 1997
Nightmare in Paradise February 27, 1997
Cheers March 04, 1997
Directed by
Jeff Blyth Jeff Blyth
Paul Hoen Paul Hoen
David Straiton David Straiton
Sean McNamara Sean McNamara
Allison Liddi-Brown Allison Liddi-Brown
Lizzie Borden Lizzie Borden
Dianah Wynter Dianah Wynter
Matt Dearborn Matt Dearborn
Pat Williams Pat Williams
Shawn Levy Shawn Levy
Written by
Tommy Lynch Tommy Lynch
Ken Lipman Ken Lipman
Mindy Schneider Mindy Schneider
Burk Sauls Burk Sauls
Bernie Ancheta Bernie Ancheta
Matt Dearborn Matt Dearborn
Danielle Gantner Danielle Gantner
Neil Landau Neil Landau
John Truby John Truby
Tim Ryan Tim Ryan
Jill Poll Jill Poll
Kati Rocky Kati Rocky
Vance DeGeneres Vance DeGeneres
Jennifer Wharton Jennifer Wharton
Magda Liolis Magda Liolis
Larisa Oleynik Larisa Oleynik ... Alex Mack (25 episodes)
Darris Love Darris Love ... Ray Alvarado (25 episodes)
Meredith Bishop Meredith Bishop ... Annie Mack (25 episodes)
Michael Blakley Michael Blakley ... George Mack (25 episodes)
Dorian Lopinto Dorian Lopinto ... Barbara Mack (25 episodes)
Benjamin Kimball Smith Benjamin Kimball Smith ... Louis Driscoll (19 episodes) (as Benjamin Smith)
Natanya Ross Natanya Ross ... Robyn Russo (15 episodes)
Louan Gideon Louan Gideon ... Danielle Atron (13 episodes)
John Marzilli John Marzilli ... Vince Carter (9 episodes)
Alexis Fields Alexis Fields ... Nicole Wilson (8 episodes)
Hilary Angelo Hilary Angelo ... Kelly Phillips (7 episodes) (as Hilary Salvatore)
Kevin Quigley Kevin Quigley ... Lars Fredrickson (7 episodes)
John Nielsen John Nielsen ... Dave Watt (6 episodes)
Mark Brodie Mark Brodie ... Construction Worker (2 episodes)
Frederick Dawson Frederick Dawson ... Uncle Cliff (2 episodes)
Jason Strickland Jason Strickland ... Scott Greene (2 episodes)
Mary Donnelly Haskell Mary Donnelly Haskell ... Teacher (2 episodes) (as Mary Haskell)
Josh Keaton Josh Keaton ... Bryce (2 episodes) (as Joshua Keaton)
Jim Wise Jim Wise ... Janitor (2 episodes)
Glenn Morshower Glenn Morshower ... Coach Rooney (2 episodes)
Corey Joshua Taylor Corey Joshua Taylor ... Gordon Kramer (2 episodes) (as Joshua Taylor)
Charlotte Ayanna Charlotte Ayanna ... Hannah Mercury (2 episodes) (as Charlotte Lopez)
Mink Stole Mink Stole ... Mrs. Ward (2 episodes)
Ron Melendez Ron Melendez ... Darren (2 episodes)
LaReine Chabut LaReine Chabut ... Gloria (2 episodes)
Peggy Miley Peggy Miley ... Mrs. Hardwick
James Ingersoll James Ingersoll ... 'Creeps' Hanson
Richard Minchenberg Richard Minchenberg ... Mr. Klondike
Alexandra Glazer Alexandra Glazer ... Sara (as Ali Glazer)
Mary Pat Gleason Mary Pat Gleason ... Mrs. French
Terrance Vorwald Terrance Vorwald ... Hinkley
Kyle Sullivan Kyle Sullivan ... Ryan
Grinnell Morris Grinnell Morris ... Professor Armstrong
Damen Fletcher Damen Fletcher ... Danny
Jen Morris Jen Morris ... Lindsay (as Jenny Morris)
Joel Polis Joel Polis ... Mr. Reynolds
Charlotte Rae Charlotte Rae ... Dave's Mother
Hunter Garner Hunter Garner ... Eric Dubowski
Jarrett Lennon Jarrett Lennon ... Buddy
J.D. Hall J.D. Hall ... Mr. Alvarado
Josh Server Josh Server ... Louis Spivey
Susan Krebs Susan Krebs ... Mrs. Nechita
Francesca Marie Smith Francesca Marie Smith ... Jenny (as Francesca Smith)
Jon Matthews Jon Matthews ... Mr. Moore
Hank Harris Hank Harris ... Nathan
Tommy Hinkley Tommy Hinkley ... Mr. Carrington
Adam Frost Adam Frost ... Jake
Peggy Ahn Peggy Ahn ... Grace
Kym Hoy Kym Hoy ... Susie (as Kim Hoy)
Paul Sand Paul Sand ... Charles 'Chappy' Furnell
Jennifer Manley Jennifer Manley ... Jo
Uncredited Cast
Chris Martin Chris Martin ... Jordan (2 episodes)
Ashleigh Prince Ashleigh Prince ... Woman at plant (2 episodes)
Kevin Sexton Kevin Sexton ... Paperboy
Linda D. Johns Linda D. Johns ... Extra
James Chianese James Chianese ... Computer Hacker
Produced by
Matt Dearborn Matt Dearborn
Mark Dziak Mark Dziak
Robert A. Halmi Robert A. Halmi
Greg Hampson Greg Hampson
Ken Lipman Ken Lipman
John Lynch John Lynch
Tommy Lynch Tommy Lynch
Scott Schwartz Scott Schwartz
Gary L. Stephenson Gary L. Stephenson
Douglas Yellin Douglas Yellin
Robert C. Mora Robert C. Mora
Original Music by
Jerry Grant Jerry Grant
Additional Info
Premiere: October 05, 1996
DVD Release: August 01, 2017
Country: USA
Distributor: Sonar Entertainment
Websites: IMDb Wikipedia
Production Companies
Hallmark Entertainment
Lynch Entertainment
Nickelodeon Network
RHI Entertainment
Genius Entertainment
  (2007) (USA) (DVD) (Season 1)
Mill Creek Entertainment
  (2017) (USA) (DVD) (complete series)
  (USA) (TV)
RHI Entertainment
  (USA) (all media)
  (USA) (TV)
  (1994-1998) (USA) (TV)
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