The Ren & Stimpy Show: Season 4 > Credits and Details
Hermit Ren October 01, 1994
House of Next Tuesday/A Friend in Your Face October 08, 1994
Blazing Entrails/Lumber Jerks October 22, 1994
Prehistoric Stimpy/Farm Hands October 29, 1994
Magical Golden Singing Cheeses/Hard Day's Luck November 05, 1994
I Love Chicken/Powdered Toast Man vs. Waffle Woman November 19, 1994
It's a Dog's Life/Egg Yolkeo December 03, 1994
Double Header/The Scotsman in Space January 07, 1995
Pixie King/Aloha Hoek January 14, 1995
Insomaniac Ren/My Shiny Friend January 21, 1995
Cheese Rush Days/Wiener Barons February 11, 1995
Galoot Wranglers/Ren Needs Help March 04, 1995
Superstitious Stimpy/Travelogue April 01, 1995
Directed by
Chris Reccardi Chris Reccardi
Bob Camp Bob Camp
Ron Hughart Ron Hughart
Gregg Vanzo Gregg Vanzo
Bill Wray Bill Wray
Bong Hee Han Bong Hee Han
Mike Kim Mike Kim
Ken Bruce Ken Bruce
Steve Loter Steve Loter
Mark Marren Mark Marren
Craig Bartlett Craig Bartlett
Arthur Filloy Arthur Filloy
Written by
Chris Reccardi Chris Reccardi
Bill Wray Bill Wray
Jim Gomez Jim Gomez
Bob Camp Bob Camp
John Kricfalusi John Kricfalusi
Ron Hauge Ron Hauge
Peter Avanzino Peter Avanzino
Will McRobb Will McRobb
Vince Calandra Vince Calandra
Lynne Naylor Lynne Naylor
Billy West Billy West ... Ren Hek / Stimpy / The Hermit Union Worker / Mummified Bog Man / Bats / Blue-Crested Biddies / The Grey Tufted Old Fogey / The Wily Tree Geezer (13 episodes)
Jack Carter Jack Carter ... Wilbur J. Cobb (6 episodes)
Harris Peet Harris Peet ... Jasper / Kowalski (5 episodes)
Bob Camp Bob Camp ... Penny / Ear of Corn (4 episodes)
Jill Gable Jill Gable ... 1993-1995 (4 episodes)
Alan Young Alan Young ... Haggis MacHaggis (3 episodes)
Stephen DeStefano Stephen DeStefano ... Choo Choo (2 episodes)
Judy Bohannon Judy Bohannon ... Looney (voice)
June Lockhart June Lockhart ... Mrs. Brainchild (voice)
Bill Mumy Bill Mumy ... Dr. Brainchild (voice)
Gail Matthius Gail Matthius ... Waffle Woman / Little Johnny / Nurse (voice)
Gary Owens Gary Owens ... Powdered Toastman (voice)
Dom DeLuise Dom DeLuise ... Big Kahuna / Mama Crab (voice)
Gregory Abbey Gregory Abbey ... Cow (voice) (as Frank Frankson)
Uncredited Cast
Craig Bartlett Craig Bartlett ... Oldman Farmer Hek
Produced by
Jim Ballantine Jim Ballantine
Vanessa Coffey Vanessa Coffey
Bob Camp Bob Camp
David Lipman David Lipman
John Kricfalusi John Kricfalusi
Frank Saperstein Frank Saperstein
Roy Allen Smith Roy Allen Smith
Hal Waite Hal Waite
Hal White Hal White
Additional Info
Premiere: October 01, 1994
DVD Release: February 06, 2018
Country: USA
Distributor: Paramount Studios
Websites: IMDb Wikipedia
Production Companies
Spmc (1991-1993) (seasons 1-2)
Games Animation (1993-1995) (seasons 3-5) (as Games Animations)
Bob Camp Productions (season 3-5) (uncredited)
MTV Animation (1991-1996) (uncredited)
Nickelodeon Animation Studios (1993-1995) (seasons 3-5)
Nickelodeon Network
Nicktoons Productions (1993-1995) (seasons 3-5)
Nickelodeon Network
  (1991-1995) (USA) (TV) (seasons 1-5)
CBS All Access
  (2020) (USA) (video) (VOD)
MTV Networks
  (1991-1996) (USA) (TV)
Music Television (MTV)
  (1991-1996) (USA) (TV)
  (USA) (TV)
Paramount Home Entertainment
  (2004) (USA) (DVD) (seasons 1-2)
Paramount Home Entertainment
  (2005) (USA) (DVD) (season 3 and first half of season 4)
Paramount Home Entertainment
  (2005) (USA) (DVD) (secord half of season 4 and all season 5)
Paramount Television
  (1995) (USA) (all media) (season 5)
  (2021) (USA) (video) (VOD)
Sony Wonder
  (1993-1996) (USA) (VHS)
  (1991-1995) (USA) (all media)
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