Mime (2005)

DVD Cover (Cinephreak Pictures)
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Joe Grace
Joe Grace
Josh Gaboian
Josh Gaboian
Andrew Birnie
Andrew Birnie
Jomar 'Dez' Banks
Jomar 'Dez' Banks
Brian Jones
Brian Jones
Review by Chad
Added: June 24, 2007
Up until about an hour ago, I was under the impression that being a mime was sort of like being a fry attendant at McDonalds in that some people are simply forced to do what they can to make ends meet. Nobody really wants to do that sort of thing, but when you've got bills to pay (or a DVD addiction to feed), you do whatever it takes to put a few dollars in your pocket.

Oh, how wrong I was. You see, mimes suffer mental anguish on a daily basis that we "normal" people couldn't even begin to comprehend. You think getting a phone call in the middle of the night letting you know that your parents are dead is tear-wrenching? You think that finding out that your wife has been cheating on you with the entire football team is heartbreaking? That's nothing compared to what a mime has went through before he even finished applying his makeup this morning, and I'm truly sorry that I never realized this when passing by one on the street.

This brings us to the tortured soul known only by his first name: Binky (Joe Grace). One night, while simply trying to get through the daily pain of existence that is known only to mimes, Binky finds himself the assailant in a mime-on-man murder involving a stabbing, a strangling, and yes, a gunshot to the head. Of course, one of the disadvantages of being a mime is that you can't actually use props to carry out your dirty work, so needless to say, the victim only died in the mime universe. That doesn't stop the deceased from getting himself a high-dollar lawyer and taking Binky to court though, and what follows is about thirty minutes of the same ol' abuse that these poor mimes are forced to endure regularly. Also starring Josh Gaboian as Defense Attorney Jones, Andrew Birnie as Prosecuting Attorney Carter, and Jomar "Dez" Banks as Judge Joseph B. Black.

I realize that my feeble attempts at humor may have been a little too subtle for you fine readers to catch, so I'm going to go ahead and point it out: yes, Mime is a goofy courtroom comedy involving a mime, a horny judge, a crackhead star witness, a glove that doesn't quite fit, and even a clown juror. Although the situations and events are all completely absurd, it's played out in an extremely serious fashion; I couldn't help but think of The Naked Gun while watching this, as that is about as good of a comparison as you're going to get.

So, we now know what we're in for from the film, but does it work as intended? I have to give a wholehearted "hell yes" to that, as this movie had me in stitches from about the ten-minute mark up until the credits. Watching the two lawyers battle it out in an effort to have the jury side with them while the mime does his best to defend himself without resorting to words was priceless, and the visual gags that were used did nothing but enhance that (try to keep count of how many times he drops his hat throughout the film).

You can purchase this DVD for a measly ten bucks from their MySpace page (where you can also watch the trailer), and it comes with my highest recommendations. I enjoyed Jakob Bilinski's work on the action / exploitation film Foxxy Madonna vs. The Black Death, but if Mime is any indication, the guy should stick to comedy: he's a natural at it. 9/10.
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