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Secrets Of A Call Girl (1973)

DVD Cover (NoShame Films)
Crime Drama, Drama
Giuliano Carnimeo Giuliano Carnimeo
Edwige Fenech Edwige Fenech
Corrado Pani Corrado Pani
Richard Conte Richard Conte
John Richardson John Richardson
Laura Bonaparte Laura Bonaparte

6.3 / 10 - Overall Rating

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Review by Tristan
Added: June 30, 2007
Secrets of a Call Girl is a very misleading title. Not only is the main character not a call girl, she really has no secrets. So don't expect this to be a typical Italian sexploitation or even a softcore comedy. It's just simply, an Italian gangster film with a romance twist thrown in for good measure.

Edwige Fenech stars as Anna, a young woman working at the register of a small coffee shop, when in strolls Guido (Corrado Pani), asking for change for the telephone, and a coffee. After catching Anna gazing at him, Guido decides to meet up with her after she gets off work, and thus begins the lust these two characters have for each other throughout the movie.

When Guido is double-crossed on a drug deal by his old boss, his new boss (Richard Conte) decides to lay a beating on him, then holds him responsible for getting the drugs across the border. He decides to use Anna, as the police don't know she is connected to him. Soon afterwards, he needs Anna again to pick up a cheque from one of his customers, and so begins her downward spiral into the crime-riddle gangster underworld.

After learning that she is pregnant, she begins to skim some money off the top of what she's been collecting, in the hopes of saving it up to get away from Guido. When he discovers this, he tries to force her to get an abortion, but he is apprehended by the police first, and sentenced to 6 years in prison. Meanwhile, Anna has moved to Rome where she has had her baby, and 6 years roll by in about 20 seconds of the movie, with no explanation. 6 years means Guido's out of prison, and as you can imagine he's not very pleased with Anna.

One thing I noticed about this film was the really inexcusably awful, choppy editing. Some scenes were actually chopped off mid sentence, and would jump to a completely new area, with different characters altogether. Also, the time line seems to be a little off, as Anna's son suddenly becomes about 5 years old, while every other character looks exactly the same. These two faults aren't enough to deter me, being a fan of this type of cinema, but it does really take you out of the film when you have to make up for lost years, and sort of fill in the blanks yourself.

Edwige Fenech's character had a weird relationship with Corrado Pani's character. Anna and Guido don't really have much of a relationship. They meet and have a "love at first sight" ordeal, or so we're led to believe. But 90% of the time, this just means Guido smacks her around, and degrades her. The way all woman should be treated, right boys?!? High five!

Overall, I felt the movie was a mash up of several different types of film. You have your exploitation, your sexploitation, Italian gangster, a bit of Giallo, and a romance story all rolled in to one. And I have to say, it actually worked out quite well. It held my attention for the 90 or so minutes, and why wouldn't it? Edwige Fenech is absolutely gorgeous,and believe it or not, she can act too. This was a surprise to me, as usually these types of films don't offer much in the acting department. But from what I have gathered, this is a rare occasion for her to do more than just de-robe, so I'll count my blessings.

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