La Moustache (2005)

DVD Cover (Entertainment One)
Emmanuel Carrère Emmanuel Carrère
Vincent Lindon Vincent Lindon
Emmanuelle Devos Emmanuelle Devos
Mathieu Amalric Mathieu Amalric
Hippolyte Girardot Hippolyte Girardot
Cylia Malki Cylia Malki

6.7 / 10 - Overall Rating

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Genres: Drama, Psychological Drama
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Review by ThunderStruck5a
Added: July 08, 2007
This film is French. It won at the 2005 Cannes Film Festival. One of the main characters is a mustache.

Enough said 9/10, minus one only because they're French.

One day Marc Thiriez (Vincent Lindon) asks his wife what she would think if he shaved off his trademark mustache. Her answer is unmemorable but he ends up chopping it off anyway. Marc quickly realizes from visiting his friends, going to work, and getting in his wife's face about the change that NO ONE CARES.

After Marc finds out that this is no trick he's walked into he falls into a downward spiral as he realizes how purposeless his life has been. While this is going on he also has a falling out with his wife Agnes (Emmanuelle Devos) who is constantly telling him that he never had a mustache (at least not for the last 15 years). Eventually he runs away.

The music and the mood set by the movie were both really good, the acting was great, the idea behind the whole thing was genius but a person could twist an ankle in the plot holes if they weren't careful, and this is one of those films where even a small plot hole will mess everything up. A lot like when someone goes back after no one laughs at a joke and says he forgot something.

The film was good but La Moustache was not as Le Brilliant as I was hoping. 7/10.
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