Evolution (2001)

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Connections: Evolution

A fire-fighting cadet, two college professors, and a geeky but sexy government scientist work against an alien organism that has been rapidly evolving since its arrival on Earth inside a meteor. --IMDb
David Duchovny
David Duchovny
Julianne Moore
Julianne Moore
Orlando Jones
Orlando Jones
Seann William Scott
Seann William Scott
Ted Levine
Ted Levine
Review by bluemeanie
Added: July 18, 2007
When people ask me to list my 'guilty pleasures', I almost always mentioned titles like "Congo", "Cliffhanger", "Demolition Man" and "Leonard Part 6" -- I have true affinity for all of them. One title that rarely gets mentioned, but is equally a pleasure, is Ivan Reitman's 2001 science fiction comedy "Evolution". The film bombed at the box office and had most critics and audiences scratching their heads, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. I remember going to see it at a midnight premiere and laughing my ass off the entire time, along with the rest of the audience.

The film tells the story of the small Arizona town of Glen Canyon. A meteorite crashes down near the local community college and bizarre things start to happen. Professor Ira Kane (David Duchovny) and Professor Harry Block (Orlando Jones) are the first to investigate. They sooner discover that inside the meteorite are alien organisms that evolve and duplicate at alarming rates. Julianne Moore stars as Dr. Allison Reed, who comes in with the government to take over the crash site, led by Nazi General Woodman (Ted Levine). Seann William Scott co-stars as a wannabe fireman, and Dan Aykroyd as the governor of the great state of Arizona. The four must team together to stop the alien menace before they take over Arizona, and then the world.

What works here, primarily, is the chemistry between the actors. I am sorry, but David Duchovny is just funny. Everything from his pitch perfect line delivery to those expressions he can get on his face at the most bizarre times. He and Orlando Jones compliment one another quite nicely and they make one hell of a funny duo. Throw Julianne Moore into the mix, who actually doesn't fare too poorly with comedy, and it's a real treat. Even Dan Aykroyd gets the chance to be funny, and Ted Levine is wonderful as the asshole general. My favorite scenes in the film include the showdown at the local mall, and the ending with the Head & Shoulders spoof.

I guess most people had a problem with how over-the-top and corny the film was, but I think Ivan Reitman was just having fun paying homage to all those old B-movies he grew up watching as a kid. I thought "Evolution" was two hours of non-stop fun. The special effects are sometimes impressive for 2001, but then sometimes seem like they were short changed a little, but it's not distracting. Sarah Silverman pops up in a very funny cameo in the film as Duchovny's former love interest and the DVD features an alternate ending which is hysterical. If you haven't seen this one (and you probably haven't) -- give it a try. It makes me laugh. 8/10.
Tristan #1: Tristan - added 07/19/2007, 02:07 AM
I loved this movie. Sure, it had it's cliched teen comedy bits, but it was still a lot of fun.
"Who, the fuzzy no nosed chimp?"
Vash #2: Vash - added 08/20/2007, 03:09 AM
"let's shampoo us some aliens" is a line that gets quoted between me and my brother surprisingly often.
"can i get some ice cream?"
"sure, what flavour?"
"it doesn't matter. it's for my ass."
Crispy #3: Crispy - added 10/17/2007, 05:39 AM
Forgot how much I loved this movie. "I think we've established that kicaw kicaw tookie tookie doesn't work."
Griffinheart #4: Griffinheart - added 10/17/2007, 04:41 PM
I got some enjoyment out of this one, but I'll probably flip to a different channel if it comes on. The two parts that never sat well with me were that fire = magic growth and the line "It looks like a giant loogie!" When I heard that said on a commercial, I lost faith in the movie. Still, I'd give the movie a 7/10 just for the line "She's an ice queen in good need of a humping."
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