Forever (2006)

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Paul Del Vecchio Paul Del Vecchio
Brian Brady Brian Brady
Ginny Carter Ginny Carter
Veronique Chalarca Veronique Chalarca
Sarah Coviello Sarah Coviello
Paul Del Vecchio Paul Del Vecchio

5.4 / 10 - Overall Rating

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Genres: Horror, Psychological Thriller, Slasher Film
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Review by Tristan
Added: July 28, 2007
Tonight's film begins with a terrified woman searching her house; a knife in one hand, a phone in the other. Must have been one hell of a call. We see the typical slasher format, and just when you think everything is safe, there's a woman with a pickaxe to ruin your kitchen table. As the woman runs out of her house she is flanked by Mrs. Pickaxe, and knocked to the ground. As she's about to be done in, a man comes out of nowhere, and shoots the woman with the pickaxe; and roll opening credits.

The movie then jumps back to two months prior, and we meet Alyssa and Michael. Michael is working on securing his legacy. He is trying to find that "next new" technology that will put him in the history books. Unfortunately, he's not getting any bright ideas too quickly, and his bosses are breathing down his neck. His only saving grace is the family name, which is giving him a bit of slack. He's also just moved into his father's old house, which, while big and beautiful, needs a lot of work. Alyssa is, I'm assuming his real estate agent, as it was a bit unclear. She is the traditional hot chick, who invites him out to the office party you know he should go to. While receiving a "motivating" phone call from the men upstairs, Michael notices a man wandering around his property. The stranger says he can provide Michael the legacy he desires, and gives him a collar, saying if he chooses to, he must wear it when he sleeps. Long story short, he puts the collar one when he sleeps. After awaking from some very intense and frightening dreams, he finds that he ears and nose are bleeding. However, he has somehow seen what he needs to do to make a name for himself, and is keeping it so secret, he won't write it in his own journal.

As Michael keeps using the collar, his dreams become more disturbing and violent. In some, there is another family living in his house, and when he asks what happened to the previous owners, the owner (Del Vecchio) tells him he's dead, and everybody knows the story. Curious as to what happens, and becoming even more desperate, Michael tries to get to the bottom of this, only to have a dream in which he witnesses himself wearing the collar and killing a girl. When he sees that Alyssa is next, he creates a distraction, and ends up killing himself in the dream. It seems like his aspirations for creating a new technology might not be what gets him remembered.

Not a bad little film for being written in such short time, and with a very limited budget. The ending was a little abrupt I found, but I guess it saved the movie from dragging on an additional 20 minutes. This movie wasn't your typical slasher at all, as I had first thought it would be. It relied heavily on psychological terror, which made horror films of the 70's so popular. As with any independent film, there were the usual continuity errors and acting flaws, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. I'm sure my endorsement doesn't amount to much however, as the film has won several awards already. I'm not sure how you can get your hands on it, but if you somehow get a chance, I recommend giving it a shot. I could think of worse ways to spend 70 minutes.

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