Buttcrack (1998)

DVD Cover (Troma Entertainment)
Genres: Horror, Horror Comedy, Zombie Film
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Jim Larsen Jim Larsen
Doug Ciskowski Doug Ciskowski
Caleb Kreischer Caleb Kreischer
Rob Hayward Rob Hayward
Kathy Wittes Kathy Wittes
Laurent Minassian Laurent Minassian

3.5 / 10 - Overall Rating

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Review by Christopher
Added: March 05, 2004
Brian never came to the conclusion that Wade must be killed. Wade was taking a bath while listening to radio, very loudly. Brian came in to turn it off and it slipped out of his hands, falling into the bathtub and electrocuting Wade to death. After dying, his sister puts a curse on his brother. When someone says "buttcrack" twelve times in one sentence, he will awake from the dead. Annie ends up doing so, bringing Wade back from the dead. As he wants to continue resting, his sister informs him that he must kill Brian if he wants to return to the grave. When other folks catch a glimpse of his buttcrack, they turn into zombies. These zombies attack Brian, trying to kill him so that Wade can't return to his grave.

As expecting, the acting was terrible. A little of that blame can be tagged to the script. Mojo Nixon had the only decent acting talent of the bunch, and his character as a preacher got annoying very quickly. There's a lot of good phrases through out the movie, which is one of the few things that kept me watching. Special effects had it's ups and down. All the gun shots sounded like they were coming from a cap gun. When trying to pull that off for a shotgun blast, it just doesn't work out to well. And when Preacher Man Bob shoots people, the cap gun goes off, and the victim falls to the ground. No hole, blood, anything.

Near the end, when people are turning into zombies, there's one decent gore scene. Brian's friend, Ken, his entire mouth area explodes, ripping off his lips and cheeks, blood gushing out. It hardly lasts ten seconds, but still nice. The movie isn't much more than an hour long, which betters the watching experience.

Final Conclusion: 6/10
Chad #1: Chad - added 10/07/2007, 07:35 AM
A cinematic masterpiece, and I have to disagree with the review - Mojo Nixon was great and never once got annoying. 7/10.
Ginose #2: Ginose - added 12/01/2009, 11:17 PM
Mojo Nixon is fucking awesome. 6.7/10
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