House On Hooter Hill (2007)

DVD Cover (Secret Key Motion Pictures)
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A house haunted by the sensual spirit of its drop-dead gorgeous, recently deceased owner becomes the setting for paranormal activity and ultra-erotic sensations that are out of this world. Young, philandering married couple Sue and Ryan, three busty babes, and a voluptuous psychic who senses danger arrive at the secluded house for a reading of the horny homeowner's videotaped will. --IMDb
Glori-Anne Gilbert
Glori-Anne Gilbert
Kris Slater
Kris Slater
Taylor Wayne
Taylor Wayne
Danny Pape
Danny Pape
Barbie Bennett
Barbie Bennett
Review by Chad
Added: August 07, 2007
When making a softcore film, filmmakers typically go into the project with one of two mindsets: some go in with the goal of making a movie that is actually entertaining in a non-erotic way that also happens to feature lots of nudity and sex scenes (see SpiderBabe or Lord of the G-Strings for reference), while others go in with the goal of shoving as much nudity and sex scenes into the running time as humanly possible with little regard to such silly things as storyline. There's a market for both types of films, of course, but I have to admit that I prefer the former over Mr. Wynorski's style of movie-making, that being the type of film that is House on Hooter Hill.

Going into this film, I was hoping for another one of Seduction Cinema's excellent erotic spoofs, something along the lines of the previously mentioned movies. A classic like House on Haunted Hill was ripe for the picking when it comes to parodies (technically, the remake didn't count), Alexia Moore "busts" out of the DVD cover which promises a good time for all of the male viewers, and hey - Taylor Wane is even involved with it! It couldn't be too bad, right?

Well, that's not exactly the case. First of all, this is not a parody of House on Haunted Hill in any way with the obvious exception of the title; in fact, the only supernatural aspect of the entire movie is a woman who claims to be psychic. The next major disappointment was the lack of Ms. Moore in the running time. Yes, even though she's the cover girl for the DVD, she doesn't even make so much as a cameo appearance. Finally, there's Taylor Wane who actually does appear in the movie, but it's nothing more than a glorified cameo as she only receives a few minutes of actual on screen time. You may think that I'm expecting way too much out of a softcore offering, but after seeing so many other films tackle this sort of thing and produce extremely entertaining results, I couldn't help but feel a little letdown when all was said and done.

So, how about the storyline? Well, there's technically one to be found here, but it's extremely threadbare and literally does nothing more than to move us from one sex scene to the next. Tiffany (Taylor Wane) is an eccentric woman who lives by herself in the middle of nowhere (actually, the house in which Lust Connection and a slew of other softcore movies were filmed), and considering that she has a substantial fortune tucked away, it should go without saying that she soon winds up dead. Well, it should go without saying in this type of film, but I digress. Anyway, Tiffany's friends and lovers are all summoned to her house by her lawyer, where they discover that the hooterific woman has left an incredibly large inheritance to one of them... the only catch is that they have to solve a riddle and find it within twenty-four hours. Glori-Anne Gilbert is the only recognizable face here (there's also three other ladies joining her), Gilbert's on screen husband is also around for the excitement (and most of the sex scenes), and the whole lot of these people spend about ninety-five percent of the running time fucking, sucking, stroking, and licking... and they eventually get around to searching for the fortune as well.

As mentioned, there is a market for the stereotypical softcore flick that features nonstop nudity from beginning to end: one only needs to turn on Showtime or Cinemax after the kids have went to bed for proof of this. Personally, I just don't get them; I have no problems with mixing softcore with comedy, horror, or even drama, but in my humble opinion, there has to be something to go along with the abundant sex scenes and massive amounts of skin to make it worth my while. Your opinion may differ, and if it does, you're probably going to enjoy this offering much more than I did.

Alexia Moore may not actually appear in the movie, but her "assets" are a good representation of the ladies that you'll find in this film: each one of them sports the type of "traits" one would expect from a film entitled House on Hooter Hill, and if the thought of watching a bunch of women show off their massive mammaries for an hour and change sounds like a winner of an evening, pick this one up. Me? I'm just going to hold out for An Erotic Werewolf in London and forget all about this one. 3/10.
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