Over The Top (1987)

DVD Cover (Warner Brother)
Genres: Action, Chase Movie, Drama, Family Drama
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Menahem Golan Menahem Golan
Sylvester Stallone Sylvester Stallone
Robert Loggia Robert Loggia
Susan Blakely Susan Blakely
Rick Zumwalt Rick Zumwalt
David Mendenhall David Mendenhall

5.8 / 10 - Overall Rating

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Review by bluemeanie
Added: August 27, 2007
There are a few films that rise to the kick-assity of "Over the Top", one of the best action films to emerge from the blood-soaked punch fest that was the 1980's. It's overly sentimental, it's ridiculous -- it's just what the name says it is, but it's also the adrenaline rush that gets your heart racing and your fists a pounding.

The man himself, Sylvester Stallone, stars as another character with a bad ass name Lincoln Hawk. He's a trucker and he loves kicking ass and smoking cigars -- and he's all out of cigars. He left his wife and son several years ago to just be a bad ass, but now decides he needs to become a better father after the death of his former wife. So, Lincoln wants to set things right with his son, but the child's wealthy grandfather (Robert Loggia) will stop at nothing to make sure that doesn't happen, even if it means breaking the law. At first, Lincoln's son wants nothing to do with his father, but an arm wrestling competition in Las Vegas might change all that.

Sound bad ass? Well, you're right -- it is. Wanna fight about it? Sylvester Stallone dominated the 1980's action genre, I don't care what anyone says. Schwarzenegger had his thing going too, but it was a totally different career path, and Stallone played bad ass more convincingly than Arnold could ever dream. There is so much classic 1980's cheese in this film -- a former trucker turned devoted father arm wrestling for the affection of the son he left behind. Now, that's powerful stuff. Robert Loggia is the perfect villain, though you really can't fault the character for not wanting his grandson taken in by a blood thirsty, beer guzzling trucker.

"The world meets nobody half way. When you want something, you gotta take it!" Just one of many noteworthy philosophies from the great Lincoln Hawk. How about -- "I always wanted to be a milkshake". Are we sure Sly himself didn't write this dialogue? He was nominated for an Oscar, after all. "Over the Top" is filled with those witty exchanges, primarily between Stallone and Loggia, and boy do they deliver. "Over the Top" is one of those films you never get tired of watching because it's just mindless, energetic entertainment. If that's what you go in expecting, you'll never be disappointed. In fact, by those standards, this might be the best film ever made.

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