KillerKiller (2007)

DVD Cover (York Entertainment)
Pat Higgins Pat Higgins
Richard Collins Richard Collins
Scott Denyer Scott Denyer
Dutch Dore-Boize Dutch Dore-Boize
Cy Henty Cy Henty
Rami Hilmi Rami Hilmi

3.4 / 10 - Overall Rating

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Genres: Horror, Slasher Film, Supernatural Horror
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Review by Chad
Added: September 04, 2007
In the opening scene of KillerKiller, a big-breasted blonde babysitter heads upstairs to check on the children that she has been hired to watch for the evening, and after seeing that they're sleeping soundly in their beds, she decides to take a quick shower. Unbeknownst to her but witnessed by us, a masked serial killer with a huge butcher knife is stalking her, and after we've got an eyeful of gratuitous nudity, this masked madman moves in for the kill. He raises his knife and is just about to plunge it into this young lady's flesh, when suddenly, the woman spins around and is wielding not one but two huge knives which she uses to stab this man to death in grisly fashion. Now that, my friends, is how you start a fucking movie.

We then proceed to an asylum which exclusively houses serial killers - you know, the guys who survived the eighties and were imprisoned for knocking off hordes of babysitters, cheerleaders, and horny campers. What sets this particular day apart from the rest is the fact that all of the doors have been unlocked, the guards are gone, and there is a strange mist surrounding the building which prevents anyone from leaving. An odd situation to say the very least, but it gets even odder when the convicts start dropping like flies courtesy of a mysterious woman (Danielle Laws) who dresses up like all of those lovable killer-fodder ladies from the eighties and kills her victims using the methods that they themselves used when they were out on the prowl. The worst part? She's also some sort of demon, so these men are going to have a challenge on their hands if they want to survive the night.

For the record, I just want to say that this idea was positively brilliant; I love the slasher flicks of the eighties and I love the modern films that respectfully parody them (ie, Behind the Mask), but I also have to go on record as saying that writer and director Pat Higgins dropped the ball with his idea... for the most part, anyway. You see, the idea is sound, there are some great scenes to be found here, and a couple of the kills are inventive, but there were some mistakes made along the way that just ruined the movie for me.

My main issue was the sound, although that was far from being the only issue. You see, this is a British film, and everyone involved had a heavy accent which was damned near indecipherable for this particular American viewer. This wouldn't have been quite so bad if the film had been shot somewhere other than in a decrepit old building which causes every word spoken to echo uncontrollably, and it may have been aided just a little if the actors hadn't mumbled their lines quite so much. The lack of available subtitles makes this even worse, and while I can't rightfully blame that on the filmmakers, I have to say that I really disliked missing out on about sixty percent of the dialog spoken throughout the film. The video quality isn't much better, but since this is a low-budget flick, I have to give the filmmakers a little leeway in that regard.

Then we have the storyline itself. It's an interesting concept, but the way that it was handled just kills the flow of the movie. Instead of being an honest-to-goodness slasher film with a death sequence in every other scene, we're left with a lot of talking for the majority of the film that really goes nowhere in the grand scheme of things. This may have been easier to sit through had I not been forced to write the previous paragraph, but c'mon: we watch slasher films for violence and horror, not a life-story of everyone involved. Then, after everyone has been properly introduced and had time to chat with one another, we find ourselves with about fifteen minutes left on the clock and the storyline just gets worse. You see, one of the guys is a goth. Nothing wrong with a little eyeliner and fingernail polish, but you see, goths are also spellcasters in this particular universe and as such, he's able to cast spells and summon demons to help him out. I'll certainly keep that in mind next time I make fun of the kids hanging out at Hot Topic, but in this particular film, the silliness of it all is just overwhelming and it completely ruined any sort of mood that had previously been set.

I have to go with a neutral'ish rating for this one. The core storyline is great and there are some neat ideas here, but all of that is hampered by some serious flaws that present themselves once the storyline starts to flesh out. I'd be interested in checking out some more of the man's work based on what I saw here, but I can't rightfully go with much more than 4/10 for this one.
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Crispy #1: Crispy - added 06/21/2011, 04:10 AM
I absolutely loved this one. The sound quality was definitely an issue, but I didn't have a problem following the dialogue save for a line here or there. Like Chad mentioned there's a bit of mindbender blended in with this slasher, but that didn't bother me at all. High 7.
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