Dirty Sanchez: The Movie (2006)

DVD Cover (Dimension Extreme)
Genres: Bloopers & Candid Camera, Comedy, Extreme Sports
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Jim Hickey Jim Hickey
Matthew Pritchard Matthew Pritchard
Lee Dainton Lee Dainton
Mike Locke Mike Locke
Dan Joyce Dan Joyce
Mykel Hawke Pierce Mykel Hawke Pierce

6.1 / 10 - Overall Rating

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Review by Chad
Added: September 09, 2007
We've all seen the wacky antics of those Jackass kids, but those of us living over here on the western side of the planet probably haven't heard of the British version known as Dirty Sanchez. Well, to be fair, it's technically a completely separate entity that has no relation to Johnny Knoxville and crew, but it'll only take a couple of minutes of watching the guys in this television show (and of course, the movie) to confirm that there was a little bit of inspiration taken from Jackass. You've got the blaring punk music, the hyperactive guys who seemingly have no regard for their physical well-being, completely disgusting stunts involving bodily orifices and the various fluids that come out of them, and we've even got a midget in the group. The key difference between the shows is the line of good taste; whereas Jackass pushes the limits, Dirty Sanchez simply has none to push.

The storyline here finds these four guys - Lee Dainton, Matthew Pritchard, Michael 'Pancho' Locke and Dan 'Joycey' Joyce - performing a stunt which results in all four of them dying an agonizing death. They're sent to Hell, and there, they meet Satan (Keith Richards) who cuts them a deal: if they can travel all around the world and commit each of the seven deadly sins, they'll regain their lives and return to the land of the living. Of course, all of this is merely a setup to allow these boys to travel outside of their native England and commit some of the most tasteless acts ever committed to film.

Remember the beer funnel stunt in Jackass Number Two? That's performed here as well, but one of the guys actually drinks the fluid that comes out of that little brown hole. You think that somebody inserting a toy car into their anus was disgusting? It simply doesn't compare to watching a man have liposuction performed on him with no anesthesia, after which one of the other guys drinks some of it, pukes it back up, and then drinks it down again. How about the tattoo stunts? Jackass was content to show us somebody getting random scribblings on their body while driving around on rugged terrain; the Dirty Sanchez fellows raise the bar by showing one of their own getting a tattoo across the length of his penis. Paintball guns are a favorite on Jackass, and once again, the bar is raised here after watching somebody take 103 paintball blasts to the body to break a world record that he later discovers doesn't even exist. A finger is chopped off, nostrils are superglued shut, semen is drank, human excrement is eaten, Tokyo lady-boys are molested, and the list of depraved stunts just goes on and on.

Yes, these guys make the Jackass crew look like novices in comparison, but there is also one other difference: whereas Knoxville and crew are hilarious while performing these stunts, Dainton and his boys are simply vile and repulsive. Sure, there's some laughs to be had here; how can one not help but laugh at the sheer stupidity of these lads? However, the difference is that we laugh at the actual guys involved with Jackass, while here, we simply laugh at the stunts being performed. It may seem like a trivial difference, but it's extremely noticeable when comparing the two products.

Now, this is not to say that Dirty Sanchez isn't enjoyable for those of us more acquainted with Jackass - far from it. There's some truly disgusting stunts performed here, and watching some of them is downright nauseating. That's never a bad thing when dealing with this sort of subject matter, and fans of this type of content will be delighted to get another serving of this material that makes just about everything that came before it look tame in comparison. Before deciding whether or not it's worth your time, you simply have to ask yourself this: do you watch Jackass for the laughs or for the actual stunts? If you answered "laughs", you'll probably enjoy Dirty Sanchez, but - like me - it won't be anywhere near as entertaining as Jackass. If, however, you answered "stunts", you'll never again go back to Knoxville and crew after seeing these British lads in action. 8/10.
BuryMeAlive #1: BuryMeAlive - added 09/10/2007, 03:34 AM
Dirty Sanchez > Jackass
doney #2: doney - added 09/10/2007, 06:51 AM
watching this movie i had to turn away a couple of times, but it wasnt until the next morning while eating breakfast, talking about some scenes that my stomach gave in.
cky2kendall #3: cky2kendall - added 09/14/2007, 03:36 PM
The liposuction scene just killed me. I love the Dirty Sanchez guys, being a native Brit. I've seen them live, and they do put on a very "unique" experience. Definitely not for the light-hearted, but very funny if you are into seeing mates trying to kill each other. 7/10
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