The Rundown (2003)

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Overall Rating 62%
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When Travis, the mouthy son of a criminal, disappears in the Amazon in search of a treasured artifact, his father sends in Beck, who becomes Travis's rival for the affections of Mariana, a mysterious Brazilian woman. With his steely disposition, Beck is a man of few words -- but it takes him all the discipline he can muster to work with Travis to nab a tyrant who's after the same treasure. --TMDb
Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson
Seann William Scott
Seann William Scott
Rosario Dawson
Rosario Dawson
Christopher Walken
Christopher Walken
Ewen Bremner
Ewen Bremner
Review by Chad
Added: April 10, 2004
Beck is a collections type of man, meaning he makes people pay any sort of debts that they may owe to any sort of gangster people. However, he's wanting to get out of this business, and he tells his boss (Walker) that he wants to quit and start up his own restaurant. Walker agrees, if Beck will do one more job for him; go to South America and bring his kid (Travis) home to him. Seems the kid has some debts that he ran from, and Pops is sick of covering his ass. Beck agrees to do this for him, finds Travis, and learns that he's searching for a ancient relic (the El Gato Diablo) that's worth millions. Also to be learned, is that an evil overlord type figure (Hatcher) is using the people of the town as slaves. Will Beck help in the hunt for this relic and fight Hatcher, or say screw it all and drag Travis home in the first twenty minutes of the movie?

This was actually a lot better than I expected it to be. It's a pretty basic action film, no huge suprises to be found, but it was pretty entertaining. They had a formula going, which got a bit predictable throughout; comedy scene, action scene, a scene to open up some storyline, repeat. However, it did stay entertaining, as the action scenes got better and better, and the humour did pull some chuckles from myself.

I stayed away from The Rock's movies, as I didn't expect him to be any good at the acting business; so this is the first of his movies that I've seen. Pulling out a five minute promo in WWE is quite a bit different than staying entertaining for a solid hour and a half, but I was pleasantly suprised by his performance. There's a brief cameo by Arnold Schwarzenegger in the beginning, where he tells Rock "Good luck". Pretty symbolic of Arnold's step down from acting, and Rock's joining the trade. Nice touch there. The rest of the cast is nice enough... we have Christopher Walken in his typical evil role, so nothing insanely new from him. Seann William Scott is quite the humorous guy, responsible for most of the chuckles pulled out of me. Then there's Rosario Dawnson, the barmaid woman. She's pretty eh, but nothing too bad. The storyline, as I mentioned above, is pretty basic. But again, there's enough twists and turns going for it to keep it from getting boring throughout, so it worked out well.

Overall, an interesting movie if you're a fan of straight-up action movies in the line of "Indiana Jones" and whatnot. 6/10.
ScarsRstarS #1: ScarsRstarS - added 01/10/2006, 07:56 AM
This film is awsome. The Rock is a great actor
Lucid Dreams #2: Lucid Dreams - added 07/17/2010, 03:23 PM
Nice review and I'm going to have to agree with the 6/10.
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