The Guyver (1991)

DVD Cover (New Line Studios)
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Overall Rating 49%
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Connections: The Guyver

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Greg Joung Paik
Greg Joung Paik
Jimmie Walker
Jimmie Walker
Peter Spellos
Peter Spellos
Michael Berryman
Michael Berryman
Spice Williams-Crosby
Spice Williams-Crosby
Review by Ginose
Added: September 21, 2007
Ya know what? I've already decided that I'm going to do a short run of movies based exclusively on mangas... even if I didn't know that it was based on one. I first saw "Guyver" when I was decently young, living where I was there honestly just wasn't a whole lot to do, this is probably where I got most of my movie watching habits from. A friend and I would just watch anything, anything we could get our hands on. So, one day we were at the video store and he saw the most bad-ass looking sci-fi cover called "Guyver 2: Dark Hero". So, essentially, our first question was "Where's Guyver 1?" well, after a short search, we discovered that it was there and it had a significantly lamer cover, but, oh well. Mark Hamill was in it.

The plot is pretty specific it opens with a bookish looking scientist running away with a metal briefcase, being chased by a group of goons. Finally think he's escaped them, he opens the briefcase and switches the small-metal disc out of it and hides it in a lunch box. Back on the run again, the thugs corner him, looking a bit pissed. Then, as hope seems bleak, the scientist transforms into a huge, lumbering monster, ready to smack down the thugs. But, the lead assailant, Lisker (cult icon Michael Berryman), repeats the doctors process, becoming a monster himself and ending the good doctor without a second thought. The thugs bring the suitcase back to their headquarters only to be scolded severely by their boss, as there is a toaster in the case. Now, continuing elsewhere, we see Sean Barker (Jack Armstrong), a fresh-faced teenager, training at his aikido school, where it is revealed that he cannot fight for beans. Watching as his love-interest is talked to by a detective; Sean begins to wonder what exactly is going on, but is far too much of a gentleman (or wuss) to ask. On his way home Sean discovers (you'll never guess) the lunchbox that we saw earlier and, after some brief and cheesy dramatics, he becomes attached to the device inside, which coats him with some kind of bizarre armor. Our new sci-fi action hero is born.

I won't get any further into the plot details, because, honestly, there's no reason to. After that the plot starts to really grow into an actual story-like story, you know, with a plot and all. Well, the cast of this film surprised me quite a bit; aside from Michael Berryman, we also have: Mark Hamill, Jimmie Walker (who, of course, at one point HAS to say his infamous line), Peter Spellos, and even a surprise appearance by, Dr. West himself, Jeffery Combs (hilariously enough playing one Dr. East). Now, none of the performances in this schlock-fest are bad, but certainly no stellar acting is seen in this film. Jack Armstrong, for instance, plays Sean with such an excellent accuracy, but who can't? It's a very simple part.

Now, Mark Hamill in this film may have helped or hindered it. Sure, it brought the people in droves to see Luke Skywalker, but, as always, it seems, the man grossly overacts. This sort of killed most of the mood for me, even as a teenager watching this simply FOR the cheesiness, his acting was just soooo bad... it hurt me, it really did.

Ha, the good old gore. This film certainly had a lot more than this type of film should have. A spray here, a ripped-limb there, a cracked skull there... it was a fun romp, watching a teenager in alien-armor ripping apart "Power Ranger"-esque monsters. However, I recently purchased the alleged director's cut DVD, and guess what I noticed? The "R" rating is now a flashy "PG-13" and (surprise, surprise) all of the gritty violence has been toned down, quite significantly. So much for fellow gore-hounds enjoying this film like I did... hmmm...

All in all, this movie is fun, but nothing special, AT ALL. Besides, the sequel was way better...
5.4/10 for a decently average film.
Edd #1: Edd - added 03/31/2008, 09:51 AM
Highly underrated film. I loved both live-action films. 10/10
Rik #2: Rik - added 07/03/2008, 11:44 AM
I can't find this movie, but part 2 is amazing. Someone review it please!
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