The Sexploiters (1965)

DVD Cover (Retro-Seduction Cinema)
Genres: Adult Entertainment, Sexploitation, Softcore Sex Film
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Al Ruban Al Ruban
Norma Berke Norma Berke
Bettina Bettina
Joann Brier Joann Brier
Gigi Darlene Gigi Darlene
Walter Druker Walter Druker

5.4 / 10 - Overall Rating

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Review by Chad
Added: October 09, 2007
It's time for some more sexploitation from the fine folks over at Retro-Seduction Cinema, and today, we find ourselves taking a look at the appropriately-titled Sexploiters - the lone directorial effort of Al C. Ruban. There's not much of a storyline for this one - big surprise there - but it does make up for that with some rather bizarre fetishes, especially by sixties standards.

A "modeling agency" is the setting for the film's events, and as we get through the sixty-minute running time, we watch as the "models" from this agency take care of their male customers. The whole modeling thing is a front, of course, as the ladies here work as sexploiters - what we today would call prostitutes. We witness the ladies pose for some racy photo shoots, we watch a lady take care of a man who enjoys being whipped, and we even get to see one of the sexploiters service a man who has a coffin / death fetish. Interesting, to say the very least, and we've also got appearances by both Terri Steele and Gigi Darlene.

To call The Sexploiters an actual film would be stretching things a bit. Sure, there's a little bit of a storyline to kick things into motion ("Meet Lynn. She likes money. Here she is going to work."), and there's also a twist to wrap things up ("Lynn's husband also enjoys the sex business, but neither knows about the other's involvement with it."), but everything in between these two scenes could easily be described as just another nudie-cutie. There's a little more action than what one typically finds from said nudie-cuties, but not a whole lot and it never even ventures into the softcore genre.

As mentioned, there are some interesting scenes here. One of the gentlemen serviced by the sexploiters is a bit of a masochist and enjoys being whipped, and while this isn't anything shocking by today's standards, it was definitely interesting to see in a film from 1965. The other scene of interest was the guy who gets off on playing dead. We watch as he lays perfectly still in a coffin wearing his Sunday best, and we then watch as his "grieving widow" shows up (wearing nothing more than some lingerie) and rubs her body all over his. Throughout all of this, the guy never moves a muscle or even blinks, and it's an extremely bizarre segment altogether.

Overall, it's an entertaining little film for the time and genre, and fans who want to see how things used to be done will probably get a kick out of it. Plus, there's always the T&A factor, and quite a few of these ladies were surprisingly hot. There's really not a whole lot more that can be said, as you're either a fan of this stuff or you're not... but if you are a fan, give it a shot. 6/10.
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