Freak (1999)

DVD Cover (Shock-O-Rama Cinema)
Genres: Horror, Slasher Film
An orderly from a mental hospital transports a boy (who kills his mother in the opening scene of the movie) to another institution. The boy escapes, and runs into two sisters who are moving across country. He kidnaps the younger sister, and takes her to his old house where he grew up. The orderly and older sister group up, and try to find the little girl before it is too late. --IMDb
Tyler Tharpe Tyler Tharpe
Amy Paliganoff Amy Paliganoff
Travis Patton Travis Patton
Andrea Johnson Andrea Johnson
Linda McCormick Linda McCormick
Kate Black Kate Black

3.4 / 10 - Overall Rating

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Review by Tristan
Added: October 23, 2007
Have you ever wanted to unwatch a movie so you didn't have to hate the director, or writer, or distributor that allowed you to see it? Such is the case with Freak. One of the smaller, unknown Shock-O-Rama releases, which I picked up for about $4 while doing some online shopping. I figured $4 is about the price of a bag of chips, so I opted to deny myself some snacks, and get the movie. Who knows, it could have been great.

Mavis Keller is a cruel, sadistic woman who frequently beats her son (the Freak), while keeping him chained to the floor in his room. If this isn't bad enough, she also throws his newborn baby sister in a trash can, and sets her on fire. I don't think she'll get away with a postpartum depression plea on this one. Long story short, Freak saves the baby, kills his mother, and we're whisked 9 years into the future. Freak (Tyler Tharpe) is in a mental institute after being discovered wandering around town 9 years prior. He wraps his head in bandages, and does nothing but stare out the window all day. Seems relatively harmless for a boy who murdered his mother. For some reason or another, Freak is being transferred to another facility by Jason (Travis Patton), a parolee with absolutely nothing going on upstairs. Thanks to the clever hospital attendance not locking the chains properly, when Jason stops to get a bite to eat, Freak escapes out the back of the van, and into a passing truck.

At the same time, Staci Parker (Amy Paliganoff) and her adopted younger sister, Jodi (Andrea Johnson), are packing up house and home to move to another town a few states over. Turns out their parents just died, and Staci conveniently landed a job 15 hours away at an art gallery. She's one of those, confused, young, aspiring artist types. She's also despised by her little sister, and possibly the dumbest character ever written into a movie script. I can't count the number of times I wanted to wring her neck. So as I'm sure most of you have figured out, the escaped Freak crosses paths with Staci and Jordi and all hell breaks loose. The Freak kidnaps Jordi, and it's up to Staci and Jason to get her back.

Tons and tons of unanswered questions in this movie. Such as what happened to the half burnt little sister? Are we supposed to assume she's Jodi, the adopted little sister? The timing is about right, as far as her age goes, but there isn't even a hint at that. And wouldn't she be all burned up if that was really her? Also, how is it that Jason is able to track down all the different locations that Freak is popping up, on his map? I'm no map expert, but "Terry's Auto Body Shop" probably doesn't show up on a city map. I also loved how he could tune into the police officer's radio frequency with a $14.99 walkie talkie set from Wal Mart. This movie went absolutely nowhere, I didn't care about the characters and I couldn't have been happier when the credits rolled.

I have to say though, the one thing that this film had going for it, which very few pull off well, was Staci's ability to really fight back. She doesn't just club him over the head, and run away, or the other movie cliche, pull off his mask. She instead grabs a hatchet and makes short work of the fella. I haven't seen such a Sigrourney Weaveresque ass kicking since, well, Sigourney Weaver. Aside from that one little detail, this movie was wretched. If you see it for dirt cheap on eBay, pass on it. If you find it in your bargain bin, pass on it. If someone is selling their entire DVD collection, and they saved this one movie because they thought you'd love it...snap it right in front of them. I should have gotten the bag of chips.

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