Headcheese (2002)

Duane Graves Duane Graves
Justin Meeks Justin Meeks
Justin Meeks Justin Meeks
Quentin Guerrero Quentin Guerrero
Rene Moreno Rene Moreno

5.6 / 10 - Overall Rating

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Genres: Horror, Sadistic Horror
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Review by Tristan
Added: October 25, 2007
From what I can gather, it's not uncommon for Shock-O-Rama to release films with a short film as one of the many bonus features. Such is the case with Headcheese, a short film that is eons better than the movie it's coupled with. Freak was laughable, while Headcheese is creepy, thought provoking, and a great window into the mind of a psychopath. Well, not a real psychopath. Just the kind you love to root for in a movie.

Legion (Justin Meeks) is a psychopath wandering around the desolate farmlands and woods of Texas. After purchasing some beer and Elvis glasses, he is picked up on the highway by Mortal (Quentin Guerrero). Legion sits in silence while Mortal berates him with questions he never gets answers to. This doesn't trouble him any until Legion asks why the man has leg braces. The man takes offense to this, and after threatening Legion, is beaten and dragged out of the car, after which Legion walks off down the highway as if nothing had happened.

The remainder of the film follows Legion as he finds an abandoned car in a field littered with the skeletal remains of various animals. Legion proceeds to chain the bones around his body, run wildly through the trees, beat and scratch the car with antlers, and, last but not least, fornicate with a cow skull. First time I've seen a legitimate skull fuck, to say the least. His madness only seems to thrive, as he is seen bleeding on a cross and using a power drill to bore through the skulls he finds around and inside the burned out car. When it seems his insanity will never end, he decides to do himself in, in one of the most brutal acts of self-mutilation one can imagine.

Clocking in around 20 minutes, Headcheese was one of the weirdest and most entertaining short films I've ever seen. Aside from scarce narration, and the short conversation in the car, there is no talking throughout the whole movie. They create atmosphere using sound effects, music, and some pretty nifty camera work. Many of the shots are a nod to the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, which makes sense since Kim Henkel co-produced the film. For those of you with a keen eye, you'll notice many of the locations are the same from the classic, which ups the geek factor a few points. Also, the two directors, Duane Graves and Justin Meeks, were students in Kim Henkel's film class.

If you have a chance to watch this film, I strongly suggest you do so. I doubt if it's available on it's own on DVD, you may have to get it the way I did, with Freak. While Freak was absolute trash, it wouldn't hurt to pick it up for this film. At the very least you could probably find it on a video site somewhere.

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