Experiment In Torture (2007)

DVD Cover (Lions Gate)
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Overall Rating 21%
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A wealthy artist with a taste for torture pays a group of unsuspecting exotic dancers to join him for a weekend at his secluded mountain retreat. It sounded like an offer that was too good to be true - and it was. --IMDb
Review by Chad
Added: November 27, 2007
Someday, the "torture porn" genre of films will move back into the underground, at which point, we'll get a couple of new releases every year by filmmakers who genuinely want to make a good movie. That day is not today, as I found out after suffering through Lions Gate's latest direct-to-video release entitled Experiment in Torture, a film which just so happens to be the latest in the long line of cheap Hostel clones that bring absolutely nothing original or exciting to the table.

All of these films begin the same: we're introduced to a group of people (almost always a group of women) and we watch them go about their normal lives for the first chunk of the running time. Experiment in Torture is no different, as we watch six strippers discuss an upcoming fetish movie that they'll be shooting out in the middle of nowhere. They arrive at their lakeside house, chat with one another, enjoy a boating montage (complete with cheesy music), and finally, they settle down for a nice game of truth or dare. Hostel followed the same formula, with the major difference being that the characters found there were actually entertaining to watch - here, the women have breasts, and, well, that's really all that they've got going for them (and even the T&A comes to a screeching halt soon after they leave the strip club). Wait... I have to admit that I did get a chuckle out of the scene where one of the women decided to have a conversation with her own vagina, but other than that, forget about this aspect of the film.

We then move along to the torture part of the package, and things don't get much better here either. The person (or persons) in charge of torturing these young ladies uses some of the most mundane torture tactics one could possibly imagine, with the highlight being throwing one of them in the lake and letting her swim to shore. Jesus, I bet she "wet her pants" over that one. Another one of the highlights involves somebody cutting a woman on her arm and placing a maggot in the wound. Now, when I say that he cut her, I don't mean that he cut deep into her flesh and that blood was spurting everywhere; no, this was more along the lines of a severe paper cut, and the special effects used to create this effect involved some silly putty and ketchup. This sort of thing goes on for another thirty minutes or so, with the twist ending involving an unmasking of the villain which was eerily reminiscent of Scooby-Doo (no, seriously), and a hero who up until this point had no relevance to the entire film coming out of nowhere to save the day.

You know, I try to be forgiving of low-budget films, especially those which were created by a first-time director. I realize that everyone has to start somewhere, and I understand that not everyone has access to millions of dollars or a genius like Tom Savini to create their special effects. I really try to focus on the strengths of these films when reviewing them, but this... this was inexcusable, and some of these effects were just downright lazy. Take the stun-gun, for example; did anyone really think that some duct tape tied to a stick would make a menacing weapon on the screen? How about the facial makeup of the leading villain? I think that I've been watching this type of low-budget schlock long enough to know the difference between a lack of funds and a lack of imagination (and talent, and effort, and everything else), and trust me, the monetary side of things may have been a problem for these guys, but that sure as shit wasn't the only thing working against them.

As if all of that wasn't bad enough, the entire film seems as though it was created for the sole purpose of promoting some shitty little band who... well, this is a review of the film and not the band, so let's just say that they weren't my type of music. You get the "pleasure" of hearing fourteen different songs by this band throughout the running time, and considering that we've got a running time of eighty minutes here, that averages out to a little less than one song every six minutes. When you consider that the entire thing was shot with the shaky-cam technique that seems to be all the rage these days (which also renders the film unwatchable and gives children seizures), I think it's safe to say that this was an aptly-titled film. Yes, it's an experiment in torture, and those of you who pop in the disc get to play the part of the guinea pig.

Avoid it like the motherfucking plague. I used to be a huge fan of these "torture porn" films, but if this is the direction they're going now, sign me up for some teen comedies and chick flicks. 0/10.
Tristan #1: Tristan - added 11/27/2007, 12:19 PM
I watched this about a week ago, and despised it. Luckily it was only 80 minutes long, so I didn't have to pay attention for too long. This gets a big, fat 0 from yours truly.
danimigra #2: danimigra - added 03/15/2008, 06:20 PM
dont waste 80 minutes.. please i mean it.... do something better..jaja
0/10.. and i think is too much....
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