Redacted (2007)

DVD Cover (Magnolia Pictures)
Ensemble Film, War, War Drama
Brian De Palma Brian De Palma
Izzy Diaz Izzy Diaz
Rob Devaney Rob Devaney
Ty Jones Ty Jones
Anas Wellman Anas Wellman
Mike Figueroa Mike Figueroa

6.1 / 10 - Overall Rating

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Review by bluemeanie
Added: December 03, 2007
I am a proud liberal.

I believe in freedom of speech to the fullest extent of the interpretation of the law. I believe in every American's right to create whatever film he or she desires, as long as it does not break the laws of this country. Currently, however, there is a film in theatres that I cannot support on any of its merits, and one that I refuse to pretend is a piece of art. I watched this film and felt dirty afterwards. Why? Because from what I have read and researched, and from what I felt watching it, this film is a sore misrepresentation of facts that could potentially be harmful to America and Americans, especially our soldiers and peace keepers fighting and serving abroad. This film does nothing but paint a vile and disgusting portrait of American soldiers that serves zero artistic purpose. It turns soldiers into demons. It takes the actions of a small few and pretends as if these are the actions of the whole.

The film is "Redacted", directed by Brian De Palma.

This film offended me, as a movie goer and as an American. I find it unacceptable that a film like this was financed and greenlit and sent to theatres. What does this film accomplish? What did it hope to accomplish? I'll tell you what -- a director whose best days are long behind him decided he wanted to stir up some publicity by making a film that deals with controversial subject matter. That's it. He took no consideration into how this would affect anything other than his pocket book. What he didn't expect was a sudden and stern outcry from people who felt the same way about this motion picture as I did. "Redacted" is nothing but pure garbage.

I know soldiers who fought in Iraq and who don't want to be there any more than we want them there. They don't like what they're doing, but they do it out of duty. These are not soldiers who have any reason to defend the current administration or their policies. They call the events portrayed in this film 'untruthful', 'wicked' and absolutely 'reprehensible'. I will not critique the film on its merits because I cannot see where there are any. I urge NO ONE to see this film. I urge EVERYONE to avoid it at all costs and pretend it doesn't even exist. It makes me sick to my stomach to think about this film. It's nothing but filth. Disease. Waste.

I will not mention the actors.
I will not mention the screenwriter.
But, the director is BRIAN DE PALMA.

This film won't even make my WORST FILMS OF THE YEAR list. It will not be mentioned by me again after this. It deserves even less than that.

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