My First Female Lover (2001)

DVD Cover (Seduction Cinema)
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Overall Rating 52%
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Camille is on the phone telling her friend Jenny about life at college. When she tells Jenny about the drunken lesbian encounter she had with Janine, they both get very turned on. --IMDb
Erin Brown
Erin Brown
Ruby Larocca
Ruby Larocca
Jayne Ester
Jayne Ester
Review by Tristan
Added: December 15, 2007
Not only have I finally found time to start reviewing again, but I get to make my triumphant and glorious return with a short Misty Mundae film. Life is good.

Camille (Misty) is on the phone with her friend Jenny (Jayne Ester) talking about her first semester at college. For some reason, both are scantily clad and enjoying the conversation a little too much. In the middle of it, Camille asks if Jenny wants to hear about her obligatory bisexual experimentation story. Jenny's all ears.

Camille goes to a lame frat party, meets up with Janine (Ruby Larocca) and has a competition to see who can down their wine faster. The two, obviously a little tipsy, leave the party and start having sexual conversations on the way home. One thing leads to another and the two "accidentally" spill drinks on themselves, leading to the removal of a few layers of clothing.

The story then switches over to the flashback of Misty's first lesbian experience. It's your typical lesbian sex scene, and while Camille's relaying this information to her friend on the phone, the two of them are having a little fun of their own. Let's just say they gave us their "O" faces. After this, they hastily say their uncomfortable goodbyes, and the credits are rolling within the blink of an eye.

Apparently, this is just a clip from "Dead Girls Don't Say Goodbye", a film that doesn't have a listing on IMDb. I can only assume that the short film I watched is a feature on one of the many Misty archive DVDs. It's about the same length as your typical 22 minute sitcom, and it's really for the best. I'm all for a Misty Mundae movie, but when it's just a 25 sex scene, I get bored fast. I'm sure the whole movie is great, but for this individual clip, I'm going with a 7/10.
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