Cry Uncle (1971)

DVD Cover (Troma Entertainment)
John G. Avildsen John G. Avildsen
Jackson Beck Jackson Beck
Pamela Gruen Pamela Gruen
Allen Garfield Allen Garfield
Devin Goldenberg Devin Goldenberg
Marcia Jean Kurtz Marcia Jean Kurtz

5.0 / 10 - Overall Rating

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Genres: Comedy, Parody / Spoof, Satire
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Review by Christopher
Added: March 01, 2004
Sex being mentioned several times in the description is no joke. Almost every woman (if not all of them) have atleast a bare frontal scene. There's even some guys that take it off for the camera. Being made in the time where drugs were just so ordinary to be apart of, this movie has no lack of that either. There's even an appearance by Lloyd Kaufman (co-founder and creator of the Toxic Avenger) where he plays your average 70's druggie. Very different than all of the other detective spoof comedies, this one stays with an actual plot and doesn't go out of its way to be too far fetched.

Jake Masters (Allen Garfield) is the detective trying to solve a case that invovles a couple killings and a black mailing scam to boot. Cora Merrill (Madeleine Le Roux) is called in to help Masters on the case. As she's suppose to be the most attractive blonde bombshell ever grace New Jersey, she's quite the oppisite. Not knowing how old she is, her facial features make her look about 40+. Thankfully, she's able to act and has a body of a twenty year old, that barely stays covered none the less.

The storyline is as basic as any other detective story, as you can tell. But everything happening brings it together quite well. The acting, directing, scenery, action, script, comedy, and all that follows. The movie's pace isn't diabolically fast, nor slow paced. It's keeps entertaining with great phrases, hot bodies, and some death defying action. If you're a fan of the Naked Gun or Austin Powers series, stay away from this movie, it resembles them in no way.

Final Conclusion: 8/10
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