Ready To Rumble (2000)

DVD Cover (Warner Brother)
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Wrestling: WCW
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Comedy, Gross-Out Comedy, Slapstick, Sports Comedy, Wrestling
Brian Robbins Brian Robbins
David Arquette David Arquette
Oliver Platt Oliver Platt
Scott Caan Scott Caan
Bill Goldberg Bill Goldberg
Rose McGowan Rose McGowan

5.3 / 10 - Overall Rating

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Review by Tristan
Added: December 26, 2007
Back in the day when I was a huge fan of wrestling, a little film called Ready to Rumble was released. There was hardly any buzz about it, and it really didn't do very well. This was always a mystery to me, as this is when wrestling was in its prime, and David Arquette was actually sort of a somebody. As fate would have it, we had the movie channels, and I was able to see this little number with a few fellow wrestling fans. I could not have asked for a better movie.

Gordie and Sean (David Arquette and Scott Caan, respectively) work for themselves, using Sean's dad's sewage truck to make a living. Unfortunately for them, Lusk, Wyoming doesn't offer much entertainment for them to spend their hard earned cash on. The only thing these two men have is wrestling, and their favourite wrestler just so happens to be Jimmy King (Oliver Platt), the current heavyweight champion, and the man responsible for the longest winning streak in the history of professional wrestling record.

One night, the pair hit the road to see a live performance of their royal friend, only to see him cheated out of his title by Diamond Dallas Page, as ordered by Titus Sinclair (Joe Pantoliano), the sleazy WCW promoter. During the tear-filled drive home, their truck flips and the two find themselves tired, broke, and hours from home. Realizing that Jimmy King was rumoured to live around their current location, the dimwitted duo set off on a mission - along with a few wrestling legends - to help Jimmy King search inside himself to discover why he became a wrestler, and regain his title. Hilarity ensues.

While none of the actors in this film are big names or stars, everyone still turned in an excellent performance. It was nice to see Oliver Platt do a role that was a little unconventional for his style at the time, and he was definitely responsible for some of the bigger laughs in the movie. David Arquette and Scott Caan had great chemistry together, and were a very believable pair of best friends. While none of the cameo performances were anything to write home about, several of the wrestlers showed off their acting chops, some of which who have gone on to do a few roles in other films. Bill Goldberg and Dallas 'Diamond' Page, to name a few.

Surprisingly enough, the wrestling in the movie was pretty damn good. A bit more magical than what you'd expect to find on TV, but pretty nice nonetheless. Brian Robbins did a good job of recognizing the fake elements of wrestling, and still managing to make them look very real for the camera. In particular, the final match of the film was very well done, and must have taken quite some time to choreograph, what with so much going on at the same time.

As far as a comedy goes, they can't get a whole lot better than this. I can't exactly give this a perfect score, as it's far from a perfect movie. However, it is probably my most watched comedy as a youngster, and the most heavily quoted amongst myself and my friends.

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Lucid Dreams #1: Lucid Dreams - added 06/15/2010, 02:09 PM
I forgot all about this movie until I saw it on netflix. I'll probably watch it again sometime because I remember enjoying it, but I was into WWF during that. 8/10
Rest Easy Soul #2: Rest Easy Soul - added 07/25/2010, 11:02 AM
I favorite movie when I was like 9
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