Amateur Porn Star Killer 2 (2008)

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Overall Rating 41%
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Shane Ryan's sequel to the disturbing Amateur Porn Star Killer is a brutal calling card to all those who were enraged by its predecessor (and there were many). The victim here isn't a young girl. This one doesn't just go quietly, either. She fights back. She knows she's in trouble, but she mistakenly thinks she can get away. In other movies, she would escape and somber music would play as the credits creep up the screen. The audience would leave the theatre satisfied that the bad guy got what he deserved. They would go home feeling safe. Ryan doesn't let anyone have such notions. He shows things as they really are. This is what a killer would film. This is how it would look, and if you didn't know any better, you'd swear it was real. (And you still can't be totally sure it's not.) --Amazon
Kai Lanette
Kai Lanette
Shane Ryan-Reid
Shane Ryan-Reid
Review by Chad
Added: February 18, 2008
Sometimes, a sequel is created in order to continue where the previous film left off; maybe the climax of the previous film left some unanswered questions or some unfinished business, so another film is needed to bring proper closure to the storyline. Other times, the sequel is designed to show us the further adventures of the hero / serial killer / demon / monster, and thus, we wind up with round two of the original film. Amateur Porn Star Killer 2 sort of falls into the latter category, but as their official site is quick to point out, it shouldn't really be classified as a sequel per se. Instead, this film is simply another chapter in the life of our favorite serial killer as witnessed through the lens of his camera.

Note: This review is for the "snuff" version of the movie. The eventual DVD release of the film will include two radically different versions of the film, this being one of them. This review will be updated to accommodate both versions of the film once I have had a chance to check the other one out.

Much like in the original film, there's really not much of a storyline to speak of. There are no detailed character studies, we don't get a backstory on the hero or the villain, and there's really not even an established motive. We simply watch as Brandon (director Shane Ryan) meets up with a young lady (Kai Lanette) and invites her back to his place for a little drinking and "adult fun", and from there, we learn why the film is titled Amateur Porn Star Killer. Here's a hint: it doesn't exactly end with the two of them smoking a post-sex cigarette, if you know what I mean.

Those of you who didn't catch the original movie may find yourself wondering why anyone would want to watch a film that sounds like a subpar slasher flick. Well, my fine readers, the goal of these films is not to present the audience with the simple horror formula of a little T&A and a sizable body count, but instead, they aim to give us a glimpse into the mind of a genuine serial killer. You read that right: the emphasis of the film lays not in showing us the murder of this young woman (although that's definitely there), but instead, it exists so that we may witness the psychological side of things and get inside the head of a bona fide serial killer. We watch the entire incident from beginning to end: we're there for the ride from the time Brandon is secretly watching his victim while she shops in a quickie mart, throughout the introductions and the friendly chit-chat, the friendly flirting and the eventual rough sex scene, all the way up until he leaves her cold, dead body in a seedy hotel room. We're not presented with a convenient ending that wraps everything up with a pretty little bow and there is no moral to the story... we simply watch as this bastard has his way with his victim, and when he's finished with her, the tape ends. It's cold and it's disturbing, but damned if it doesn't feel like a legit snuff film.

As an added measure of authenticity, we don't merely watch these events play out through the slick, polished editing of a seasoned filmmaker; no, everything you see here was filmed through a cheap camera that one of the two characters was operating while they acted out the storyline. The end result is a film that won't win any awards for stunning cinematography, and yes, this also produces a couple of scenes where it's difficult to tell what exactly is going on, but it also results in a film that feels legit. There's that "legit" word again; that's the whole point of these movies, and I'm happy to report that the sequel actually achieved this goal better than the original did. It'd be extremely easy to convince somebody that this was the real deal based solely on the content found within, as there's nothing here that would lead anyone to believe otherwise - hell, the version I received didn't even have any credits tacked on when the film finished rolling.

While we're on the topic of comparing the original to the sequel, I should point out that this one ups the ante in just about every way possible. The original film presented us with some nudity and what was basically a softcore sex scene - a disturbing sex scene, but softcore nonetheless. This film has a lengthy sex scene as well, and while it's just as disturbing, it leaves nothing to the imagination. In the original film, we watched as this monster killed his victim in what amounted to an extremely disgusting murder scene. Here, Brandon kills another young lady, but just wait until you see how he does it... and what he does afterwards. The mind games return once again as does the humiliation and the verbal abuse, and even though this isn't the feel-good movie of the year, you won't walk away from it feeling nothing.

If you're the type of person who enjoys movies that force you to take a cold shower afterwards and if you enjoy films that are in a class of their own when it comes to being vile and disgusting, this one comes highly recommended. 9/10.
lostth0ught #1: lostth0ught - added 02/19/2008, 03:33 PM
Holy shit, 2?? This is going on my purchase list right now. I really really enjoyed the first, despite how bad that may sound, and if this ups it in every way imaginable...wooo.
grain of sand #2: grain of sand - added 02/22/2008, 09:01 PM
can't wait
billie #3: billie - added 06/20/2008, 05:34 AM
it's fucking awesome. some will give this movie a down rating for quality but as far as content goes, it's great...it sticks to the story and doesn't try to be a hollywood blockbuster
lostth0ught #4: lostth0ught - added 07/12/2008, 09:28 PM
After watching it, I have to say the first one was much better. I found myself forwarding through this movie because I would either get bored or annoyed. The random effects, the random clips thrown in was too much, the background music took away from it too. I couldn't feel bad for this girl at all, I had no sympathy for her unlike the first one. So many problems with this one.
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