11:14 (2003)

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Tells the seemingly random, yet vitally connected, story of a set of incidents that all converge one evening at 11:14 p.m. The story follows the chain of events of five different characters and five different storylines that all converge to tell the story of murder and deceit. --IMDb
Henry Thomas
Henry Thomas
Blake Heron
Blake Heron
Barbara Hershey
Barbara Hershey
Clark Gregg
Clark Gregg
Hilary Swank
Hilary Swank
Review by Mr. Mistoffelees
Added: March 15, 2008
You know, I'm starting to realize that my favorite movie genre is that of the thriller, specifically one with a twist ending that unfolds towards the end with little hints of what is really happening sprinkled in, which really can end up giving a movie multiple playthroughs to see what was missed originally. Movies that fit the thriller-with-a-twist-ending genre are Se7en, Saw, Identity, and so forth. One movie, "11:14," begins innocently enough, but ends up as one of my favorites because of its twists. Here's how.

The movie begins with a man talking on his cellphone while driving. Jack (Henry Thomas) has had a few to drink and of course has to call a girl and try to schmooze with her for a bit before she finally turns him down. As he turns his cell phone off, he hits something that goes toppling off of his hood and to the ground. Horrified and probably scared sober at this point, Jack goes to have a look whereupon he discovers it is a man without a face (not Mel Gibson). Soon the police show up and needless to say they're not thrilled about this.

There are two other stories within the film, one with Duffy and Buzzy (Shawn Hatosy and Hilary Swank), in a scene where they decide whether or not to pretend to rob the liquor store so that Duffy can have enough money to pay for his girlfriend's abortion. The other story is with three everyday guys who are trying to have fun in a car and end up getting into bigger trouble than they could every hope. Rachel Leigh Cook is also in the movie as Cheri, daughter of Frank (Patrick Swayze), a single parent who doesn't like who Cheri is with.

What makes this movie work so well is that it is told in a cut up manner, similar to that of Pulp Fiction. However, every character is tied together in this movie by, you guessed it, the title. The time 11:14 is significant with everyone involved because all of these events happen at that time. So you will begin the movie in the middle of the actual events, then go back in time with another scene, then forward, and so on. I personally like this type of telling because it keeps my mind working even if nothing exciting is happening, which is rare in this film. I consistently looked at the clocks around the characters to see where they were in the continuum and when 11:14 would roll around.

The other element of this film which makes it stellar is the acting. Everyone in this movie acted very well; Rachel Leigh Cook was perfect as the conniving Cheri (who also looked a lot like my ex, go figure). Swayze is always good in his roles, and here is no exception. Even the less known actors played their parts powerfully and expertly; you could really tell that everyone liked being in these roles and interacting with one another.

Finally, I have seen my share of movies and being that, like I said, I enjoy thriller-twist-ending movies, this one really blew me away. The time element didn't seem like just a gimmick, and the whole plot and twisted nature of Cheri became more evident, and thus more obscene as the film rolled. I would also say the ending is fitting, but the only way you'll agree with me is if you watch it. So do that, just so I feel good about myself.

Unfortunately, I couldn't make this review much longer because that would spoil it like fresh meat on a hot day, but trust that you won't be disappointed if we enjoy similar movies. I only wish I could tell more, there is so much that is burned into my memory. I'm going to go watch it again. I suggest the same.

C L #1: C L - added 06/02/2008, 10:11 PM
I watched "11:14" this weekend and I found it to be a very enjoyable experience. As the reviewer stated, it has several interesting twists that all tie together at the end, and what a wicked end it is. Watch this one if you haven't already. 9/10
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