The Toxic Avenger, Part III: The Last Temptation Of Toxie (1989)

DVD Cover (Troma Entertainment)
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Overall Rating 48%
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Connections: The Toxic Avenger

Toxie finds he has nothing to do as a superhero, as he has ridden his city of evil. He decides to go to work for a major corporation, which he discovers may be the evilest of all his adversaries. --IMDb
Ron Fazio
Ron Fazio
John Altamura
John Altamura
Phoebe Legere
Phoebe Legere
Rick Collins
Rick Collins
Lisa Gaye
Lisa Gaye
Review by Chad
Added: December 31, 2003
In the last of the string of lackluster sequels (not including Citizen Toxie, which isn't lackluster), we find Toxie growing bored in Tromaville. All the crime has been taken care of, and there's not much left to do except help old ladies and sit around. Then, he sees an ad that promises to restore vision to the blind. He looks over at his blind girlfriend, and decides to get this done for her. He attempts to find a job, but due to his condition, this is proven to be extremely hard. Apocalypse comes to him, and offers him a spokesman job, which eventually turns him into a yuppie. This eventually blinds Toxie to the going-on's around him, and Apocalypse takes over the town. The citizens turn against Toxie, who doesn't understand why. Whatever could happen to Toxie this time?

Continuing the downward spiral in quality. There were even less kills than the second movie in the series, but at least the humour was a tad better in this one. The storyline was also a bit better, but it did tend to get boring in some spots. It was also pretty nice to see a good deal of cameo appearances from stars from the original movie. Sadly, the toned-down-ness of this one just didn't do it for me.

Ginose #1: Ginose - added 11/10/2005, 04:08 PM
If you love Toxie, you will not watch this peice of shit! God! It sucked so bad it made me cry. It's like Troma gave up! ((Citzen Toxie kicked ass hough... 'nuff said...))
Shakes #2: Shakes - added 01/22/2009, 11:41 AM
This movie was awful. 3/10

i still need to see Toxie IV though... ugh..
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