Chatterbox (1977)

DVD Cover (Shout! Factory)
Genres: Absurd Comedy, Comedy, Sex Comedy
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Tom DeSimone Tom DeSimone
Candice Rialson Candice Rialson
Larry Gelman Larry Gelman
Jane Kean Jane Kean
Perry Bullington Perry Bullington
Arlene Martel Arlene Martel

5.0 / 10 - Overall Rating

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Review by Chad
Added: May 02, 2008
Yesterday, we compared Sexual Parasite and Teeth, two films dealing with vaginas that have a tendency to bite or kill whatever they come into contact with. Today, we're going to head back in time to the seventies and take a look at yet another film in which a pussy goes above and beyond the call of duty. However, unlike the two movies mentioned above, this particular vagina doesn't kill anybody, nor does it chew on penises or fingers - no, this one is simply chatty and also loves to sing. Yes, what we have here is a talking / singing cunt, and if you think that's odd, just wait until I get my hands on a copy of Pussy Talk, the film that this is a (much tamer) remake of.

The plot for this one is extremely complex and attention is paid to numerous little details, and... oh, screw it, it's a movie about a talking pussy. We kick things off with Penny (Candice Rialson), the "owner" of this fuzzy little star, and learn of her relationship with her boyfriend Ted (Perry Bullington). I say relationship, but I really should have said "former relationship" as Penny's little chatterbox has ended that after it rudely criticized Ted's abilities in bed. From there, Penny goes to her psychiatrist (Larry Gelman) for help, but instead of actually helping her or getting her medical help, he exploits her talents by taking her out on a musical tour and landing her roles in both television shows and movies. Of course, Penny is none too happy about having to expose her body on a nightly basis and playing second fiddle to her own anatomy, but what can she do?

It may sound like a cheesy little movie (and truthfully, it is), but Chatterbox is actually a pretty entertaining film. You see, there is a plot here and it works fairly well with all things considered (this is a movie about a talking vagina, after all), but the real enjoyment comes from the numerous jokes made about - and by - the star attraction. It seemed as though the filmmakers simply came up with a bunch of jokes revolving around a talking vagina and wrote a script around them, and while it may sound as though it wouldn't work out too well, I have to say that I got a couple of great laughs while watching them play out. I was shocked at how long they kept the jokes fresh and entertaining when they all revolved around the same damned thing, but it's true: the film kept the laughs coming for the vast majority of the running time.

The biggest shocker of the entire affair has to be the fact that this film was actually fairly clean. Now, this isn't exactly something that you'd want to show your kids, but it's far from being as bad as one might think given the general idea driving the film. Yes, there is some T&A and yes, there are some raunchy jokes, but it's all done in a lighthearted sort of way not unlike Porky's and the numerous other sex comedies coming out of the seventies and eighties. Don't think that this is just a porn with jokes as that idea couldn't be any more wrong.

Now for the bad news: it's true that there are a lot of laughs to be had here, but even though it runs for a scant seventy minutes, the film still feels a little too long. It opens with a bang and there's plenty of great material throughout the first half of the film, but it seems as though the filmmakers simply ran out of material towards the the halfway mark. As a result, the actual star of the show - the vagina - takes a backseat to Penny's relationship woes, but by this point, we simply don't care: we just want to laugh at pussy jokes. This problem might not have been quite as bad if the writers had spaced out the better jokes, but one can literally point to a single moment in the film and say "Right here is where the movie ceases to be entertaining."

The late Candice Rialson does a great job with her role and as mentioned, there's a lot of good laughs to be had during the first half of the film. Rip Taylor makes an absolutely hysterical cameo appearance as the gay manager of a hair saloon and whoever did the voice for Virginia (as the pussy prefers to be called) was entertaining, but at the end of the day, this film would have been a lot easier to recommend had the running time been considerably shortened. 6/10.
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