South Park: Bigger Longer & Uncut (1999)

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Connections: South Park

When Stan invites Kyle, Kyle's brother Ike, Cartman and Kenny to an R-rated movie starring their two favorite comedians, Terrance and Phillip, the boys teach their friends the cuss words they learned from the movie. After getting sent to the counselor's office, Kyle's mother, Sheila, is outraged by the movie, she starts a group that is against Canada. Canada now is at war with the United States, after being discriminated at for far too long. With Terrance and Phillip captured and sentenced to be executed, the boys must try to save the two Canadians in order to stop Satan and Saddam Hussein from ruling the world. --IMDb
Trey Parker
Trey Parker
Matt Stone
Matt Stone
Mary Kay Bergman
Mary Kay Bergman
Isaac Hayes
Isaac Hayes
Jesse Brant Howell
Jesse Brant Howell
Review by Chad
Added: May 26, 2008
It's sort of funny - I've always considered myself to be more than just a casual fan of the South Park series, yet tonight is the first time that I've ever seen the film that was based on this little town in Colorado. I saw the Christmas short that was circulating on the internet prior to the launch of the television show, I've seen each and every last episode at least once, and yet, I've never taken the time to watch the feature length film that came out almost ten years ago. There's two reasons for this: one, I wasn't a huge fan of the episodes in which Terrance and Phillip were featured in anything more than brief clips, and two, I hated the episodes that ventured into musical territory. However, I finally decided to give this one a shot after fishing it out of the bargain bin, and while I can't say that I loved it, I will say that it was much better than I had anticipated.

In this movie based on a popular animated television show, we find that a movie has been made based on a popular animated television show. Yes, the boys responsible for Terrance and Phillip have created Asses of Fire, a raunchier version of the Canadian smash hit that finally allows our farting friends to say what they want with no worries about network television regulations. Needless to say, those four lovable scamps from South Park are there in the audience on opening day, and after being thoroughly corrupted by this foul language, they choose to incorporate choice four-letter words into their own own daily vocabularies. Mothers everywhere are enraged, and in typical South Park fashion, this quickly escalates out of control with America soon declaring war on Canada and threatening to execute both Terrance and Phillip. As if that wasn't bad enough, Satan and Saddam Hussein - two gay lovers, for those who don't watch the show - are also making plans to make their triumphant return to the planet and enslave the human race. Oh, and did I mention that the film is a musical?

With South Park: Bigger Longer & Uncut, Trey Parker and Matt Stone managed to create what many movies based on television shows have failed to do over the years: they made a movie that stayed true to the television show that created the fanbase in the first place, but at the same time, they upped the ante in damned near every way possible and made it feel like an actual movie instead of just another episode. The animation is still crude, the jokes are still offensive, all of the usual character spots were present, and yes, there's even a moral to the story; however, never did I get the impression that this could have been presented as a two or three-part episode on TV. Sure, this can partly be attributed to the material that got the movie an "R" rating (the profanity and Saddam's penis, for starters), but there's also something to be said about the writing. It's painfully obvious that a lot of work went into this story, and while the timing of the release may have made it appear to be a quick cash-in on the show's popularity, the end result was anything but.

Now, as I mentioned above, I've never been a fan of the episodes that featured Terrance and Phillip, nor did I enjoy the episodes that focused on singing characters or song and dance routines. Surprisingly, this wasn't as huge an issue as I had originally anticipated, as the Terrance and Phillip aspect of the film was actually minor in the grand scheme of things. Granted, their movie within the movie may have set the stage for the events to come and they do indeed play an important part in the storyline, but the real emphasis of the film is on those four boys and the characters who think that they have the children's best interests at heart. As far as the songs go, well... they never did much for me in the television episodes, but here, they were just downright hilarious and benefited the film. Just try to listen to "Uncle Fucka" and finish your day without humming it at least once, and just try to avoid getting "Kyle's Mom is a Big Fat Bitch" stuck in your head.

Much like the television episodes that this film draws its fanbase from, it's easy to watch bits and pieces or hear a couple of quotes and get the impression that this is nothing more than potty humor that aims to please the lowest common denominator. That actually couldn't be further from the truth, as the film presents us with a topic that hits home - even ten years after its release - and wraps things up with a satisfying conclusion that also illustrates a couple of valid points. Sure, there are dick and fart jokes along the way, but this is not to say that there's no substance to this story.

Overall, I enjoyed it far more than I thought I would. It had a few strikes working against it in my eyes before I even popped the disc into my player, but it managed to win me over with great storytelling and effective use of those songs. It's not a perfect film and it probably won't do much for you if you didn't enjoy the television series, but everyone else will likely enjoy it as much as I did. 8/10.
Crispy #1: Crispy - added 05/26/2008, 04:21 AM
bluemeanie #2: bluemeanie - added 05/26/2008, 05:28 PM
Love, love, loved it. Hated "Team America". Loved this one. 9/10.
Cryptorchild #3: Cryptorchild - added 05/27/2008, 08:34 AM
You know I'm not a huge fan of South Park. Honestly I would pick Spongebob any day of the week over South Park. But I have to admit I really did enjoy this movie. It's hard not to like it. I agree with Chad's rating on this one. 8/10.
Optimus Prime #4: Optimus Prime - added 07/29/2008, 03:38 AM
Meh... not as funny as the show... too long... too stupid. 6/10

Rest Easy Soul #5: Rest Easy Soul - added 12/22/2009, 03:14 PM
The show is way better and I can't ever help but feel like this was just Matt and Trey taking advantage of the R rating and not having a censor.

Still a good movie though.
Lucid Dreams #6: Lucid Dreams - added 08/20/2010, 06:44 PM
Love the show and I love this. Fuck Canada. 8/10
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