Slashers (2002)

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Japan's number one extreme reality show is having it's first all-American special! Six lucky contestants, chosen from thousands of applicants, will have the chance to win millions of dollars, and all they have to do is stay alive! --IMDb
Sarah Joslyn Crowder
Sarah Joslyn Crowder
Tony Curtis Blondell
Tony Curtis Blondell
Kieran Keller
Kieran Keller
Jerry Sprio
Jerry Sprio
Carolina Pla
Carolina Pla
Review by Ginose
Added: June 16, 2008
Well, as I've discovered through years of searching through small-budgeted horror movies, it should be obvious that alot of them are... well... for lack of a better word... shit. It's not to say that many of them aren't enjoyable in one way or another; some have a cheesy touch that just work, some have genuinely original plots... hell, even the ones that don't sometimes have convincing variations on classic ideas. Though, certain companies seem to want to break this rule and just make consistently shitty movies as a rule... I'd like to cite the popular magazine company Fangoria. I've sat through FAR to many movies with there little logo on them and, well, I walked away far more irritated than entertained. It's as if every director they pick for their films makes the same types of errors in their movies: from casting all the way to basic lighting they make their movies look like hell in a bottle. I've seen two exceptions to this rule: the well thought-out and interesting "Skinned Deep" and the surprisingly fun "Slashers".

A fantastically popular reality T.V. show "$la$her$" is finally making its North American debut! The concept is simple: Six contestants enter a vicious and ever-changing maze for 90 minutes all while avoiding the psychotic killers that are set loose to find them. If you win, huge money (this particular episode's prize in $12 million). However, on the flip-side, if you lose then... well... there's really only one way you can lose. Well, as I said, it's the north American debut and our six lucky contestants will be put into the Danger Zone along with our three "Masters of Mayhem": ten episode slasher and resident psychotic redneck Chainsaw Charley, newcomer and ever faithful to the word of the lord Preacherman, and the highest scoring slasher in the show's history (back from a short break) Dr. Ripper. The six players' goal is to survive, just that, and they don't necessarily have to help each other do it; some of the contestants from previous "$la$her$" matches have even turned against one another in hopes of not having to share in the prize money or the glory. Now, as simple as the show's premise is, the rules are even simpler: there are none! Thanks to their contracts none of the contestants can be held legally accountable for anything they say or do while on the air. Any piece of the scenery is a weapon, any method of survival is valid. Let the games begin!

Now, you may think me a bastard for mentioning the slashers with more regard than the actual contestants, but there is quite a logic behind that. You see, the actual characters have a bit of surprise development going on throughout the movie, I've got little mind to try and explain any "complex" personalities here (there are none) but there are one or two plot twists that really shake what you thought initially... that's right... there were actually interesting plot moves.

All in all I really did enjoy the characters, the slashers were extremely well-cast (especially with Neil Napier pulling double rolls as Charlie and the Preacherman) and actually pulled amazingly as T.V. personalities within a movie. As I see the rest of the acting in here I have to say I didn't care for it, it really felt like a bunch of friends making a movie together with the exceptions of Napier and Tony Blondell (who didn't seem too interested in the movie itself, but he definitely dragged it out as best as he could)... I did enjoy Jerry Sprio's performance for the most part, but his character was one of my favorites... awkwardly enough, I kind of hated Sarah Joslyn Crowder in both her acting and her character... this may be the biggest flaw with the movie, the fact that she's the main character that is... well, fuck it right? I guess it was all about watching as a show rather than a movie, anyway. It's kind of hard to knock the performances when you think of it the way it is.

As short and sweet as this was, it's hard to take any bit of it seriously. It has some very nice gore-effects, but nothing genuinely scary. I guess that's what made it so entertaining, it was just pure cheesy fun. Nothing more, nothing less. I'm glad something decent can be squeezed of of Fangoria's rag-ass name... 7.9/10 for pure enjoyability.

Yes. I do hate Fangoria magazine as well... they were excellent a long time ago... and then... ehh... fuckin' rag.
Cryptorchild #1: Cryptorchild - added 06/16/2008, 08:45 PM
I'm glad to see someone liked this movie. I saw it quite awhile back and enjoyed it. Then last week I found it used and I was more than happy to buy it. I'm glad to see someone give it a good review.
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