Trauma (1993)

DVD Cover (Anchor Bay)
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Overall Rating 59%
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Christopher Rydell
Christopher Rydell
Asia Argento
Asia Argento
Piper Laurie
Piper Laurie
Frederic Forrest
Frederic Forrest
Laura Johnson
Laura Johnson
Review by Nirrad
Added: July 07, 2008
I'm not going to lie to you; I really didn't want to review this movie. But I figured I might as well simply because I don't think anyone else would because it's terrible, and its not one of Argento's popular films. After reading the synopsis of "Trauma", I thought it was going to be a fantastic film. But little did I know what I was getting myself into. I'm going to try my best at this review, but I simply can't really break it down for you guys.

While working late at a hospital on a dark, rainy night. A nurse gets a knock on the door thinking its one of her patients. But the guest soon attacks the nurse, and eventually cuts her head off. The next day, after escaping from a clinic hospital, Aura (Asia Argento) decides to attempt suicide by jumping off a bridge. David (Christopher Rydell) is driving by in his truck and catches Asia trying to jump. He exits his truck to prevent Asia from jumping. As he grabs her, we see that she appears to be drugged. He decides to take her to a restaurant for some food and to clear her head, but she refuses to eat anything. After pushing her, Asia eventually takes a few bites only to rush to the washroom moments later to throw up. It appears Asia seems to be having a problem with anorexia. As she exits the restaurant, she is caught by two policemen who were hired to find her and return her home. When she returns home, she gets locked in her room and is told that she is going to return to the hospital the next day. Meanwhile, her mother Adriana (Piper Laurie) has guests over where they plan to speak to the dead. When Adriana gets in contact with a ghost, it starts to tell her that the killer is in the room. A tree branch breaks through the window, and Adriana runs out the window as she is screaming "I'll find you". Her husband follows her out the door trying to stop her. But when he finally catches up to her, he sees that she has been decapitated. As he hovers over her dead body, he gets attacked as well. Aura catches up only to see the killer walk off with her parent's heads covering his/her identity. The next day, Asia runs into David again, and she asks him to help her out with the murders. They head back to the house to search for some clues. As they are in the house, the killer returns to the scene to kill them. But as Aura is coming down the stairs, she scares the killer away. Knowing that they're being hunted, they decide to stay at David's place, away from the area. They begin to form a relationship, but Aura is eventually taken back to the hospital. David drives to the hospital to try and rescue Aura, but someone else decides to make an unexpected visit.

That is basically the gist of the story. Honestly, there really isn't much going on, and I found it extremely hard to pay attention. The movie starts off with a bang with a murder, but it eventually goes down the toilet within minutes. After 10 minutes, I really wanted to turn this movie off because it was utterly boring. I was forcing myself to stay on the couch watching this. My eyes kept wandering over to the other television to watch Mad T.V, and I don't care for that show. Just when it started to pick up, it gets boring yet again, and stupid. This movie is simply terrible.

The only thing this movie has going, is the acting. I'm not saying its great, but at least it isn't lousy to make this movie worse (if that's even possible). When I saw Tom Savini's name during the opening credits, I thought I was in for some great gore effects. But this movie fails at that. This movie has little to none. The decapitation sequences are nothing like you think. It's a close up shot of a wire cutting through someone's neck with blood pouring down. But it's pretty obvious that the wire isn't cutting shit!

Editing can help a movie out a lot, but whoever edited this should not touch movie for the rest of their life. Because of the editing, it made this movie hard to follow, and made some scenes not make any sense at all. There's a scene where a man is walking down the street in the middle of the day, when all of a sudden he's in a rundown apartment in the night the next second. I know time has passed, but because of the editing, you wouldn't be able to tell at first.

I want to know what the writers were on when they came up with the script. Apparently a severed head can talk nearly half a minute after being removed from the body. It can also scream as it falls down an elevator shaft. Give me a break.

Once again I didn't enjoy the music in an Argento film. At some points it is fine, but at others I couldn't help but think of Looney Toons. I don't need to elaborate as that speaks for itself.

Argento really wasn't in his groove for this one. Maybe it's because it's an American production and he wasn't familiar in that territory at the time. But if his other American films are like this, he should stick to his European filmmaking roots. This is one gigantic epic fail for Dario Argento, and I wouldn't suggest this movie at all. It's boring, lacks gore and has one of the dumbest plot twists I have ever witnessed. Skip this and check out his earlier films as they are far superior to this travesty.

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