Cannibal Doctor (1999)

DVD Cover (Factory 2000)
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Overall Rating 38%
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Connections: Cannibal Doctor

A doctor and his wife are looking to consume a tender girl in order to stay young forever. Enter Michelle, a naive to the point of dimwitted young lovely who comes in to the doc's office seeking a job and is persuaded into undergoing a check-up prior to being employed as a secretary. --TMDb
Erin Brown
Erin Brown
Tina Krause
Tina Krause
William Hellfire
William Hellfire
Review by Chad
Added: July 10, 2008
If you didn't know already know, you've probably figured out by reading the numerous reviews on this site: Factory 2000 was a little New Jersey-based group of filmmakers who enjoyed pushing the boundaries of good taste with their films. Gratuitous nudity, buckets of blood, and plenty of fetish indulgement was simply par for the course with each of their releases, and while much the same can be said about a good number of filmmakers working today, only Factory 2000 can boast that they were responsible for introducing Misty Mundae to horror fans around the world. This much is common knowledge for fans of Misty, but what you may not know (I certainly didn't) is that Factory 2000 also did contract work for a group called WAVE productions, a group who created custom movies for their customers.

WAVE operated under a simple premise: the audience is always right, and the distributor should give them exactly what they wanted - for a price, that is. Basically, Joe Pervert would send them a letter requesting a film catering to his particular fetish (complete with a checklist of scenes that he'd like to see in it), and if he could produce the funds to shoot the film, WAVE would handle the rest. A certain somebody requested a movie catering to his cannibal fetish, WAVE accepted and passed the project on over to Factory 2000, and the result was Cannibal Doctor.

As this is a fetish film that aims to please the tastes of one particular subset of fans (those with a fetish for watching beautiful young women being prepared for dinner), there's not much in the way of storyline here. Dr. Ben Orange (William Hellfire) is a doctor who wants nothing more than to make his wife Margaret (Tina Krause) happy, and what makes his wife happy is staying young. All women want to stay young forever, right? Well, most women aren't like Margaret, a woman who insists that the perfect way to stay young is to lure young ladies to the office with the promise of a high-paying job, tenderize them, cook them, and then eat them. Enter Michelle (Misty Mundae), a naive almost to the point of retardation woman who answers the "Help Wanted" ad in her local newspaper, and... well, that's really about it for the storyline.

While I can't say that I particularly enjoyed this film, I think that it's a bit unfair for me to criticize it as I don't have much of a cannibal fetish, and as such, I wasn't the target audience that the filmmakers were trying to please. I do have an undying obsession with Misty Mundae though, but even this wasn't enough to boost my enjoyment of the film; in fact, I think that this was the first time that I've ever fast-forwarded through a Misty Mundae scene.

The problem here is not so much the actual cannibal aspect of the film (even though there is no gore and we don't actually see Misty being devoured). Instead, the biggest fault of the film is the "tenderizing" that takes place before the grand finale. You see, it plays out a little something like this: the doctor will rub the front of Misty's legs for five minutes, and then, he'll turn her around and rub the back of her legs for another five minutes. He explains that he's doing a routine checkup ("I can't have faulty secretaries" is his rationale here), so of course, Misty lets him do what he pleases.

Then, the good doctor rubs her back for five minutes. Next is her stomach, then it's on to her breasts. There's very little dialogue here, and although I didn't time each segment of the film, I don't think that I'm exaggerating much when I say that this took up half of the running time. Tina Krause then spends another ten minutes tenderizing her with a huge vibrator of some sort before spending another ten minutes tying her up, and after about fifty minutes (out of the total sixty-five), we finally get some action.

Again, I don't exactly indulge in this cannibal fetish, and as such, I'm not familiar with what the fans of said genre expect to see from their fetish films. Maybe my gripes are akin to someone bitching about the nudity in a softcore film or the violence in a horror film, but as an outsider looking in, Cannibal Doctor really didn't do anything for me. Truth be told, the only thing that it had going for it was a young Misty Mundae, and even that couldn't keep me from pushing the fast-forward button a couple of times. Balancing the fact that I didn't particularly enjoy the film with my earlier statement about not criticizing it due to my unfamiliarity with the genre, I'm going to go with a 5/10. Bump that up if this is your thing, knock a couple of points off if it's not.
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