American Nudes, Vol. I (2008)

DVD Cover (Cult Epics)
Genres: Adult Entertainment, Sexploitation
Cult Epics presents a rare peek into the history of American Erotic Cinema. Prior to feature length XXX rated films reaching theaters in the late 1970s, short nude films were produced in the USA. Volume one features a compilation of short nude films which were produced in the 1940s, some under the heading Hollywood Beauties, in addition to nudist camp and underwater films. View these nude classics like never before, enhanced with a big band, swing jazz soundtrack. --Amazon
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4.7 / 10 - Overall Rating

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Review by Chad
Added: July 29, 2008
What's that? You dear readers demand more vintage erotica on this site? Well, your wish is my command as we take a look at American Nudes, Vol. 1, a compilation of short "nudie cutie" films from the 1940s. Seventeen short films are compiled in this set from our friends over at Cult Epics, each of which focuses on the most basic and natural aspect of smut: the beauty of the female body. Indeed, there's no softcore or hardcore action in this one (those come later in the series), so it's up to you fine readers to decide whether that's a good thing or a bad thing.

Save for one film which takes us inside a nudist camp and another pair of films which feature ladies swimming around underwater, each of the films is extremely simple in terms of the plot or lack thereof. For example, one of the shorts features a woman taking a bubble bath, another features one nude woman brushing another's hair, while a third merely shows a lady putting on her bathing suit. One particularly interesting film features an Asian model, which surely must have been a rarity given the American and the 1940s part of the title. It's pretty mundane stuff by today's standards, but regardless of what we can find on shelves these days, it's still fairly interesting even for someone who isn't a huge fan of vintage erotica such as myself.

Two of the films feature the original audio tracks: the aforementioned visit to the nudist camp which is narrated not unlike the sex education videos that we all had to watch in high school, and another that describes the life of a model which is narrated... well, not unlike the sex education videos that we all had to watch in high school. The rest of the films feature a dubbed soundtrack consisting of jazz music which lends itself nicely to the trip down memory lane.

As mentioned, I'm not a huge fan of the whole vintage erotica scene. However, what I am a fan of is the women from days gone by, as on average, the women from back then simply looked better than the women of today. There was no plastic surgery or breast implants back then, models weren't required to puke after every meal, women actually had bodies appropriate of their age instead of looking more like what you'd see on a twelve-year-old boy, and the ladies just looked more natural as a whole. Those of you who prefer your women anorexic and airbrushed may not enjoy the healthy look that is prominently displayed throughout these films, but personally, I loved each and every last one of them.

I apologize for the short review, but really, what more needs to be said? It's vintage erotica from the forties, the women are hot, and they all get naked (save for a few who wear pasties). Based on that single sentence, you're either sold on the idea or you've clicked onwards to something else. 7/10.
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