The Lost Room (2006)

DVD Cover (Lions Gate)

8.2 / 10 - Overall Rating

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Genres: Science Fiction, Supernatural Drama
Detective Joe Miller comes into possession of a seemingly innocuous motel room key while working on a murder case. The key can open every door and take him into a motel room that seems to exist outside of normal time and space. However, if he leaves something in the motel room that did not originally come from there, it will be gone as soon as the room "resets"... He discovers that there are special objects hidden in different places. They don't look special, but they have special powers. When his daughter disappears and he is framed for killing his partner, he must find a way to bring her back from the room, while working with different groups and people searching for the objects. But who can he really trust when everyone goes crazy after touching the objects... --IMDb
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Review by Griffinheart
Added: August 11, 2008
At 1:20:44 p.m. on May 4, 1961, reality broke. A motel room and everything in it were erased from history but not from existence. Instead, each "object" within that room developed the ability to grant its wielder an unusual and typically benign power. But, as has happened so often before, these small objects of power drive men to murder and new religions. This is The Lost Room.

Our story begins in a small pawn shop, where a motel room key is being sold for two million dollars. Before the money is transferred, though, a collapsible door is pulled from a suitcase to "test the key." The door is assembled on top of a table and shut before being opened with the key to reveal a pristine motel room on the other side--of a door sitting on a table in the middle of a room. Shaking with disbelief, the buyer gladly transfers the two million for the key. Sadly, his ownership is short lived after a man enters the pawn shop, demanding the key and incessantly clicking a pen. The cops arrive shortly thereafter and find several strangely burned bodies--though the body of a store clerk is missing. This clerk stumbles out of the closet of a cop, Joe Miller, in the middle of the night. Before bleeding to death, he hands the key to Joe and whispers, "It opens a door to anywhere...anywhere..."

Joe finds these dying words to be true. The key opens any door with a look to reveal a specific motel room. From there, a little concentration will open the motel room's door to almost any door in the world. Before Joe can really begin to enjoy the key, however, his daughter is kidnapped, and the price for her release is the key. An exchange is setup, but, in the confusion and betrayal of the process, Joe's daughter steps into the motel room and the door shuts behind her. When the key is used again, Joe's daughter is gone...Now Joe will do anything, pay any price to get his daughter back. He'll deal with Karl Kreutzfeld - a collector of objects with a hidden agenda, the Legion - a group dedicated to gathering the objects and preventing them from causing more harm, and the Order of Reunification - a cult dedicated to the belief that the objects are pieces of God's corpse and that gathering them all together will allow them to talk to Him or even to become Him.

This mini-series is of the Sci-Fi Channel's best, nay, one of TV's best. Not a single actor feels out of place or miscast in the excellently written script. The plot moves quickly and with plenty of twists and turns, but the story's greatest asset is that everything is kept simple. I don't meant that the plot has no depth, I mean that everything is grounded in a reality just a hair to the right of our own. There are no wizards throwing fire, murderous robots traveling through time, or M. Night Shyamalan plot twists to be seen. Every object, despite the wondrous powers it grants, look just like normal objects. That watch on your wrist could hard boil an egg, of that pencil might produce a 1961 penny if you tapped it against the table...if only you tried it.

I highly recommend picking up this series. It is only about six hours long, but you'll love every minute. For excellence in the cause of science fiction, I award "The Lost Room" a 10/10.
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Griffinheart #1: Griffinheart - added 08/20/2008, 01:57 AM
The soundtrack to this series is also killer.
Tristan #2: Tristan - added 08/30/2008, 01:37 AM
This would have to be good. Peter Krause is a phenomenal actor, as is Chris Bauer. Normally I wouldn't check out a series like this, but with both of these actors on the roster, I think I may have to.
Chad #3: Chad - added 09/05/2008, 08:22 PM
This was indeed a great series. I expected to watch one episode here and another there, but I ended up watching the whole damned thing straight through. Excellent stuff.
Griffinheart #4: Griffinheart - added 09/06/2008, 11:49 AM
It also helps that the DVD claims about six episodes, but they run most of them together non-stop. :) That'll keep you watching.
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