The Beekeeper (2008)

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Genres: Drama, Family Drama, Marriage Drama
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Sean Jourdan Sean Jourdan
Joey Bicicchi Joey Bicicchi
Oksana Fedunyszyn Oksana Fedunyszyn
Sophie Joseph Sophie Joseph
Michelle Mueller Michelle Mueller
Michael Joseph Thomas Ward Michael Joseph Thomas Ward

7.4 / 10 - Overall Rating

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Review by bluemeanie
Added: October 17, 2008
First off, a big kudos to director Sean J.S. Jourdan for having the nerve to send a short dramatic film my way. I get a lot of flack for treating non-professional films with the same level of scrutiny as professional films, which is why I typically don't see many dramatic films come my way, even though it's my favorite genre. The film he sent me is entitled "The Beekeeper" and it's 27 minutes long and it kept me very surprised throughout.

I had no idea what to expect of this film and I did zero research on it. It just so happened -- I received the package in the mail, had half an hour to spare, and popped it in and watched it. "The Beekeeper" tells the story of Robin (Michelle Mueller), who we find dropping by the home of Phil Shaw (Michael Joseph Thomas Ward), a beekeeper. The two share some intimacy outside, in close proximity to Phil's wife, so we immediately know the two seem to be engaged in some sort of affair. What we don't know, but soon find out, is that Michelle is actually dating Phil's teenage son, William (Joseph Bicicchi), who is about to head off to college. In the 27 minutes we're given, we see the interactions between Michelle and Phil and the Michelle and William and we see the level of secrecy. Phil's wife, Stella (Oksana Fedunsyzn) seems to know something is going on, but doesn't know what.

There is so much mystery wrapped in "The Beekeeper" that it had me wanting more. I was delighted to visit the official website and discover that this short was actually going to be turned into a feature film. I think a feature length film, handled correctly, would be best served with this material. I want more background on these four characters and I want to see what happens with all of this. Does Stella know what's going on? Does William find out anything else? I want to see how these characters progress and resolve their issues.

I enjoyed "The Beekeeper". I enjoyed "The Beekeeper" very much. Maybe people will finally start to realize that I can give a decent score to an independent short film -- it just has to be well done. This one was. I hope the director will send me the finished feature as soon as it's completed. I look forward to it.
Chad #1: Chad - added 10/17/2008, 08:26 PM
I have to admit that I expected the worst when I popped this in... I mean, I don't care for drama and I'm not a huge fan of short films, and let's not forget that this was a college project (which doesn't automatically make it horrible, but it didn't get my hopes up either). Surprisingly, it was damned good, and like meanie said, I can't wait to see the final version. 9/10 as well.
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