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Come Deadly (1973)

DVD Cover (After Hours Cinema)
Hardcore Sex Film, Horror, Police Detective Film, Sex Horror
Gil Kenston Gil Kenston
Kirt Jones Kirt Jones
Cindy Johnson Cindy Johnson
Keith Erickson Keith Erickson
Nina Fause Nina Fause
Maggie Williams Maggie Williams

3.8 / 10 - Overall Rating

* * * * *
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A detective goes undercover to catch whoever has been raping and strangling female members of an acting troupe. --IMDb
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Review by Chad
Added: November 10, 2008
Rounding out the "Rapist Rampage" double feature is Come Deadly, and as you may recall, the main attraction of this set was Wet Wilderness. As you may also recall, I enjoyed the blend of horror and sex that Wet Wilderness provided, so naturally, I was expecting more of the same in the second feature on the disc. Unfortunately, while it did provide plenty of the sex, it came up severely lacking in everything else.

Coming across as more of a murder mystery than an actual horror release, Come Deadly tells the tale of a serial rapist who is knocking up and knocking off the female cast members of a Shakespeare stage play. After said rapist makes his first kill, a police officer decides to go undercover (and under the covers) to get to the bottom of this case, so he takes on the leading role in the play. From there... well, that's really about it. The serial rapist shows up a couple of times and bangs the surviving women before strangling them to death, the cop bangs a couple of them as well in search of the killer, and it's one big whodunnit case where we really don't give a shit who did it... excuse me, we wouldn't give a shit, but that huge beard under the mask sort of gave the killer's identity away during the first scene.

I enjoyed Wet Wilderness primarily due to the injection of horror and flat-out sleaze. Sure, it was a porno flick at its core, but it had that extra dosage of exploitation garbage that made it a fun movie for those of us who enjoy that sort of trash. Come Deadly, on the other hand, is a porno flick that tries much too hard to be something that it's not. It's not a horror film in the least (with the exception of the kills, but those are extremely tame), it's not a captivating mystery, and it's not an exciting thriller. It's just a porno with some horrendous attempts at legitimate acting inserted between the sex scenes.

The film also suffers from some extremely laughable editing which causes one character to die, come back to life, and then die again. You see, there's this one character who gets it on with the cop before kicking him out of her house, and then, the serial killer shows up, rapes her, and then murders her. That's all fine and dandy, right? Well, in the next scene, the cop is questioning another cast member back at the gymnasium or wherever it was that they practiced their lines, and then, the woman who we just saw get killed shows up and asks to speak with the cop. The woman ends up going home by herself as the cop doesn't have time for her, and what do you know - the serial killer shows up, rapes her again, and finishes her off once and for all. I can overlook bad editing in a film of this nature... I mean, I laughed when I saw that the rapist's dick was a good two feet away from even touching his victim's body while he was thrusting "in and out" of her as she screamed in pain, but I can overlook that. Completely forgetting that you just killed a broad over the course of one scene? Now that's just sloppy.

What little storyline there is isn't very exciting because, as mentioned, the mystery isn't very hard to figure out if you're even remotely paying attention during the opening scene. Granted, the killer wears pantyhose over his face to conceal his identity, but you can clearly see that he has a huge beard. In the next scene, we meet the cast members, and go figure - there's one guy with a huge beard. The filmmakers try to throw a couple of red herrings into the mix to spice it up, but it's completely obvious where they're going with this story throughout the entire damned thing.

Perhaps I'm being too hard on what is basically nothing more than a seventies fuckfest. I mean, they could have just thrown together a handful of random sex scenes and scrapped the story entirely, right? Well, I'm of the opinion that they should have. I judge a movie based on what it is and what it attempts to accomplish rather than what it could have been, and as it stands, this is a movie that simply tries to be something that it's not. It tries so hard to be a thriller / horror hybrid, but in the end, it's just a porno flick (and not even a good one) that is interrupted every five minutes with a pathetic excuse for a storyline. The only positive thing that I can say about it is that it's free if you decide to purchase Wet Wilderness, and while that film is worthy of a purchase for grindhouse aficionados, the bonus feature isn't worth the time it takes to fast-forward to the good spots. 2/10, and I only went that high due to it providing me with a couple of unintentional laughs.
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