TNA Wrestling: The 50 Greatest Moments (2006)

DVD Cover (TNA Home Video)
Genres: Documentary, Sports, Sports & Recreation, Wrestling
They are the extraordinary TNA moments that will echo throughout the history of professional wrestling... the timeless memories that fans will never forget - now chronicled on one amazing release! TNA Wrestling presents "The 50 Greatest Moments", featuring the most monumental, surprising and awe-inspiring events that shaped the face of TNA Wrestling from its 2002 inception until today! --Amazon
Jeremy Borash Jeremy Borash
Steve Borden Steve Borden
Christopher Daniels Christopher Daniels
Terry Gerin Terry Gerin
Scott Hall Scott Hall
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Review by Chad
Added: December 13, 2008
I've been a fan of professional wrestling since way back in 1985, back when I was a little kid who got exposed to the first WrestleMania through my older brother. This single event got me hooked on the theatrics and the showmanship of the "sport", and I continued watching it throughout the MTV-influenced eighties, the cartoonish early nineties, and of course, the "Attitude Era" that was the latter half of the nineties. I also enjoyed the competing products (WCW and ECW), but WWE was the program that I watched most.

Sadly, I lost interest in it after - in my humble opinion - the quality of the show went down the tubes, and even though I keep up with the dirtsheets from time to time and pick up the occasional DVD, I haven't really called myself a fan for the last six or seven years. My loss of interest in the product came about at around the same time that TNA (Total Nonstop Action) Wrestling came into the picture, and thus, I never really got into the promotion. They recently had an excellent sale on some of their older releases which prompted me to finally check them out, and what better way for a non-fan to get started than with The 50 Greatest Moments in the history of the company?

As usual, let's get the content out of the way before getting into the review. The list of the fifty greatest moments as presented on this disc goes a little something like this:

#50: Roddy Piper humiliates Chris Rose
#49: Chris Rock comes to the TNA Asylum
#48: The debut of Diamond Dallas Page
#47: Jeff Jarrett brawls with the Tennessee Titans
#46: Jim Cornette joins TNA
#45: The Gore from Hell
#44: The return of Senshi
#43: The Road Warriors come to TNA
#42: Samoa Joe vs. Jushin Liger
#41: The Team 3D Funeral
#40: Toby Keith eliminates Jeff Jarrett
#39: Team NWA wins the World X Cup
#38: The fire at Hard Justice '06
#37: Raven's bloody scalping
#36: Rhino debuts at No Surrender
#35: The debut of Team 3D
#34: Samoa Joe wins the X-Division Championship
#33: Abyss invades Christian Cage's home
#32: The first TNA cage match
#31: Ken Shamrock wins the first TNA-Era NWA Championship
#30: Cookiegate
#29: Ron "The Truth" Killings wins the NWA Championship
#28: Controversy in Canada
#27: Jeff Hardy's insane leap at Bound For Glory '05
#26: Brian Urlacher comes to TNA
#25: Victory Road '04
#24: Scott Steiner's debut at Destination X
#23: Lockdown '05
#22: Basebrawl
#21: Rhino wins the NWA world title at Bound for Glory '05
#20: Raven debuts and steals the NWA Title
#19: Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, and Randy "Macho Man" Savage debut in TNA
#18: The first six sides of steel cage match
#17: Jeff Jarrett becomes the King of the Mountain
#16: Raven fulfills his destiny
#15: The first Ultimate X Match
#14: Alex Shelley films Sting
#13: AJ Styles becomes the first X-Division Champion
#12: The debut of Jeff Hardy
#11: TNA's first ever PPV
#10: Chris Candido leads the Naturals to the NWA tag team titles
#09: Christian Cage becomes the NWA Champion
#08: Barbed Wire Massacre
#07: AJ Styles ends Jeff Jarrett's World Title reign
#06: America's Most Wanted vs. Triple X: Six Sides of Steel
#05: Christian Cage debuts
#04: The Unbreakable three-way
#03: Jeff Jarrett attacks Hulk Hogan
#02: Sting returns to wrestling
#01: TNA debuts on SpikeTV

This is a fairly complete history of the company, as the material is culled from the very first pay-per-view event back in 2002, the 2006 events that took place just prior to the release of the disc, and everything in between. For someone such as myself who has had very little exposure to the things that have taken place in this company, this was a great way to get caught up on the highlights of the company's brief history. It has also made me much more interested in checking out future releases, and I think that it goes without saying that this was likely one of the biggest goals that they were aiming for.

I was also pleasantly surprised with how each of the vignettes were presented. I knew going in that we wouldn't be getting full matches and detailed histories for each of the events due to the fact that there would have to be three or four discs to house all of that material, but I was satisfied with the three hours worth of information and footage that we did get. Most of the sections on the disc follows the same general format: a voice-over will give us a brief history to explain why this particular item was significant, we see footage of the event itself, and every now and then, we get to see wrestlers from the company commenting on said events. I was a little disappointed with how the wrestlers stayed in character when talking about the events as I feel that WWE's "insider's look" approach works far better on discs like this, but the footage and the events themselves are what matters most.

Anyone interested in TNA will likely enjoy this release, whether you're a hardcore fan of the company or someone who'd just like to see what all of the fuss is about. I personally fall into the latter category, and I thoroughly enjoyed being exposed to the events and the faces that have kept this company going for the last six years. On the other hand, if you've been following the company closer than I have, you'll more than likely enjoy taking a second look at the most entertaining moments that the company has presented you with. It's really a win-win situation, so I think that a 9.5/10 sounds about right.
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