Erotek Dimensions 3D (2002)

DVD Cover (Outrageous Films)
Genres / Traits: Hardcore Sex Film, Science Fiction, 3-D
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Nicholas Scot Nicholas Scot
Doria Rone Doria Rone
Kimberly Chambers Kimberly Chambers
Scott Styles Scott Styles
Taylor Wayne Taylor Wayne
Daniel Anderson Daniel Anderson

5.9 / 10 - Overall Rating

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Review by Chad
Added: January 02, 2009
With all of the hoopla over the upcoming remake of My Bloody Valentine, I thought that it might be nice to take a look at another film shot in 3D to sort of set the mood. So, here we are with Erotek Dimensions 3D, a film that is sure to be a hit on family night, and being the first 3D XXX film available on DVD, it's also a film that proves the "if you can imagine it, there is porn of it" theory correct. 3D porn - who would have thought?

The storyline for this thirty-minute epic is full of exciting twists and turns, so I'm going to be careful with the revelations that I type here. We begin with a scientist (Doria Rone) firing up her latest invention, a device that will someday put Internet pornography out of business. It works as such: you tell it what type of people you're interested in (for example, "a blonde, blue-eyed gal with huge tits and a white guy with a nine-inch circumcised cock"), you tell it what you want to see them do ("start with a little foreplay, give him a blowjob, and then add a couple of other people into the mix"), and then all of this happens right in the comfort of your living room. Alright, so that's really the extent of the storyline, but what did you expect from a movie like this? Kimberly Chambers and Taylor Wane round out the female cast, while Scott Styles and Lorean serve as the studs.

As a porno flick, this one follows the tried-and-true formula: guy goes down on girl, girl sucks off guy, guy pounds girl, guy pounds girl while girl eats girl. There's nothing fancy about the storyline or the sex acts, but you do get some fairly big names; Doria Rone is the gal behind the popular doria.com, Taylor Wane obviously needs no introductions after having been around for over twenty years, and of course, Kimberly Chambers was in such classics as Cock Loving Moms, Tit Happens, and Beaver & Buttcheeks (not to be confused with Beaver & Buttface - apparently, Beavis & Butt-Head was a prime target for porn parodies in its day).

Yes, this would be an unremarkable film and undeserving of a spot on this site if not for that little 3D gimmick (and that $100 price tag). Minus the opening and closing credits, this bad boy runs for approximately twenty-six minutes, so that works out to be a little under $4 a minute. Well, to be fair, you do get two different versions of the film on the disc (the 3D version and the "normal" version), but I doubt that anyone is going to plunk down that kind of money for the "straight" version of the film. Anyway, pricing shouldn't come into the equation when reviewing a film, so let's get down to business: is it worth a viewing?

As a novelty item, sure - it was an interesting experiment, and even though I can see why three-dimensional porn hasn't really caught on (filming costs not withstanding), I can't say that I'm disappointed with my first experience in the genre. Even though the actual content of the movie is pretty mundane stuff by pornography standards, I have to admit that the 3D effects were exceptionally well done - in fact, and it hurts to admit this, this is the best usage of 3D that I have ever seen in film. Seeing Taylor Wane's 38DD boobs popping out of your television is something that every straight male should see at least once, and the inevitable money shot... well, it's your standard money shot and it's in 3D, need I say more?

Judging this purely by porno standards, it's forgettable at best; granted, it's the first appearance of Doria Rone in an XXX-rated movie (if the cover is to be believed), and yeah, Taylor Wane has a sizable fanbase who will eat this up, but it's doing the same things that the industry has been pumping out for the last century. However, as an experiment in 3D porn, I have to give it a recommendation to anyone who is interested in that sort of thing - if it sounds like your cup of tea, you won't walk away disappointed. So, in conclusion, this is a film that is being sold on its gimmick, and thus, I will rate it accordingly: 8/10.
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