Dark Angel: The Ascent (1994)

DVD Cover (Full Moon Pictures)
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Overall Rating 60%
Overall Rating
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Constantin Draganescu
Constantin Draganescu
Angela Featherstone
Angela Featherstone
Cristina Stoica
Cristina Stoica
Valentin Teodesiu
Valentin Teodesiu
Nicholas Worth
Nicholas Worth
Review by Chad
Added: May 19, 2004
Life in hell isn't too good for our heroine demoness Veronica. She's having dreams of the world above (earth), and wants to go there; however, her teacher of all things demonic beats her for these thoughts, and then this teacher tells her father, who also beats her. Veronica's mother tries to get her to apologize to her father for blaspheming so badly, but she won't do it; this is the final straw for father, who attempts to kill Veronica. She escapes, however, and escapes to earth. She wanders around town for a bit, until she's involved in an accident. Her doctor, Max, fixes her up and grows pretty fond of this lady. Since she has nowhere to go upon being released from the hospital, Max offers her a place to stay, and she accepts. Things are going smoothly, until Veronica happens to see two guys robbing a woman, and she offs the both of them for their crimes. However, she leaves her hospital shirt at the scene of the crime, the police find it, and they believe that Max is responsible for the killings. As the cops are closing in on Max, Veronica is offing more sinners, and falling in love with Max.

The way they handled the religion side of things in this movie was quite interesting. Instead of the typical heaven and hell setup that most folks are used to, we have hell as a place for sinners; however, what makes this unique is, the fact that the demons down there are servants of heaven, taking care of the people that heaven doesn't want. All of the demons are quite loyal to heaven's minions, fear them greatly, and even pray to them before their dinner of human remains. That was indeed quite the interesting take on the whole subject.

For such a low-budget film, the effects and settings used were quite astounding. For example, in one scene, Veronica rips a man's spine out of his back in quite the realistic looking setup. Then there's a particular knife-wound scene, which is also very nicely done. There's quite a few more, but those are my two personal favorites. Major thumbs up in that category.

Veronica, played by Angela Featherstone, is great in her role. She's a bit over-the-top in some scenes, but nothing too harmful to the overall mood of the movie. Add on to that that she is incredibly hot and likes to get nude, well, it makes for some good movie times. Sadly though, the rest of the cast doesn't come close to Angela's goodness. I missed the name of the actor who played Max, but he was pretty bland, especially for the lead male role in the film. They definitely should have found someone who wasn't so yawn-inducing. Then there's the parents of Veronica (Charlotte Stewart & Nicholas Worth). Neither of them get a whole lot of on-screen time, but they sure do manage to stink up the joint when they are in a scene. Father just comes off looking lame in all of his scenes, and Charlotte always sounds hysterical, as though she cries every moment of every day. Definite mood-killer on them.

Overall though, worth it if you can find it for a decent price. 8/10.
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