The House Of Clocks (1989)

DVD Cover (Shriek Show)
Genres: Haunted House Film, Horror
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Lucio Fulci Lucio Fulci
Keith Van Hoven Keith Van Hoven
Karina Huff Karina Huff
Paolo Paoloni Paolo Paoloni
Bettine Milne Bettine Milne
Peter Hintz Peter Hintz

5.8 / 10 - Overall Rating

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Review by Christopher
Added: March 04, 2004
House Of Clocks was one of four movies made for the gory Italian cable TV series, House Of Doom. Which none of the movies were ever aired due to being called too violent for broadcast. This was the last movie made for the unseen series. As it was called too violent, it was indeed quite violent. Even for Italy's television standards. The three thugs (Paul, Sandra, Tony) fail miserably at being ruthless. Sandra, the female of the group, is your normal blonde that screams at even the site of blood. Tony is her boyfriend, he seems to be the leader of the three. Your average guy. Paul is a goofball until things get serious and he starts getting incredibly scared. Ruthless thugs... indeed not.

Vittorio and Sara, the elderly couple, make their first appearance as the typical elderly folk. They have a maid (Maria) and somewhat of a gardener (Piero). The harmless appearance they give off is short lived when they go down to their basement to freshen their nephew and his wife. They were killed because of being unpleasant to the elderly couple. Rotting corpses in their wedding dresses with metal spikes through their necks. Sara also ends up killing Maria when she informs her that she is quitting as the maid, with a large wooden stake through the stomach.

When the savagely ruthless thugs got into their house to rob them, everything goes wrong. Vittorio, Sara, and Piero all end up getting murdered. Vittorio's collection of clocks doesn't keep them deceased for too long as they turn back time, reviving the three and having them scare the living crap out of the thugs and eventually killing them. It does not end with their death though. The movie finishes itself off with a few twists that may leave you questioning what really happened when it's all said and done.

Original story line, though the script could have used some work. Whenever the thugs were by themselves, it seemed to run on way too long. Sandra's bad acting and constantly being afraid of something did not help the situation at all. The other actors did a decent job. The gore was hardly over the line for television, but still hit that too violent state with the numerous stomach explosions and guts leaking from them. Joining them was a few other blood shedding scenes. Such as when Sara put a knife through Sandra's and stuck her to the table just to get her stolen ring back. It had it's boring parts and it's good parts, a movie that would satisfy most horror fans.

Final Conclusion: 7/10
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