Zombies Anonymous (2006)

DVD Cover (Well Go USA)
Genres: Horror, Horror Comedy, Zombie Film
In an imagined reality where zombies coexist with ordinary mortal folk, the undead are considered second-class citizens. Angela finds this out the hard way when she's shot by her boyfriend and must learn to adjust to her new zombie lifestyle. She tempers her hunger for human flesh with Zombies Anonymous meetings and tries to pass for living in the mortal world. --TMDb
Marc Fratto Marc Fratto
Jenny Greeman Jenny Greeman
Joseph DeVito Joseph DeVito
Yarusha Jimenez Yarusha Jimenez
Lodric D. Collins Lodric D. Collins
S. Vanessa Bryant S. Vanessa Bryant

4.6 / 10 - Overall Rating

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Review by Christopher
Added: October 01, 2009
When the recently deceased start becoming zombies, the rest of the world has no choice but to accept them into society. Unfortunately they are treated like any other member of society that isn't a white protestant. Stores won't let them in to buy food. No company is hiring zombies. But this particular story is about one couple that had some issues. When Angela tries to break up with her boyfriend Josh after two years, he pretty much loses his cool. After putting a bullet in her head, she too becomes part of the undead. Five months later, Josh becomes a part of a vigilante group that dedicates themselves to eradicating zombies. Angela tries a support group and even a cult to try and get herself comfortable with being a part of the undead. But Josh manages to give her the bone even in the after life. Angela eventually finds herself with a different group of radicals. One that is bent on the destruction of the human race. It's an all out war between these two hatred filled war mongers.

As little as the zombies had done with their make-up, they looked wonderful. Just very pale looking with extremely dark veins showing through out their face and limbs. There was a few that looked like they showed up late and the make-up guy already went home. So they just doused themselves with white face paint and put some Sharpie around their eyes. Given there weren't a lot of them. But the few that were really stuck out like a sore thumb. Lots of limbs being torn off, guts ripped out, head explosions, brain shots and plenty of blood. All in which looked fantastic. There was even a couple of blood sprays that were quite attractive. To no surprise, the decapitated heads that got toted around looked like your average fake plastic head you would buy at the local Halloween store. But when giant budget remakes can't pull it off, I certainly don't look up to the zero budget films to be the saving grace.

Characters weren't too bad. One in particular just went over the top with her roll and that was the leader of the group trying to kill off the zombies. The Commandant. The butch ugly army commando that has an attitude from hell. Weighting in at a whopping ninety five pounds, she not only lead an entire group of killers. But she would actually put them in their place by belittling them with stupid one liners like "We're doing this my way or the highway" and "Do it or I'll cut your ball off!" Sort of things like that being said to muscle bound freaks that could knock her over by sneezing. Not to mention the guys were normally holding guns. She would be a threat to no one in any situation, yet here she's the don mega. The whole aspect of her just dropped the entire movie down a couple of notches simply because she was in the film for almost the majority of it.

Length of the movie was close to two hours. Some of the scenes just dragged on forever. There's a zombie jogging down the road, zombie haters contemplate on picking him up, they circle the street, watch him some more, come up with a plan, grab him and throw him in the car, bring him to an empty field, beat the crap out of him, steal three dollars. No cut scenes, everything was filmed and shown. No one got killed, not even a shed of blood. That entire scene didn't need to be in there. There was also a scene that was a minimum of ten minutes where the two groups had a gun fight. Close ups of a single zombie shooting, then a close up of a human shooting, then repeat. Every two minutes, someone would be shown with a wound and go down. The scene did play a part in the story, but it didn't have to take up such a big portion of it.

Having this been the director/writer's second attempt at film making, he did an excellent job. The quality of the film itself did not look low budget at all. There wasn't any fake police driving around with stickers of flashing lights on their cars and fake mustaches. Thankfully there weren't any cops involved in the film. That's a big plus from me. Unless the cops are zombies, or at least one of them is, we can do with out. I also liked the fact it wasn't your average zombie flick where it was just every day citizens fighting for their lives. These zombies were out trying to commute and continue on with their every day lives. It's the living folks that had to go and make everything a mess. Even though it ended up being a "protect yourself" sort of movie, it still wasn't a mountain of people trapped in a house / mall / hospital / military base / grocery store. Remove Rambo and about thirty minutes less of pointless scenes and this movie would have been perfect.

Final Conclusion: 8/10.
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