Jackin 101: Jiggaboo Jones (2008)

DVD Cover (BCI Eclipse)
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Connections: Jiggaboo Jones

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Armed Cameraman
Armed Cameraman
Steve Gates
Steve Gates
Abraham Haddad
Abraham Haddad
Lance Illes
Lance Illes
Jessica Levith
Jessica Levith
Review by Chad
Added: November 12, 2009
Jiggaboo Jones is back with another look at life in the ghetto, and if you enjoyed the first film, you'll sure as hell love the sequel. If, on the other hand, the concept intrigued you but you weren't really a fan of the previous release... well, you might enjoy this one anyway as it's a huge step up in terms of quality. Yes, this movie is more of the same, but why change a winning formula other than to fix some of the mistakes made in the last film?

So, who is Jiggaboo Jones? Let's allow the man to introduce himself, shall we?

From his official site:
"Man I'm Jiggaboo Jones! I eat fried chicken, I steal shit, I drink Olde English, I love Grape Soda, Watermelon and a good gang fight. All the things that people associate with a Nigger. That's what I do. Now look here I ain't saying every black man is a Nigger but you gotta gimme props for being a Real Nigger. I am a Nigger and really I am a Niggers Nigger there are black people that look at me and say DAMN there goes a real Nigger!"

What he doesn't tell us in that charming biography is that the man is also a thief and a "gangsta" who makes his living by robbing others. Stealing cars? All in a days work. Using a stolen key card to break into a motel room on a weekly basis to steal the valuables of whoever is renting the room at the time? Just another night on the job. Renting a car, making a copy of the key before returning it, putting a tracking device in the trunk, and stealing the new renter's goods out of the trunk every couple of days? That's Jigga for you. Jackin 101: Jiggaboo Jones is a film that introduces us to this product of the ghetto, follows him as he steals a couple of cars, and gives him time to weigh in on why he does these things and, in the more entertaining segments of the disc, how he does them.

Yes, I lifted those two paragraphs from my previous review and reworded them ever so slightly, but that's because the two films are nearly identical in that what I said there applies here... with the exception of some of the gripes that I brought up. Oh, sure, it's all new footage in this release and some of the same faces return for more discussions, but it's almost like watching a football game on TV: yeah, it's a different game every Sunday, but at the same time, it's also the same damned game that those burly men have been playing for years. Enjoy the first movie? Pick this one up, no doubt about it. Hated the idea and loathed the release? Skip this one. It's really that simple.

For those of you who haven't seen either film and have no idea what you're in for, it basically boils down to this: Jiggaboo Jones is a criminal who dabbles in a little bit of everything. He steals cars, he's a cheat at the poker table, he robs people, and he has a safe loaded with illegal guns. The ninety minutes that this documentary runs for offers a look into his world, and it's not just another movie where the star sits down and has a friendly chat with the cameraman: no, Jiggaboo shows us how it's done, and the camera catches more than one illegal act for our viewing pleasure.

I'm sure the big question on your mind is "Is this legit or staged?" Well, I can't answer that. You see, there are sources that claim that the man is legit and there are sources who say that he's an actor playing a role. Both sides claim to have proof to support their stories, so it's up to the viewer to draw his or her own conclusions. My problem with the first release was that some of the "criminal activity" caught on tape felt staged, whether it actually was or not. Learning about the $1.98 (a brick on a stick) was entertaining, but watching him using it on his victims felt downright phony. That is not an issue this time, as all of the footage found here seemed authentic enough. Was it definitely genuine footage of actual crimes? Again, I can not answer that question... but it felt real, and that goes a long way in providing an entertaining night in front of the tube.

If the material sounds interesting, then I do believe that the sequel will live up to your expectations more than the original. It's a much more polished film all around, and even if you have no intentions of stealing a car or breaking into a motel room to steal some laptops, it's still an entertaining watch thanks to Jiggaboo's extremely charismatic personality. Check it out. 8/10.
Crispy #1: Crispy - added 06/23/2010, 10:54 PM
45 minutes would have been just fine for a release like this. Stretching it out to an hour and a half was a huge mistake.
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