Fever Night (2010)

DVD Cover (Vivendi Visual Entertainment)
Horror, Religious Horror, Supernatural Horror
Jordan Harris Jordan Harris
Andrew Schrader Andrew Schrader
Peter Tullio Peter Tullio
Philip Marlatt Philip Marlatt
Melanie Wilson Melanie Wilson
Michael Q. Schmidt Michael Q. Schmidt
Vanity Meers Vanity Meers

6.1 / 10 - Overall Rating

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Review by Crispy
Added: December 14, 2009
I'll admit I was never big on the overly psychedelic style of film, but the trailer looked like it had a lot of fun to offer, so I picked it up. After finishing Fever Night aka Band of Satanic Outsiders I find no reason to regret that decision.

Terry, Elliot and Warren are three pseudo-Satanists heading out to the woods for a night of drunken rituals. After burning pentagrams in the ground and other such nonsense, they try and head out but Warren's car is stuck in a rut. With Warren flooring the gas, Elliot is just able to push the car out, but Terry is in the wrong place at the wrong time and gets run over by the suddenly freed vehicle. Understandably in a panic, Warren and Elliot notice a strange light out in the distance. Just as they decide to follow it and seek help, they're rocked by a mysterious explosion and Terry has been dragged off. With nothing else to do, Warren and Elliot set out after the light, but it seems that their situation is a lot less normal than they original thought, and what they find is Hell on Earth.

Even though this was listed as a psychedelic horror film, the psychedelic aspects really only comes in during select, high-tension scenes. The party itself and scenes of characters getting attacked were handled with your strange swirling colors, overlapped images, and music supplied by Thee Oh Sees. Honestly, I kind of liked this approach although I do think that if I saw it used over and over again I would tire of it very quickly, so Fever Night kind of got a free pass at being one of the first movies I've seen to use that style. In other words, even though I dug it, your own opinions may vary widely. It also means that the scenes that contain all the intensity and violence are kind of glossed over. Turns out this isn't much of an issue as the pacing of the film is enough to keep it entertaining. Sure there were a few scenes of Elliot and Warren talking about Terry and Elliot's failed relationship that went on just a bit too long, but the point is it didn't need to rely on gore to keep the movie interesting.

On the acting side of things, I was also pleasantly surprised. Terry, Elliot and Warren were played by Melanie Rose Wilson, Peter Tullio, and Philip Marlatt respectively. Sure, none of our actors will likely go on to win any awards, but they weren't God awful neither. Tullio was especially impressive, at times his delivery reminded me very much of Charlie Sheen. Even the secondary characters played by Vanity Meers and Michael Q. Schmidt gave passable performances, which you wouldn't expect from people given five minute parts in a movie like this.

Now up to a certain point, I was digging the hell out of this movie with only minimal complaint. Things like the background music being louder than the dialogue, or wondering why the camera spent so much time zoomed right in on the character's faces. But in the last thirty minutes, the pacing comes to a screeching halt. I'm not going to explain the scene, as it's quite a spoiler, but it's a boring repetitive scene that should have been trimmed down dramatically. The actual ending of the film is a very appropriate ending to this film, but damn it's a bit of a stretch making it that far. Other than that, this is a damned enjoyable movie even without the violence and explicit gore. I'm thinking about a 6/10, and it would have scored a lot higher if it wasn't for that comatose ending.
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